Faux Alts

Faux Alts

We know lots of people like to hang out in the OOC Room and chat even when they're RPing, but sometimes run out of character bits to do so.

Every alt group can have one Faux Alt. This will be an unapproved character bit that is unable to go IC and won't show up on the census. It can be used to hang out in the OOC Room and socialize. No one has to have one, but those who want one are encouraged to make one.

Merely create it from the login screen and name it Faux-Name where Name is one of your alts. So if you were playing Steve Rogers, the name would be Faux-Steve. Captain America's could be Faux-Cap.

Once you have created your bit and added it to your alt group, let staff know and we will set it up so that it doesn't show up on the census.

Only one Faux Alt allowed per alt group.

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