Theism: the belief in the existence of a god or gods. So what do you do when your god(s) turn out to be real and from another dimension? Well, that depends.

Some will say 'I told you so!' After all, many pagans always considered their gods to be physical to begin with and existing on another plane. Others, perhaps not pagan, just nodded their heads and took it as proof that they were never "real" gods at all. Others are quick to point out that whatever you might think about the polytheistic pantheons, it also applies to angels, demons and devils.

So what does that mean to you? That's up to you. For game purposes, all gods, angels, demons, etc are extra-dimensional beings and considered to be 'aliens' since they are alien to this dimension. They might be powerful, they might be immortal, they might have myths told about them or hymns sung about them but they are merely beings from another dimension whatever they might have been called.

Is there a "true" divinity somewhere? You'll just have to take it on faith. Or not.

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