Note that the average Marvel Amazon is much less powerful than the average Amazon in DC. Player characters who are "special" Amazons should use Hippolyta as a template.

The history of the Amazons is as written on the following page up to but not including the Modern Age: It can be assumed that Diana fought in WWII if the apping player wishes.

For thousands of years, Themiscyra - the capitol city of the Amazons - was a city in northeastern Anatolia near the mouth of the river Thermodon on the Black Sea. As the human population grew and expanded, they began to increasingly encroach on the territory of the Amazons, leading to skirmishes and eventually war. While they could easily have won, they saw that it would only be a brief respite and that there would be more and more conflicts in the future. They staged their defeat at the hands of the Roman Lucullus and relocated to an island in the Black Sea.

Naming the island Themiscyra, they maintained their isolationist policies up to the present. They put on a facade of being rural farmers and herders who are quite happy having nothing to do with the modern world. While technically part of Bulgaria, the government mostly ignores them as, over the centuries, battles for control of the island led to the complete defeat of Bulgarian forces each time. In return for being ignored, the Amazons pay a token amount in taxes which also lets them trade on the mainland for those things they can't make themselves such as electronics. While isolationist, they do want to know what's happening in the world so have equipped themselves with a very modern communications center and some modern weaponry though they still rely mostly on the weapons they trained with for millenia.

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