While Charles Xavier concerned himself with the fate of mutants for many years, it was largely in the form of academia and activism. When he did involve himself more directly, it was with small groups or on a one to one basis where he helped them learn to keep their heads down. However, as the political situation worsened and the actions of the Hellfire Academy became worrisome, he felt it necessary to step up his efforts at keeping mutants safer while continuing to work for peaceful coexistence.

In 2008, the School For Gifted Youngsters opened. Professor Xavier, as he now styled himself, found and recruited young mutants to keep them and those around them safe as they learned to use their powers. When Registration was passed on a federal level, his efforts became even more important as the citizenry of the US felt emboldened to express their prejudice more openly. Sometimes violently. Some mutants - not his students - reacted violently in response which led to the creation of the X-Men, a strike team of mutants who could respond, counter and subdue mutants who were understandably but misguidedly playing into the hands of the anti-mutant crowd.

As is inevitable with time, children become adults which presented a problem. The students officially graduated with their secondary education degrees. Some were eager to leave to pursue careers or further their education outside of the school. Some were not. Others weren't in control of their abilities yet as their powers manifested at a later age than average. And so the School for Gifted Youngsters became Xavier's Institute, an accredited two year college which offered a number of associate degrees, taught by mutants with teaching credentials.

Today, Xavier's Institute is considered a prestigious two year college with very strict admission requirements. What those requirements are is not entirely clear to those on the outside but as they clearly adhere to all admission and accreditation standards, they're left alone so long as they keep up with their paperwork.

The privacy and security of the Institute is strictly maintained and enforced from the tall fence and hedges surrounding the grounds to the state of the art - and beyond - security systems that keep watch on every inch of the perimeter as well as their air space. Visitors are discouraged and those who manage to slip in or are allowed to enter end up seeing a perfectly normal school, often due to the telepathic editing of their memories. The safety and security of the students is paramount and nothing is allowed to interfere with that.

Any potential student encountered must be reported to a senior instructor and/or the Professor who will then vet them, interview them, and subject them to telepathic scrutiny. Till they're cleared, assuming they need a safe place to stay, the Instute keeps a few safe houses in New York City and Long Island and one in a town close to the Institute in Westchester. No one is to be brought to the Institute without them being cleared first.

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