2020-08-13 - Setting Up


Knowing where and when Klaue is holding a meet is a big thing.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Aug 13 23:03:19 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Investigations into the gangs and Klaue continue. It's been discovered that in about a week, there's to be a meet between Klaue and the Gang leaders. The meeting is due to take place in subway station that doesn't appear on any maps.

Known as Grand Central Terminal, this station is under the Waldorf-Astoria and was used by a President Roosevelt. It now lays abandoned, with detritus scattered everywhere and the train car that carried Roosevelt left abandoned on a track.

A perfect place for a meet, really.

Given the intelligence, Mari has arranged to meet others here and set up a trap for those who attend in a week.

One small problem … there's a dozen gang members loitering in the area. They'll need to be cleared before work can begin.

Shouldn't be a problem for the group that is here …

Traps? They want traps! Well, Hunter serves as a serviceable bpipedal pack mule. She has a pretty sizable backpack riding her shoulders and waist, and yet still she manages to sneak in unheard, unseen. Frightening creature.

Creating a bloodbath right now would leave entirely too much evidence for the trap to work in a week. So Hunter is instead watching the others intently. Experience has taught her these 'heroes' are going to try something stupid, like capturing those gang members alive.

For now, Hunter is waiting to see how that goes. 'Not well' is her guess.

Colossus has a hard time sneaking much of anywhere, even when he's not using his powers. Getting close would be absolutely impossible if he was 'metaled-out,' so instead he arrives plain. It's still hard for him as he gently lowers himself down an access shaft along a small ladder. Built long ago, these passageways were not built for a man of his size. As he descends he does so slowly in hopes of not being heard. Or seen.

One of the secrets to Spider-Man's continuing success in this line of work is a very simple fact of human nature: People just don't look *up* very often, especially of their own accord. So as long as no sudden noises come from overhead, he has pretty good odds of going completely unnoticed while crawling around on the ceiling of the little-known once-luxury subway station.

The only thing that would make it better would be if there were chandeliers. And maybe a grand piano, even if it were as dusty and disused as the rest of the station.

The rest of it is simple application of principles which Hunter would know quite well. Find a mook who's separated from the others and minding his own business … drop down all-but-silently while he's isolated, knock him out (one good punch tends to do the trick), web him into immobility and silence (just in case he wakes up), stash him further out of sight as a further precaution. Then return to the ceiling, preferably while nobody's looking (spider-sense helps with that), and continue on to the next target.

The big question is whether he can keep this up long enough to take out all dozen-ish … not that he has to take them alone, of course.

Arriving much the same way Peter did, Gwen Stacy crawls into the disused subway station along the ceiling, having entered through an access point above one of the tunnels further down. Nevermind the fact that this place is clearly gross, there is work to be done here. There are a bunch of bad boys (and bad girls?) who need to be encouraged to be… elsewhere.

Like, jail, maybe.

<Peter, this place is disgusting.> Gwen subvocalizes through the comms, as she picks a spot to loiter on the ceiling, mostly where she can see everything and alert her similarly-powered compatriot, just in case things get… out of hand. <I mean… coming down here is part of the job, for us, but seriously, who'd actually want to hang out down here? These gang boys need a better hangout.>

She adopts a position that would be uncomfortable for anyone who can't stick to walls and ceilings, and waits. <Sorry I couldn't make it to help before. Bank robbers. You know how it is.>

Avery is ideally suited to being an ambush predator. Her powers and her stealth skills are very complimentary to one another. Moving along the deepest shadows along the ancient tracks, she's got her optics tuned for night and thermal imaging, and is not so thrilled at the thugs, but hell, with one one but TWO spiders, and…a big Russian guy she doesn't know, and Vixen /and/ Hunter, this should be a snap.

Hopefully not anyone's neck, or femur or the like…though a collarbone or two, that would be okay, nobody fights after having their collarbone broken, hell, they're unlikely to be able to stand!

