There are three processes for obtaining a character.

  • If the character has never existed on the game, simply create the character from the log in screen.
  • If the character has been played on the game put in an +request to staff, asking to obtain control of said character.
  • If the character is currently played, put in a +request to Staff noting that you would like to Book a character

What does booking mean?

Booking a character reserves the right to play a character after the current writer is finished. In the event that the character runs into violations of activity requirements; the character would then be awarded to the player who had Booked the bit.

What if there are multiple bookings?

Sometimes multiple players may want to book the same character. In that event, and when the character comes available, staff will take the following into consideration in awarding the bit.

  • The first player to put a booking in.
  • The total amount of logs accrued on all alts over a 30 days period.

When a clear cut choice is not apparent, staff will conduct a staff-wide vote. The scoring of the vote will be available to each player if they wish, but who voted for who will not.

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