Vacations aren't just for real life vacations to tropical paradises. Vacations from the game may be necessary for any number of reasons including medical conditions, unexpected moves, visiting out of town in-laws, extreme work stress, etc.

If there is something that will keep you from the game for an extended period of time, and you need to take a break but fully intend to return and be active once things have settled, please let us know. This is what extensions are for.

Please place a +request to staff for an extension in these circumstances and optionally, post a +bbpost to let those who play with you know that you will be away with the intent to return. This is courteous, and allows your friends to make up some reason your character is "temporarily away" while you deal with RL.

If you will be unable to play for many months and/or you are simply losing interest in a character, please consider voluntarily retiring the character.

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