Once she realizes everyone seems to be waiting, she'll Walk Between to a point just the other side from the rest of the crew and throw a rock near one of the thugs, behind him, to see if she can get the gangers looking away from the insurgents.

Over the comms Zeal sends. «Distraction incoming.»

Hunter probably isn't wrong - the group she's fallen in with this time are one of those who don't believe in killing. So yes, they're probably going to do something stupid.

Vixen watches as Spidey crawls across the roof and drops down on an unsuspecting fellow. There's a strangled "mmmmph" as the mook goes down. No one seems to notice, but it will be only be a matter of time.

"Go for it, Zeal." Vixen says as she glances at Piotr. "I expect a few will just run in our direction. You ready, big fella?" She's a cheeky thing and she's looking forward to this. Vixen enjoys a good dust up to be sure. "Hunter, scare them and try not to kill them, hmmm?"

Avery's distraction makes a clatter behind three of the gangers - two men and a woman, turn in that direction. "What was that?" The woman asks, bringing up a rifle. That one, at least, looks to be a normal ballistic rifle and not the high tech sonic things some have had.

It's still early though.

"What was what?" A guy just to the right of Spidey and Gwen asks. "Hey, Jeff! Did you hear anything?" pause "Jeff? Jeff?" He starts over to where Spidey is standing … or did the spider make it back to the ceiling?

The rest of the mooks are suddenly alert.

Hunter looks at Vixen with a stricken, put-upon expression. Not kill them? Seriously? Gah! These crazy hero types, interfering with a proper op. THe best way to handle this slicing throats and snapping necks and then stuffing the bodies out of the way! But nooooooooo!

Silently grumbling, Hunter slips out of her backpack, setting it down under cover, and then crouches down low … and slinks off. It's annoying how well she does that; even looking right at her, she blends in very well, and evne the night-vision optics find her a challenge; not impossible at all, but a challenge. Thermographics can pluck her out of the background, though; she runs a good 5-7 degrees hotter than human norm, and has not had time to slime up with heat-retardant (mud).

Oh look! There's another mook towards the perimeter … and then Hunter just springs, grabs, clapping that vice-powerful grip over his mouth, yanking him back as she starts squeezing the air out of his throat.

Hopefully he'll survive. She doesn't want to hear the whining and moaning from the heroes.

"Well, I imagine it is a good time to be ready," Colossus replies to Vixen with a shrug of his shoulders and a simple smile. He continues down the ladder until he's to the bottom, just above an opening into the cavernous room. He doesn't dare leap down at transform, and thus, blow their cover. He waits for a moment where his size won't hinder the mission.

Normally, a well-placed, well-timed distraction is a useful thing - but the 'well-timed' part requires a little more coordination than Zeal happened to offer for best effect. And when the goons were already on the keyed-up side, as seems to be the case, it's little surprise that the clatter seems like the opening riff of "All Hell Breaks Loose," to judge by their reactions.

Spidey did, in fact, make it back up to the ceiling, and is smirking behind his mask as he hears Gwen. «Boy, do I ever know, Spider-Woman,» he replies wryly, looking downwards as that concerned-seeming fellow goes looking for Jeff. If the station were smaller, and the mooks less armed, he might go for a simple cocooning and leave Jeff's buddy as a new ceiling ornament, but the terrain doesn't really favor that kind of simple solution.

So Spidey goes down instead, aiming his descent for right behind the mook. "Whole lotta Jeffs in this town, y'know," he says jovially, as if they were two students at the ESU commons instead of a superhero and a goon in an abandoned subway station. "Even if you mean a famous one, that's still Bridges, Foxworthy …"

He doesn't give the goon time to reply before attempting to cold-cock Jeff's friend. «I think this is the part where we go loud,» he suggests over the comms as he's making sure goon #2 is down for the count. «Do we have an actual tally on the bad guys, or is this 'hit 'em until we run out of goons?'»

