2020-08-10 - It's Not Easy Being Green


Bruce wanders through the Disaster Zone, and meets Ivy during her cleanup work.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Aug 10 15:02:25 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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Monday Morning. New York City. It's a busy time in the city, as summer is slowly creeping its way to fall. Still, the heat and humidity are oppressive to most.

Most, however, doesn't include Doctor Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy, as she's currently leading some kudzu vines of her own creation, urging them onward through one of the more intact wrecks in the Disaster Zone. The kudzu crushes and breaks down the building, doing in minutes and hours what would normally take years, or even decades. She's wearing her costume, green skin and red hair making her identity painfully apparent as her government handlers are… well, not to be seen right now.

Might be a coffee break?

A busy time in the city? That means Banner can try to move without being noticed. Though he's been spending a good deal of time in the Danger Zone lately, giving any current residents medicine and food that he's been able to probably illegally gather.

He does notice a familiar redhead who wears a familiar costume with a familiar skill in wielding plants.

Deciding to approach, Banner clears his throat on arrival. "Hi. What are you doing?" By way of appearance, he's wearing a flannel shirt with somewhat baggy jeans and a beat up Yankees cap.

Pamela tilts her head, and smiles, "Doctor Banner, it's been a little while." She chuckles, "Currently, my government parole is what I'm doing, one less blighted former skyscraper polluting the landscape, in favor of something a bit more natural." She gestures, and there's definite a zone of… well, green, grasses and trees starting to dot parts of the former cityscape as she looks back at Bruce.

Looking at him curiously, she arches a brow, "But how have you been? Everything alright with your… friend?" Such a nice oblique way of referring to the Hulk, really, but she is curious.

Bruce gives a little wave to Pamela, though as always when compared to the Hulk, Bruce has a more shy and reserved personality. Mild-mannered is an apt way to describe him, even with individuals such as Ivy. "…so you're tearing down a building?" is the conclusion that Bruce arrives to after some fancy wording from Pamela.

Usually people like Pamela would lie about their intentions, so perhaps Bruce has that much trust. When she references the Hulk, Bruce looks a little cagey.

"The….other guy is fine. We get along about as well as we always have." Get angry equals mass destruction.

Pamela chuckles, "Yes, I'm tearing down a building. It's why the government has me here, in a fit of irony." She then gestures down, and the little ankle bracelet she has that tracks her for the government is visible there. "Normally when I would demolish buildings, I'd be thrown in jail for it, but now I'm doing it at their request." Her lips quirk in a wry expression.

"And that's good, having known too many people with…well, I'm glad you're doing alright." She actually sounds pretty sincere about that, too.

"The government."

Bruce repeats those words with a bit of minor disdain. Too long of running for his life against their devices most certainly took its toll on Bruce's view of the term 'government' from a world perspective. But, to his own chagrin, he chuckles at her little quip about tearing down buildings at their request. "Are they finally trying to clear out the DZ?" he asks curiously. "They should just ask the big guy. He loves breaking things." Bruce says in a sarcastic tone.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for being rude, but how are you doing lately? Haven't seen you since…the plant incident."

Ivy chuckles, "I'm not terribly happy about it either, honestly… but it was either this or wear an orange jumpsuit for the next 10-15 years. And frankly, Bruce, orange is /not/ my color."

She laughs at the mention of the 'plant incident', "Well, Bruce, our baby Krakoa left a little while ago, going off somewhere in the Pacific I think. Hopefully it's not going to try and eat a bunch of mutants, but I think it just wanted to sit in some former atomic testing sites and soak up the residual radiation. Which also helps clean it up, too." She shakes her head, "And speaking of cleanup… well, the government has been working on this for the past few years, but when it's just me and a few handlers? Well, it doesn't exactly sit high on their priority list." A hint of disdain there in her voice.

Bruce shakes his head. "Not mine either, so I got really good at running away." it was either that or transform and just break everything until people got the memo. Sadly, a certain General never did and is -still- after him.

Probably because he never approved of Bruce for a certain someone, but thats alright.

As for Krakoa, Bruce shivers. "Or it could turn it into a giant rampaging monster. Take it from experience." he smirks though, so he's probably not getting upset or angry, just a little snarky as he's always been when times call for it. Or just….speaking his mind.

He pretty much goes back to being his mild-mannered self immediately, only recently gaining any level of confidence. "Understandable. And clearing a city section probably isn't the most fun thing to do, especially since there's no present danger here."

Ivy chuckles, "Well, aside from us, anyway." She gives Bruce a wry expression, "Though, I suspect Krakoa will not be rampaging as long as they're left alone. Much like other people might be." She smiles faintly, "As opposed to me, since I had plenty of… well, reasons, valid or not, for what I did." A hint of a shrug, at that.

She then looks at Bruce, "You do seem to have something on your mind, though… and not just chatting about urban renewal."

"Aside from us."

Bruce seems to confirm, but he shrugs. "I don't know. Sometimes creatures left in isolation are more dangerous than they are when they are surrounded by activity." he ponders though, a sly reference to pretty much Godzilla.

Regardless, he shakes his head. "Not really. Just saw you while I was making a medicine run and thought I'd say hello. I'm glad you're doing well, Dr. Isley. Try to stay out of trouble." he looks like he's turning on his heel to hit the road, unless Pamela has anything else she'd like to say.

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