Fortunately for us all, comics have some really fantastic characters. That also means that multiple people are going to want to play them. In order to ensure that characters are being played and not kept from those who might also want to play them, there's an activity requirement for Media Characters.

All Media and Support Characters (MC and SC) must have a log posted with them in it to the wiki every 30 days. In addition, all characters, including OCs, who don't log in for 30 days are counted as inactive.

  1. Each time a log is submitted, the deadline for the next log is 30 days from the date the scene took place.
    1. On the 31st day, a character could be removed from a player at midnight Eastern Time.
    2. If the MC is booked by another player, this is almost guaranteed to happen.
    3. If the MC has not logged on for a month, this is almost guaranteed to happen.
  2. You cannot re-app that character for a month if it's lost due to inactivity.

For Original Characters, the player can re-app it at any time.
For more information on booking a character, please see the Booking news file.
If you know you're going to be away, please see the Vacations news file.

What is considered reasonably active?

While it's easy to fall into habit, we want to point out that RPing with only the same person all the time isn't really being active and for all intents and purposes defeats the purpose of having a log requirement, which is to keep the game, as a whole, active. If we notice that your RP is exclusively or almost entirely RPing with a single character and otherwise not contributing to the grid, we reserve the right to a) have a conversation with you about it and b) pull the character if necessary.

We're all here to have fun and play our characters. Staff doesn't want to take yours away from you. Really, we don't. But we need to consider the game as a whole and try to be fair to everyone. By coming here to play, you agree to be active. Posting a single log every 29 days and almost never RPing the rest of the time is not being active, even if it technically fulfills the requirement. Please try not to do this.

If you don't have the monthly log, you might lose the character without notice. That requirement is clear. If a majority of staff think you're not really being active, we'll discuss it with you and see what's going on before making a decision. We understand that RL hits people over the head periodically.

We ask that if you're losing interest in a character, drop them voluntarily. App someone else or make an OC so you can keep logging on and talking to your friends in the Lounge. We get it. We've been there too.

Please try to remain reasonably active and get out there and play with the game as a whole from time to time.

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