Jeff's buddy might be on his way to find Spidey, but Gwen isn't taking that chance. As he passes beneath her, she crawls along the ceiling, keeping pace with him. <One is alerted,> she whispers into the comms, for everyone's benefit.

The Spider-Woman is right about to make her move, when… <Spider-Man, you gotta leave the second one for me sometimes,> she teases with a sigh. <Alright, loud it is.>

Gwen drops to the ground, and then stalks around to stand where most of the baddie-types can see her. "Hi!" she greets, speaking just a bit louder than is usually polite, and holding up one hand to wave. "You guys seem to know what's what down here, just wondering, what train do you take to get to LaGuardia from here? I never can figure these subways out, you know, they're just so confusing. Must be why I prefer swinging around the city streets usually."

She pauses, and ahems back into the comms. <Now's a good time. Loud. Be loud everyone. While they're all looking at me.>

Man Zeal wishes she was /any/ good at the banter stuff, the Spiders and Vixen seem so good at that, they make it look easy. Oh well, she has a plan! Her liege lady Batgirl is in favor too. Now she just needs a GED and to pass some college entrance exams. What could possibly go wrong?

On point again, she grins without baring teeth as she draws the attention of three of the mooks. A silent Step Between, and she emerges on their flank, then then starts a sweep, inhaling to vanish, and then reappearing on exhale with her scything foot hopefully kicking the woman's out from under her and dropping her to the concrete hard. The Batling continues the spin, a snap of her forearms sending her batons to her hands, and then she smacks the woman's two friends behind the kneecaps if she can with the weapons, poking them through micro-rifts to give her the reach she needs.

And then she spirals to her feet and keeps a sharp eye out for incoming fire - friendly or otherwise.

Vixen smirks as Hunter grumbles and nods at her methods of securing one of the mooks. "Put them in a pile when they pass out, we can … 'talk' … to them later." They will come around and they will be useful for the most part.

Hunters squeezing has the guy flailing at her, scratching her face and hands trying to get free. His struggles get less fairly quickly though and eventually he goes limp. Passed out or dead? She can hear him breathing still - she might be disapponted. There's a group over there that still needs attention though.

"Spider-Man, I hope you bought the tracers I asked you too." Mari has a plan. "Just keep hitting until we run outta them."

Most of the baddies are looking at Gwen. It's a bit hard not to - that suit is rather eye catching after all. "LaGuadia?" One says almost dumbly as another shakes themselves "Fuck, Spider-Woman." Three rifles train on her and open fire.

As Piotr descends, one of the gangers eyes go wide. Even without transforming, Piotr is quite imposing. They bring up a rifle and open fire. Unfortunately, this one is a sonic one. Piotr and Vixen are hit by the blast - Vixen goes flying backwards and hits the wall behind her with a crunch …

Zeal takes the foot of the woman out. The woman falls like a dropped bag of potatoes. Two sharps 'cracks' of the batons have the men swearing loudly, as one dives for Zeal, trying to tackle her.

This should be over in a minute or so. They really did take the group by surprise.

Hunter is irked and annoyed, dealing with living targets. This is a reckless waste! But she is a relatively tolerant, calm figure right now, a professional just irked at the amateurs.

And then some moron decided to use a sonic rifle.

With a throat-shredding howl of fury and rage, Hunter drops the target she was dragging off and LEAPS like wire-fu halfway across the space to land on the idiot with the sonic rifle. Ears bleeding, almost blind with agony, Hunter does not play nice. She does not hold back.

And to be entirely honest … there's not a lot left of that guy.


The sonic blast knocks Piotr from the last rung of the ladder and across towards the far wall. Luckily for him his transformation is complete by the time he hits the wall. Unluckily, there's a weird ringing and pain in his ear. The now metaled man leans down to check on Vixen, even while he holds his ears with both hands. As he turns back to their aggressor, the normally docile man gives a menacing glare, slowly pulling himself back up to his feet.

