Character Restrictions

Character Restrictions

Restricted characters are those that can be apped but have a more stringent approval process. They will be looked at closely. Once approved, they may be burdened with working alongside staff for plots so more is expected of them. Put in a +request if you are interested in one of these. Banned characters can't be apped at all. Staff NPCs will be run by staff for plot purposes and are not currently able to be apped. Below are examples of each category but keep in mind that given the number of characters created by media sources, these lists are not comprehensive.

Staff NPCs

Charles Xavier
Nick Fury
Black Bolt
Madame Hydra
Master Darque
Doctor Eclipse
Ulysses Klaue
Maximus Lobo

Restricted Characters/Concepts

Anyone with very strong spellcasting ability.
Characters with a heavy space related theme and/or background.
Adam Warlock, Magneto, Dr. Doom.
Ultron. Anything AI related.

  • See note below.

Banned Characters/Concepts

Characters under 18 years old.
All powers involving time travel (this does not include plot devices in BGs).
Any active Phoenix Force. Old Power. Cosmic awareness.
Anyone bearing a Soul Gem / Infinity Stone.
The Firestorm Matrix and associated characters.
The Lanterns (Green or otherwise). Nova Corps (other than Richard Rider).
Galactus and other cosmic entities including his Heralds.
Kryptonians, Daxamites, Shazam/Marvel family, Sentry, Hyperion, others of similar power.
Mephisto, Hela, other Hell lords. Selene.
Thanos, Apocalypse, and other Eternals.
The Savage Lands, the Tenth Realm (they don't exist).
Vampirella, Vampblade, sex kittens.
Lust or sex based characters or power sets.
Power Rangers. TMNT.
Stacy X, Broo, Stepford Cuckoos. Meggan Puceanu. Blue Marvel. Beta Ray Bill. Dr. Fate. Mister Sinister.
Slapstick, Ambush Bug, Bob Agent of Hydra. Codpiece. Madcap.
Anime and cartoon characters. Parodies. Animals.
Characters from the Preacher series. Everything Witchblade.
Non-canon alien races. OC Klyntar.

  • See note below.


Characters from novels, movies and/or television, and games, whether they have a comic or not, are likely banned. Certain concepts that fit very closely - GI Joe can fit seamlessly into SHIELD, for instance - might be exceptions. If you think something might fit the genre, submit a +request and it'll be discussed.. Do not start CG until staff gives the go ahead.

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