We believe that your plots should change the world around you. Because of that, we need the players and the staff to have a hand in hand relationship so that we can help each other write the best stories possible.

If you're thinking of a running a plot that has no real effect on the game-wide story or the grid, then by all means, go for it. Have fun. But if you're hoping to make a major effect on the grid or game world, you need to +request the plot idea so we can all discuss the matter.

Plot requests will be reviewed, approved, or denied by the Plot Staff. Please recognize that we can't possibly read all of the logs that are posted or know all of what is going on throughout the game, so let us know if something cool happens in your scenes that you might like turned into a bigger more over-arching plot. Below are some guidelines.

You want to run a plot but aren't sure what's allowed? Easier to say what's NOT allowed. Any of the things listed below should be submitted to staff for permission with a +request.

1) Don't change the world. Don't overthrow any governments. Don't destroy half the city. Not even a quarter.
2) Don't use as villains or NPCs anyone of cosmic power level. Nor extradimensional Hell Lords. The Vishanti are right out. And Odin is busy doing other stuff.
3) Don't use an NPC to 'gift' someone an item or ability significant enough to need to be on a +sheet.
4) Don't mention any unplayed MCs by name unless they are a villain of low to mid power level and you are faithful to their canon nature.
5) Don't mention any played characters without their EXPRESS consent.
6) AIs are restricted.

That being said…

1) Limit damage to less than a city block, ensuring that the general MU populace doesn't need to ICly react to it unless they want to. Be sure to make a news post since it's significant.
2) If the villain is of a power level someone could conceivably app on the game and have approved, it's good. It should be from Marvel.
3) If you want an upgrade, +request first. Once approved, a plot can be run to explain it.

If in doubt, +request.

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