«I don't leave home without 'em,» Spider-Man replies to Vixen, even as he's turning to Gwen's aid - web-yanking at two of the rifles and leaping above their lines of fire at the wielders. He's focused mainly on the leftmost, as they're lined up to him; Spider-Woman is certainly capable of taking care of herself - as she was not-too-subtly reminding him a moment ago - so he trusts that she can deal with the rest of the immediate threat while the goons are, hopefully, off-balance.

On the other hand? If he knocks out two or even all three before she gets there, don't ask him to apologize.

"Hey— YOW!" Gwen's danger-sense sings in her ear, and she bounces to the side and then behind a pillar, just as bullets sizzle through the air around her. "Gunfire?! I just wanted DIRECTIONS!" she yells back at the gangers. "That's so rude! I need to teach you some manners."

The Spider-Woman leans around the pillar and fires a glob of webbing at one of the naughty boys, and then a second line, to yank the gun out of another. "Didn't your mother tell you not to play with firearms?" She bends the barrel of the rifle around so it'd be pointing back at anyone who'd want to use it. "Didn't your father tell you how to talk to girls? Sheesh!"

Gwen emerges from behind the pillar and runs up to the one guy who still has a gun (though ideally he has webbing over his eyeballs). As she gets close she spins and delivers a solid kick to his midsection. Ouch.

Zeal calls out over the comms. «I have my three in hand.» The baddy's cries of pain sounding pretty good to her. She pretends to be frightened of the thug trying to grapple, staggering back towards the rifle-woman, she deliberately moves to almost touching distance, counting on the woman rising and being pissed…and then inhales, appearing behind the would be tackler. "Oh, apologies, gentles…I did not know you cared so much." Hopefully the tackler and the rifle woman will do each other some mischief, and then she sort of sashay-skips to kick the guy who's knee she likely dislocated and may have broken under the chin with her stompy boot. She is small, but quite fierce, is Avery.

"Spider-Woman, clearly they did not have the benefits of your familial education as you grew." Mind, she's paying attention to rifle-grrl and grabby-hands to see what her little ploy did.

Vixen is dazed but alive and awake, her reverbium weave lightly armoured suit gave a degree of protection. "Go, I'll be alright …" she says to the now metal man.

"Hoooo shit….." Sonic guny man says as Piotr straightens with menace in his eye. He's backing away when he's taken from the side by an angry Hunter. There's … a mess where he once stood and the weapon lays on the ground.

Peter and Gwen manage to web yank several weapons. Gwen even lands that kick just as Peter yanks the firing weapon from the gunmen hands. That's most of the group down or webbed.

Zeals tactics have the woman and man down in a tangle of arms and legs. That's the last of it.

"Good work." Vixen murmurs as she catches her breath. "Zeal and Spider-Woman, can you truss them up and knock them out? We're going to put some of Spider-Mans tracers on these guys. I'm sure they'll go running to their bosses with tales of how they jumped by a group of several men and when they do, we'll have a better picture of the network they've created."

"Colossus, Hunter, Spider-Man … let's get this placed set up so we're for the meet." Piotrs strength is going to be needed, she's sure.

Hunter stands, still bleeding from the ears and with her eyes looking … not normal. She cannot hear Vixen at all - or much of anything else, right now, though her healing factor is repairing the damage quickly. But trust a highly trained sniper to read lips. Because of course she does.

First, Hunter uses one of the beer bottles to wash off her hands down into one of the drains. That doesn't clean up all of the blood or even most of it, but it will allow her to open her pack without schmearing more all over it. Then she gets out two large bottles of a nearly (to normal human noses) odorless cleanser. Because of course she came prepared for cleaning up a bloody mess.

Later, Hunter can distribute remote infrared cameras, light line tripwire units, claymores and more, as needed to assist in getting everything set up.

