FTB. Fade To Black.%R%RThe superhero genre is a violent one and can contain lots of adult themes. Sometimes the natural flow of RP and the subsequent consequences take someone up to the line of what they want to roleplay out. It can be because it's a scene they have no interest in RPing such as being booked by the police (Stand over there and turn to your left.) or because they're just not comfortable with that line of roleplay.

This is fine. We're a consent game and no one needs to RP something they don't want to. This doesn't mean it doesn't happen ICly (actions do have consequences) but it doesn't have to happen on camera. In such instances, just say you want to 'fade to black'. The screen darkens, the lights in the theatre come back up, and the scene ends. What happens, happens but it's off camera.

If you want to explain why you'd prefer to fade to black, you can. It's not required however and should just be accepted without question, ending the scene at that point. If it is not, the person making the FTB request should immediately go +ooc and end the scene. Any guilt tripping or argument should be reported to staff by page if a staffer is on or +request if one is not. Or both.

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