Retconning refers to the a player blotting out their character's previous actions. This usually happens when a new writer comes onto a character and would like to take a fresh approach.

On one hand, players will always want to put their own spin on a story and since the players have put forth an approved application, we feel as though they should have the right to do that. On the other hand, we realize that there will be many people whose previous scenes will be affected by a change in writers.

There is no easy way around this issue. There is no possible way to make everyone in the situation happy. What staff proposes is that new writers reach out to others and make concerted efforts to balance the interests of everyone and make a compromise. When no compromise can be reached, the matter will be brought to Staff for discussion.

It's important that these conversations happen with respect for everyone's position on the matter; there is no right and no wrong.

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