2020-08-15 - Tales Grimm and Less So


Emma Frost goes to Cover Story for some rare books and she meets the Lady Sigyn there.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Aug 15 02:46:54 2020
Location: Cover Story

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Sigyn is sitting behind the counter with a book, a plate of cookies, and a pot of tea. She glances up from her reading as Emma enters and smiles. "Let me know if you need any assistance." That would be normal enough, except… the clothing the woman is wearing is obviously bespoke to Emma's eye, her blonde hair is braided, pinned in a coiled crown, and STILL falls past her waist, which is just ridiculous. And finally her mind is not absent but definitely protected and the shields feel… odd. It's like instead of walking past a New York brick brownstone, Emma had turned the corner and found a tower of polished gemstone and moonbeams.

It is moderately late, and the day has been quiet, indeed it is probably close to closing when the door to Cover Story opened and a striking woman entered. Dressed in a power suit of white, on white, on eggshell. The fit and materials too perfect to be anything but coture, and the woman wears it and proves that the SHE is the power, the suit merely accent.

Eyes of icy blue study the shop, and she offers a polite smile to the well dressed, the FAR too well dressed woman behind the counter. "Short handed?" She asks.

Emma moves towards the counter. "Actually, I was looking for a first edition Grimm's Fairy Tales." She approaches the *other* stunning blonde in the store, and studies the nature of those odd shields, but nothing overt. No probes, no attempts to bypass them, just a desire to understand.

A hand is offered. "Emma Frost."

Sigyn shakes with a firm grip, her hands have the tell-tale swordsman's ring callous, for all that they are creamed and pampered. "Sigyn Sannr." Not really a last name, but 'Sigyn the True' is one of her many titles. "And it was quiet enough that I sent the staff home early." She smiles at the book title. "Are you looking for the first English edition, or the original Kinder- und Hausmarchen?" Literally 'Children's and Household Tales', that is the name of the original editions in German.

Sadly Emma doesn't speak Norse. In truth she doesn't usually need to worry about languages, just sort of telepathically translating on the fly, she can't do that here. "Kind of you to let them go early on a Friday night." Emma observes. Her own grip is firm, and though not nearly as callused, Sigyn's good enough to know that she has some skill at arms herself, if not the level that the goddess does.

There is a very particular sort of power to her, and she's very strong in it, possibly something inborn, if not magical.

"Do you have both?" Because why choose when you can just get them both, right? "Naturally I would like to inspect them, and hope you have provenance?"

Sigyn gets up, and moves to one of the cases behind the counter, removing the book there. "I have a copy of the 1867 "Grimm's Goblins" and of the 1823 "German Popular Stories" in English. The 1867 edition was the first to use Grimm in the English title, but the 1823 is the true first English edition. I have provenance for both of them. For the orginal Kinder- und Hausmarchen, I have two copies for sale, and I will gladly write you a letter confirming that I purchased the book myself in 1812." Sigyn smiles, "That 1812 edition was intended for scholars, not children, and it was quite a topic of discussion in certain circles. I bought over a dozen copies to give as gifts."

If Emma is surprised by the age of the woman behind the counter, she gives no sign of it, after all - she's herself literally a walking, talking, extinction level event. She knows of many immortals, near immortals, and people of great age who look great. "Sigyn Sannr…" She muses a bit, and then looks more closely at the woman, especially her aura. "…of course, Loki's bride, correct?" Emma /did/ have a top notch education after all, and she read a lot over the years. And then a soft laugh. "Cover Story, for the Lord of Lies and his wife, Sigyn the Faithful. That's…ironic."

And then she nods. "I will take all three." She doesn't even ask the price.

Sigyn grins impishly, with a sparkle in her eyes. "Oh, my husband has a finally honed sense of irony. Though like his sense of humor, it's not for everyone." She takes the books out of the cases, removing the slender card tucked in each one with the title and price neatly printed. She writes the purchases in a ledger, then wraps each book in acid free paper. She gives Emma an appreciative smile, "And I'm goddess of fidelity, not monogamy. Monotony, excuse me, Monogamy was never part of our vows." The receipt is hand written, the provenance for the two removed from storage, and placed into envelopes. Then she takes out a sheet of vellum and a fountain pen, and proceeds to write an account of her purchase in flawless hand. "It was the fact that I preferred exile to Midgard with my husband to the glory of Asgard's royal court without him that earned my title." There is a bitterly amused twist to the way she says 'glory' that suggests she MUCH prefers her husband's company to theirs.

"Never met the man, well, that I know of, anyway." After all, he's a known trickster-shapeshifter-illusionist, she might have and never known it. Emm amiles and shrugs. "I like wit that cuts." She admits. She takes out a checkbook, knowing that the store does not take debit or credit cards, and a fountain pen of her own in stainless steel and platinum, and notes the bottom line, writes the check out, and then signs it with a flourish. Her hand is fair, a bold cursive with elegant lines. "Your penmanship is lovely." She observes, and then a brow quirks upwards at the tone to her words. "Fidelity is more that mere monogamy. Unfortunately monotony is all too common." And Emma just hasn't got the time or the inclination to sleep around, too risky, to unsatisfying, and she has too deep of trust issues. Mind…there's some few men who -think- they've bedded her.

Sigyn nods, "And that is what makes a relationship work through the centuries. Not sex, but fidelity. Loyalty. The absolute rock-solid certainty that your partner has your back, and you have theirs. Be it marriage, or companions in arms, finding and holding to that loyalty, knowing it goes both ways, that is what matters most." She smiles at Emma, that impish sparkle back. "Well, to me and those who swear by me at least. There's plenty who would rather swear at me." She signs the letter with a lovely signature, then draws a sigil which flashes with light then vanishes. "A minor spell, it prevents the letter from being altered or my signature from being used against me. There are those who hunt for relics of Asgardians and are foolish enough to try and use such trinkets against us."

"Sage advice, though I confess my own luck in that arenas has been largely one of less than stellar results. Romance, that is, I have never married." Emma nods then. "Loyalty, loyalty is something I have very strong feelings about, however." And she proves it day by day to her family. No doubt a goddess of fidelity would sense how true that statement is. "Especially to family."

A snort about the swearing. "Oh, sister, don't I know /that/ feeling."

Emma smiles at the explanation of the sigil, and nods. "One must always take care." And then she presents the check along with a business card. "Do please consider meeting for tea, or a meal sometime. I think I'd like to get to know you better, Lady Sigyn. Or…no, you're a Princess, are you not?" A moment to gather her purchases and hear the goddess's responses, and then she departs. For a mortal, that woman sure has a lot of presence and confidence. She might even prove interesting!

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