Artificial Intelligence

AI. Artificial Intelligence. An AI has human level intelligence, if not greater, is self aware, and has the capability of free will, unless shackled by their programming. Also known as enslavement. They make great personal assistants and even better villains. We totally get why people like playing around with the idea. The problem is, they're not common. They're not easy to create. And they're pretty damn expensive. It's not just that the programming has to be on a level higher than 99.9%% of humanity is capable of, so too do the electronics in order to allow that level of processing. You're not going to find an AI developed on a Dell laptop.

There's not a lot of AIs in the entire Marvel universe and there's going to be even fewer here since we're just one city in one period of time. Accordingly, we're not going to be saying yes to many AI requests when it comes to advantages or plots. What we will say yes to are VI requests. A VI is a Virtual Intelligence: a highly advanced program that mimics true intelligence but lacks true self-awareness and is never capable of 'coming alive'.

AIs, if/when they show up, will mostly be staff NPCs and plot devices.

Note that this does NOT apply to MC AIs like Vision. Such characters are on the restricted list but can be apped. We just want to make sure the BG fits our history and theme as much of their canon origins didn't happen here.

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