These are IC terms that are widely understood to be "definitive" and commonly accepted.

AI : An entity that was never biologically alive but is self-aware and capable of true thought.

Alien : Any being not born on Earth, in Earth's dimension. Beings from another planet, dimension, or reality are all aliens. This includes the so-called 'gods', angels, and demons.

Augmented Heroes : Unpowered humans who use a device or tool of some sort. This could be a magical weapon or a suit of technological armor.

Gods : There might be beings who call themselves gods, perhaps were once worshipped as gods, but it's accepted by non-believers that they are simply aliens and might have powers beyond those of normal humans. Some might still have worshippers, typically neo-pagans.

Inhumans : Humans whose ancestors had their DNA altered by the Celestials and then much later were experimented on by the Kree. Joe Public doesn't care. Considered to be mutants or mutated.

Mage : Someone who can casts spells. More technically, a being who is born with the innate ability to impose their will on the universe using speech, gestures, movements, items, or any combination thereof to produce myriad effects. Usually but not always requires intense training but always requires the gift.

Mutated : Humans born without powers but who develop them through some means such as super soldier serums, exposure to radiation, being bitten by something, etc.

Mutants : Anyone born with powers is a mutant, with the X-Gene. (OOC Note: Yes, Marvel canon has a couple people born with powers that aren't mutants. We're avoiding that for the sake of convenience. The public wouldn't care.)

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