Oh, alright. She'll put the damned claymores back in the pack. Wusses!

"I will help in any way that I can, Vixen," Colossus replies over his shoulder. He then turns towards Spider-Man, Hunter, Spider-Woman, and the diminutive one named Zeal, "I am sorry I was not more of a help." His words are in a thick accent, Russian or one of the former Communist states to be sure. "Sneaking is not my strength I am afraid." A look of concern grows on his face as he notices Hunter's injury. "Are you alright?"

"Need one of my transceiver units for that, Vixen?" Spider-Man offers quietly before he sets to work, going around to each of the goons … well, the unconscious and still-living ones, anyway; the corpse isn't going anywhere to speak of … and planting a spider-tracer on each of them. He really *doesn't* leave home without them - but he made sure to pack extras for this run.

"Glad to have the extra help this outing, too," the web-slinger adds when he has a chance to go over and work with Colossus on the 'trapping' of the meeting place. "Colossus, was it? You live up to the codename, that's for sure. Thanks for joining us."

He's not as visibly worried about Hunter's injury - mostly because *she* doesn't seem to be worrying about it. However, he does see fit not to prod her about the whole lethal vs. non-lethal thing. He'll mostly be taking guidance from Vixen as far as rigging the traps, but if Hunter knows more about where something needs to go, he'll listen to her about as readily - as long as he's not rigging up a claymore or sentry gun in the process.

Gwen, for her part, didn't see the one guy getting entirely killed — she was looking the other way at the time, being focused as she was on her own opponents. So she's busy webbing people up as asked, taking them two at a time to where they need to be kept and stringing them up upside down, from weblines to their ankles. "And you get a time out, and you get a time out," she declares, giving each of them a blob of webbing over the mouth so they can't talk (but being careful nto to get the nose, no need to silence them permanently).

"So… that went well," she observes. "I dunno if I've actually met… any of you before, aside from Spider Man and Zeal, but hey." She shrugs, as she's busy collecting a couple more baddies. "So, I'm Spider-Woman, how is everyone tonight? Fancy meeting you all in a place like this."

Vixen glances at Hunter, trusting the woman to speak up if she needs help though the spirit channeler has to wonder how *bad* the injuries would need to be for that to happen. "Colossus, can you move that slab of stone over there, we'll rig some charges to send that flying and cause a distraction."

Spider-Man and Hunter will be able to do that. "And I'm sure Hunter will need your height to place some of her camera's." beat "I think we've met, I'm Vixen." Mari asides to Spider-Woman "It's good to have your help."

While people work, Mari scouts the area. "The idea, will be to crash the meet when we're sure they're all here. I fully expect Ulysses Klaue to be the guest of honour - and if he is, don't expect things to go easily. The man is brutal in the extreme. So be ready for real violence."

Somehow Mari doesn't think Hunter will have a problem with this. "Zeal, what do you need to be able to blink people in? Where would you target, based on what you can see." She's also listening to the others as the work continues, she's sure they'll provide guidance on what will work for them next week.

Zeal drags her three goons to the pile, so they can be webbed, tagged (tracered!) and release into the wild once more. Happy to have been of some use at least, the mighty-mite joins the group. Despite the Batling costume, she offers Piotr a warm smile. "Zeal…a pleasure to meet you, Colossus." She says looking up at roughly seven and a half feet of metal man mountain.

That is a very apt name, all right.

Zeal doesn't have the demolitions skills or raw strangth of even the weakest of the others, she will act as facilitator in whatever way she can, rapid deployment a specialty!

At Vixen's question, Avery looks thoughtful. "I can set an anchor anywhere you like, or if we have a live video feed, Vixen, I can use that as well. If I do set an anchor I will need to remove another, likely the one where the drugs were." She studies the area, and picks a likely spot, stepping between breaths to it, and then nods. "Mm…this looks good. Clear lines of sight, I'll anchor here unless anyone objects, of course."

