Storyteller: Kwabena Odame
Status: Ongoing
Factions: SHIELD, X-Men, and others
Setting: New York, Russia, Africa, and other global locations.

A Russia-based multinational crime organization named Prevoshkhodstvo (in English, "Superiority") has launched a devious terror plot against multiple locations. This is an ongoing story…

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Danger Rears Its Head

August, 2019

A power plant outside Mobile, Alabama was destroyed, prompting an investigation by SHIELD and Homeland Security. The very next day, a major infrastructure bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio is destroyed by similar means. While SHIELD takes the lead on investigating these incidents, the mutant responsible makes his way back to New York City. There, he has an encounter with a young woman who can sense his ill intent. An agent of SHIELD, Jemma Simmons, reaches out to a contact with the X-Men upon learning that the explosions are x-gene related.

September, 2019

SHIELD manages to track down the young woman who made contact with the suspected terrorist responsible for the bombings (see retcons below). This exposes the mutant responsible for the bombings to SHIELD, prompting Prevoshkhodstvo to take immediate action in an attempt at covering up the evidence. A complicated, worldwide DDoS attack is conducted, which proves to be a ruse to distract government defense agencies from attempts at hacking the NYPD, Department of Homeland Security, and SHIELD.

The NYPD hack was successful, leading to a night of rampant crime throughout the five buroughs. Meanwhile, with the Triskelion on a total security lockdown, SHIELD manages to track the DDoS attack to a seemingly abandoned bunker outside of Baghdad, Iraq. The first response team is neutralized, prompting SHIELD to send in a powered team. During this operation, the mutant responsible for the terror attacks is apprehended, along with three others.


Gwen Stacy's player retired the character not long after her scenes, and the new Gwen Stacy player preferred a reboot of the character. All mentions of 'Gwen Stacy' should be replaced by an ambiguous, powered young woman.

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