Empire State Heroes operates combat on a consent-based system. Simply put, we allow characters to roleplay out the successes and failures of their character's actions. When disagreements arise, we recommend talking out an agreement and putting a focus on what is better for the scene.

When push comes to shove, no one can force your character to do something you do not want them to do which includes but is not limited to having powers used on you or being attacked. This is the fundamental philosophy of a consent-based system. Realize, however, that when players tend to act in a way that does not respect others, or does not value the consequences to their character's actions, they tend to run into problems with the game as a whole up to and including no one wanting to play with them.

A simple rule of thumb is to do what's in the best interest of everyone, stick to the genre, and if you have questions, ask. Usually if you're nice and ask, people are willing to work with you.

Where is the line drawn?

Everyone has lines past which they are not comfortable telling — or responding — to a story. The superhero genre has violence aplenty, and where we draw those lines will vary from person to person. For the most part, Staff does not choose to write hard lines about subject matter. Here, we will draw one such line, though.

Rape and sexual assault (and if you have to ask if it qualifies, it does) are that line. It is not appropriate subject matter in play, in any space public or private. By and large we would rather it simply not happen; it is an extremely sensitive subject and we don't want to deal with the fallout.

In the event that any sort of sexual assault related RP occurs in private, consent must be *explicitly* given by all parties who may be exposed to the event, including any aftermath, OOCly prior to any such RP occurring. Staff will not arbitrate any related details to the RP, and will simply retcon it as not ever having happened if players who did not consent to it bring it to our attention. Staff does not have to consent to being exposed to this RP, either. It's best to avoid it entirely.

Logs of this subject matter, even if everyone consents, may NOT be posted to the wiki.

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