"I will, Vixen," Colossus replies as he makes his way over toward the stone. "I am Colossus. It is nice to meet all of you." He nods to Zeal as she introduces herself. Once he gets to the slab of stone, he bends at his knees and gets a good grip. A moment later it's in the air in a move that looks far too easy, "I can put it wherever you would like me to."

Slowly - as in non-instantly - as they work, Hunter's eyes return to normal, burst blood vessels healing, carrying away the shattered remnants of blood cells and cleaning up the mess, rebuilding structures lost. Eventually her superlative hearing comes back as well. At one point she does take the time to scoop up the remnants of the shattered offender - the sonic weapon itself - and stuff those into her pack. And she does in fact clean up and remove the body.

Yes. Hunter brought plastic bags and duct tape. This is Hunter on a mission.

One thing Hunter does not have are less-lethal or non-lethal munitions. Want some flashbangs? She has none, and she eyes them ferociously, though she does not attack. Screamers? Even worse, and everyone has now seen how that makes her respond if set off. Paintball claymores? Gas/smoke bombs? Nope, none of it. But light-based tripwires, optics, infrared nightvision cameras, transmitters and the like she has. And can set. Spiders are handy for that, too.

When Vixen mentions about Klaue, Hunter just grins ferociously. That sounds like permission for her to do what comes naturally, when this goes down.

Now see, 'launch the big slab of stone across the station' is a totally reasonable use for those claymores, at least if you take out the little ball bearings and just use the (shaped?) charges - or maybe the ball bearings would be *better* for launching the slab without breaking it into a whole bunch of more-dangerous flying sharp-edged chunks. Or would smaller pieces be less dangerous?

Well, it's Vixen's idea, Spidey's just helping implement it … and while he remains decidedly not a fan of lethal munitions, Hunter *is* much more versed in the arming, setting, and proper handling of explosives than Spidey is. And given that she does, demonstrably, react REALLY badly to sonic weaponry? Spider-Man has to cut her a little slack on the non-lethal weapons issue. Just a little.

The Spider-Woman eventually finishes with webbing up all of the bad people. Upside down. In a tigh cluster, dangling from the ceiling, arms and legs and mouths all tied up. She stands in front of them where at least most of them (who are awake, anyway) can see her, and folds her arms across her chest.

"Right, then," she intones, "It's been brought to my attention that none of you had proper upbringing, so while you're all having a mandatory time-out, and will be thinking about what you did the entire time, let me just provide you with some assistance."

She clears her throat, and ahems. "One. Guns are bad. Two, breaking the law is bad. Three, being in a gang is bad." She pauses a moment for effect. "Four, hanging out in an abandoned subway is bad. What you all *ought* to do, is go get jobs, rejoin society, get girlfriends or boyfriends, and I promise you'll all be much happier when you're not worried about getting arrested or beaten up by super-heroes."

Gwen squints, and pauses in her speech for a moment. She holds up her hand and taps her fingertips one at a time. "Hey, wait a minute," she calls over her shoulder, "Wasn't there one more of these guys?"

"Um…yes, Spider-Woman, there /was/. He's gone now." Avery just doesn't have the heart to tell her, and Hunter is very good at the whole clean up thing, man, she is HELLA killy. Not at all like Hello Kitty (or Isis)!

She has to admit that the Colossus moving that mass of concrete like it was a feather, yeah, impressive…and she bets he's damn tough too.

Spider-man looks like he needs a hug, so she does, and then ports next to Vixen. "I like that anchor point-cover from the bulk of the room, clear lines of sight, shadowed so we can enter quietly, wouldst suggest another spot?" If not, she anchors there, erasing the drugs site in favor of the new.

Mari's brows rise as Colossus picks up that slab. She's seen strong, Black Panther is strong, but this is something else. "Let them put the charges down and then lower it again, please, Colossus." She's polite. "I'm planning on having yourself and myself bought in by Zeal, Colossus. It might be a good idea to meet with her between now and then and get used to her method of transport."

