Character Types

Character Types

There are three types of characters that may be apped: Media Characters (MC), Original Characters (OC), and Support Characters (SC).

Media Characters

Media Characters are defined as those created in the Media Universe and are not on the banned or restricted list. All characters must be judged by Staff to fit into the game's theme.

Closeness to the Adaptations: All characters should contain the essence of their counterpart and be immediately recognizable representations of said characters. The inspirations for these characters may lie in the Marvel 616 Universe, Ultimate Universe, MCU or other movie/comic Universe applicable for the source material of the character (if outside of Marvel). If major alterations to the essence of the character are going to be apped, players should get approval beforehand. Our theme lends itself to interesting changes that can pass through character generation, but should have some staff discussion first. Applications with major alterations will be allowed, but may be judged with more scrutiny. Such applications may come down to a staff vote.

Any character that appeared within the Media universe or had sufficient story involvement as to be integral to the story is considered to have a media presence and thus is a Media Character.

Original Characters

When it comes to OCs, we will not be approving characters that are based on any non-comic universes such as Star Trek (even though they had a comic book), Wheel Of Time, Anime, or worlds of the player's own creation. Players can use for inspiration one of the many dimensions, realities and alternate Earths in the Marvel Universe. If you have any questions or wonder if a specific idea will work, feel free to contact staff via +request or a page if someone is online. We'll be glad to help.

OCs should also differ significantly enough from existing Media Characters so as not to be confused with an existing Media Character. Having a power that a Media Character possesses but with an entirely different origin, story, and personality is acceptable. Make your OC stand out.

Support Characters

Media has a lot of interesting characters that never get played. Why? Well, in this specific case it's because they fall under the category of "Support Characters", and who wants to waste a slot on a support character? We define a support character as a character with no powers or skills that would qualify them as a superhero of sorts, nor the authority that would put them in a position of power, such as the director of SHIELD or Stark's right hand woman. In terms of Media Characters, Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson would be support characters, as would Jarvis and Happy Hogan. Why is this important? Because they no longer count as MCs and you can have one in addition to your other characters. If you're interested in apping one, please +request first to make sure that character qualifies as support. Note that the same activity requirements apply to Support Characters as Media Characters.

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