Humans are not alone in the universe and they know this. SWORD, a department of SHIELD, was created to deal with possible extraterrestrial invasions, excursions, and investigations. A satellite was constructed at the Earth-Moon Lagrange 5 point to serve as SWORD's base of operations and act as Earth's first line of defense as well as a potential entry point for alien visitors. That being said…

Earth's contact with alien races has been extremely limited. The only races humanity as a whole knows about are the Skrulls and Kree and there are conspiracy theories about them being invented. SHIELD, the UN, and several governments are aware of other races, mostly via the occasional visitor or refugee or information obtained from an alien visitor or refugee.

Some facts of note:

  • Humanity does not possess the knowledge of or ability for interstellar travel.
  • There are no other races living in the Sol system. No other planets are inhabited.
  • Attilan is on the Moon in the Blue Area. This is unknown to everyone but Inhumans.
  • Both the Kree and Skrulls have had hostile interactions with humanity on Earth. This is known though not widely believed.
  • The Kree are blockading Earth just inside the asteroid belt. This is HIGHLY classified information that only SHIELD and the United Nations know as well as those who may have run into it and been immediately fired on.
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