Character Generation

Character Generation

The entrance to Character Generation is located in the OOC center. Each room will lead you through the process to create your character step-by-step. Required items are highlighted by an asterisk (*) symbol. It is possible to go back and forth through the system without losing information previously entered. When you have reached the final room and are ready to submit, a check will be performed to make sure that nothing was forgotten and you will receive a warning to fill in any missed items.

There is a two week time limit between creating a character and submitting the application. If you require more time, please put in a +request to staff. Once the application is submitted, staff may return the application for additional work. An additional week will be allowed to make any additional changes needed.

The purpose of this is to ensure that characters are not held idle if they are not going to be played.

For help on the various types of Traits assigned in Character Generation, see our Character Traits news file.

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