To start a building project for your personal home or business, go into the Building Area off of the OOC Lounge and type "+newbuild <Room Name>"

Using this example, you would own a room named "Room Name", an exit named "Room Name <RN>" and an "Out <O>" exit inside the room.

Go into the room using the alias for the exit "RN", and set the description for the room by typing "@desc here=<Description>"

It is not necessary to enter any line breaks or tabs save for between paragraphs. To start a new paragraph and indent the first line, use "%r%t"

If you need to rename a room you may type "@name here=<New Name>"

If you need to rename an exit, you must type "@name <exit alias>=<New Name>;<New Alias>" so to rename Old Exit <OE> you would type: @name OE=New Exit;NE

To create a new room attached to the one that you would use "@dig New Room=New Entrance;NE,Out;O" then enter the room using the new exit you created, and @desc the room once inside.

Once you have completed your building project, submit a +request that includes where on the grid that you would like it to be linked, making sure that the description of your building project fits with the area to which you would like it to be linked.

If you would like your business to be added to the +hangouts or your new building to be available as housing for others, please let us know that as well.

To link yourself to your new build so that you will go there when you type "home", type: "@link me=here"

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