Looking where Zeal mentions, Vixen nods slowly. "I think that's good. And there'll be room for all us to get in there …" Which, given the size of Colossus really is a consideration.

"I won't need a transceiver, if you're ok to monitor it, Spider-Man. Is there anything you'll need in place for next week? You seem to like ceilings for entries - do you think it will again, next week?"

And there's Spider-Woman, lecturing the mooks. It makes Mari laugh but she doesn't answer about the extra one. He's … right over … there. "Now that they've been beaten up by super heroes, they're going to help us. Aren't you boys and girls?" She says to prisoners. There's a lot of 'mmmpphh'ing as they try to protest but can't speak thanks to web.

"Of course you are. Otherwise, we'll give some more incentive." She channels the panther then, the silhouette of the beast appearing behind her, and shows them her claws. "What do you say?" There's a few more emphatic nods to that. "Good. I'll get back to you in a moment."

"We're nearly ready here. Do any of you have questions before we move on?"

"I can do that," Colossus says as he holds the slab in place as if it's no bother at all. "Method of transport?" he asks quizzically, not quite following. He nods, though he is not quite sure, "I can do that as well."

"Zeal's a teleporter," Spidey explains as he helps get the charges arranged. Zeal's hug catches him a little by surprise, but he does hug her back, briefly anyway, before they get back to their respective tasks. "And yeah, as long as Klaue doesn't bring personal bodyguards who are more used to watching the ceilings than these palookas," he answers Vixen, cocking a thumb at the dangling gaggle of goons.

A sunny smile to Spidey at the return hug, and then when Vixen concurs, looks to Piotr. "Aye, Colossus, I can Walk the Space Between Breaths…it is a bit unsettling for most." Clearly it doesn't bother /her/ even a little. She takes out an energy bar, several actually, tossing one to Gwen (who always needs to eat), and Spidey (who nearly always does), one is offered the Vixen, and then a dubious look to the metal man, and questioning tilt of her head.

Hey now, he's /metal/! Does he eat? She doesn't know.

Munching on her energy bar, the girl spends about a minute where the anchor will be, fixing the location.

She does rather like the lecture, though, a soft rumble of laughter that turns into an outright giggle when Vixen intimidates…which sounds WAY odd with her voice distorter!

She steps between - vanishing upon inhale, reappearing instantly and silently on exhale next to Gwen, hugging her too. Apparently the Batling likes Spiders! Though…she's sort of eying Mari — speculatively, but unsure she dares. What can she say? Zeal is a hugger! Colossus is just way too new, first super-fight is way too soon.

"As they say, Colossus. It takes some getting used to and is worth practicing. I wouldn't want a woozey Colossus as we spring our surprise. Zeal, could you do that, make sure you practice with Colossus?" Mari blinks as Zeal blinks and hugs Gwen, grinning a little.

"Alright then folks, let's wrap this up and let these bunnies down. I'm sure they'll be more than cooperative now." beat "You all have my number if you need anything."

There's still a bit to do before the meet, but at least they're well on their way.

Somehow, Gwen still hasn't seen the dead one.

Spider-Woman catches the energy bar, though. "Thanks!" She pulls her mask up to just over hte bottom of her nose, so she can munch happily on the energy bar. "Nothing like a snack after some action. Helps keep the blood sugars up and all that." She stretches, and cracks her knuckles, about to go continue her lecture, but… no… no. Vixen has that handled.

"Alright, so… I'm not entirely filled in on the plan." She tugs her mask back down, and tucks the empty wrapper into her backpack (littering is wrong, afterall). "We're waiting for some bad people to show up, so we can pretty much do to them what we did to these guys, right?" She pauses. "And, we've got a massive man of metal on our side, so we cannot *possibly* have any problems with this."

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