Character Traits

Character Traits

Our game uses traits to define our character +sheets and everyone's character +sheets are visible to one another. Please remember that your knowledge of the things listed on another character's sheet is OOC knowledge unless it has been learned in game through some IC means. However, getting an idea for what we are looking for in apps and seeing how others have written up their characters can help you get an idea for how to format your own.

Powers and Limits

When thinking about your powers, don't feel obligated to go with the most powerful version of whatever they are. Power upgrades are allowed. See our Character Development news file. You can start at a lower power level and, through RP, become stronger ICly, develop new abilities, gain advantages (and flaws), etc. Comic book characters grow over the course of their careers, albeit slowly and over the course of years or decades. Since this is a game, things happens a little bit faster than that. So feel free to start less powerful and work/play your way upwards.


When staff looks at an app, one of the first questions we ask is: How will this work with the rest of the grid? What we mean by that is, we want to make sure that there is room in a scene for more than one character to make a difference. This is a cooperative medium, and while we do want everyone to have a chance to be the star, that means we want EVERYONE to have a chance. If an application shows us a character who can solve every sort of problem on their own, that's a problem.

We ask that you describe your powers in your application using your own words as much as possible; however, it is acceptable to use the description of a power from a reference wiki site. In that event, you must include a link to the reference page from which you got the information for the power. For example, if you chose to use the description for Quicksilver's Accelerated Metabolism, from the Marvel Wikia site, you would define the power as : "Accelerated Metabolism: Pietro's metabolism is more than 15 times that of a normal human being, thus enabling him to heal much faster than normal and have an extended health and longevity. ("


Related to this issue, we ask that applications provide some sort of definition or limit on powers. We don't have a benchmark system and we don't intend to institute one, but we do need some point of reference. An amount of weight you can lift, a miles per hour speed, a radius of effect, a duration of effect, and/or exceptions to when the power will work.

When creating OCs or adapting extremely powerful MCs for play, we ask that players keep in mind a general rule of thumb: the broader the suite of the powers, the lower the level of power should be. We're more likely to approve an exceptional speedster than a character who is strong, tough, has energy projection, a healing factor, AND has exceptional speed.

Additionally, power sets should be thematically consistent. By that, we mean that if your concept is light manipulation, then your powers should focus around light, and not throw in super strength randomly.

In short, when creating a character, please consider what makes sense for your character, not how to be prepared for any and all possible conflicts. The game isn't about "winning": It's about everyone having a good time together. Besides, being not good at something gives you a good reason to work with a team, and combine the strengths of others in creative ways to overcome obstacles.

A Note on Gods, Angels, and Demons

Characters who are represented in comics as gods of any particular pantheon are not true gods but are beings, like the Asgardians, who come from another realm, and may have visited Earth at one point and may have been worshipped as gods. Some may be interdimensional beings. Some may be personages who resemble gods of myth and legend. All such being are "mortalized" in the same way as the Asgardians. They can all be killed, though they may be extremely long-lived. The same goes for angels/demons, who may also be from a Hell dimension or some other paradise-like dimension of some sort.

A Note on Magic

Characters are either born/created with an innate potential for magic or not. If present, that potential may be developed and learned over time, or manifest on its own. The innate capability, however, must be defined at Character Generation as part of an MC's already established canon, or for an OC who is not otherwise powered by some other non-magic means. Make sure to note Magic Potential within your powers if it is something that you will want to develop IC.

A Note on (Super) Speed

True super speed is limited to those who are "speedsters" as their primary ability so unless playing one, maximum speed is going to be limited as follows:

Characters who can fly, provided it makes sense of course, are limited to a maximum speed of Mach 2 in an atmosphere. However, humans are not built to react to things happening that fast. Their reflexes aren't designed that way. So traveling that fast is mostly to get from point A to point B quickly or to overtake something like a missile or jet.

When we're talking running, the very fastest 'normal' heroes should probably not be able to hit 200 mph. More likely would be 100mph if they're pushing themselves to catch that speeding car or train.


When writing out your skills, consider those key skills that are central to your character — things that define them and make them unique. Skills are something that anyone could learn given time, practice, and instruction such as lock picking, ice skating, languages, carpentry, game playing, trick riding, and the like.


Advantages are things which you could lose such as resources, connections, items, organization memberships, status, and the like. These give your character an advantage in life, but could be taken away under the right circumstances such as a fall from grace, kicked out of an organization, car stolen, suit destroyed, etc.


These are things that adversely affect your character's life in some way and should flavor your RP. If it won't affect your RP at all, it isn't considered a viable flaw. Some possible flaws might include a nemesis, a dependent who can be used against you, a physical limitation such as blindness or deafness, a lack of resources, a strong aversion or phobia, a personality flaw, something that would disincline others to help you, etc.

Remember when creating your character that if you are particularly powerful and have a lot of skills and advantages, that you should also take a number of flaws to lend balance to your character. We do not have a hard and fast number, but we are looking for characters that are rounded in some way.

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