Bane of the Silverfang

Bane of the Silverfang

A plague of locusts would be better than this…
Storyteller: Cosine
Status: Completed
Factions: Open
Setting: The Disaster Zone and surrounding New York City

It started off with dog attacks. Just dogs? Even if the NYPD and Animal Control don't want to believe it, it looks like something more.

Beware the Silverfang Gang. Small in number, these thugs recently moved into the area surrounding the Disaster Zone. During the day, they might appear as another victim of the destruction those years back, in tattered clothing; all bear a tattoo on their left bicep of what looks like an open mouth from the front, entirely teeth, with the canines accented. However, there’s something more sinister about them…and about the stranglehold they’re beginning to exert on the neighborhoods around the Zone. These aren’t just thugs with knives, no: there’s a bigger plan in action…and that’s not some dog you’re hearing howling two streets over. It’s a little early for Halloween pranks, so lock your doors, prime your shotgun, and pray the pack hasn’t marked your house next. They’re collecting new members…whether you’d like it or not. Will you be hunter or hunted?

Plot Runner's Note:

Thank you kindly all who participated in the arc! Whether you were present for every event or only in one or two scenes — if you interacted directly with Steve or ran scenes of your own volition — your presence was appreciated. You are the reason the game remains alive: you and your cooperative creativity.

- Steve Rogers / Cosine


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