Gorgon Rising

Gorgon Rising

Gorgon Rising
Storyteller: Barbara Gordon and Ken Harada
Status: Completed
Factions: All
Setting: Action, Investigation, Street Level
Description: Someone is moving into Staten Island and organising the gangs (use plottag: gorgon). Scroll to the bottom of this page to get OOC information and current status.


After several months, most of Staten Island has been recovered and is now back under human control. The South West part of the island, around Tottenville and covering several miles out to sea is still affected. Anyone who enters the barrier there will be affected in the same way.

Entry without magical protection will result in memory loss and forgetting that the character had a life outside the barrier. Magical amulets can be used to protect memory, but not against the rest of the enchantment. Also, the amulets are difficult to make and their availability should be limited.

Advanced technology or weaponry etc does not remain as such. Anything they have has been changed to suit the transformation.

This means that communication devices etc will not make it - it would make for much confusion to actually see this RP'd out.

Buildings and structures under the dome are also transformed. Some are towers, others pillars or mountains and in some cases, buildings are just gone entirely. There's also people who have migrated to live underground, because that suits their transformation.

There are also supernatural creatures living there now. Feel free to run encounters with fantastical beasts. Centaurs, Minotaurs, Red Caps, Elves, Pixies, Gnomes … almost anything you can think of, or imagine, could be living there. They have organised into areas - it's not that they don't comingle, just they tend to live in the same area. Just remember - annoying a group may result in retaliation, or it may not.

Weapons that are held by people today do not transfer under the dome. They *may* transformed to something more in keeping with the theme or they may simply just disappear.

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