Crucibile in Bronze

Crucible in Bronze: EVILution

Don't get caught in the gears!
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Storyteller: Hank McCoy
Status: Completed
Factions: Any
Setting: New York City, in and around the fringes of the Disaster Zone.
Description: An adventure featuring many machinations by a mysterious malefactor or organization working from the shadows. The story has four phases, the first of which has started off panel some little time ago. The menace works through clockwork creations that mimic life…who knows where it will end?


Skittering Eyes

There are spies all around us, the foul things lurking in shadows and crawling about in dark places, ever present…ever watching. For some months now there have been clockwork spies having taken the shape of the most unassuming of creatures - the humble yet enduring cockroach. These 'Clockroaches' skitter and hide, they lurk and watch and record all they can perceive. Cunning and swift, they're almost always unseen, after all, they look very much like a normal cockroach and mimic their behavior nearly perfectly.

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