2020-08-09 - Teach Me


Zeal goes seeking Batgirl for assistance

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 9 22:52:26 2020
Location: Staten Island

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It has been some weeks whilst Avery has been working on that drug and Klaue thing, and today's run really drove something home…she does NOT know enough. She's spreading her time too thin, not enough dedication to her training being a big thing. Still, she likes her volunteer work at the clinic, that's important, and she feels a certain dedication to UPS for letting her work, sure, it is brute work, but it is still very nearly paying her bills.

But that's pride messing with her.

She has a duty to her liege lady too, and it shames her that she has represented her so poorly in the field of late. That has to stop. She knows that Batgirl doesn't really believe in vassalage, but — perhaps she'll be willing to simulate it, humor her? She just knows she might need to give up some of what she's doing, so she can do the right thing training wise, and that might need her to seek more formalized support - and that's a hard thing to ask for.

Once home from the clinic, she calls her lady on the secure OracleNet comms. «Milady, I mean…Batgirl, do you have time for a meet? I have something of import to report and seek a boon. An it please thee, time and place would be welcome.»

Batgirl has been busy chasing down the current problems in Staten Island, which is nothing new and running her investigation agency.

When the reply comes to Zeal, there's the sound of a kerfuffle in the background. « Zeal, busy at the moment, but give me five minutes and I'll this problem tied up. Happy to speak with you. Oracle, send Zeal the video of feed of where I am, please. »

The feed comes through on the communicator, a roof top in Staten Island. Zeal can see a batarang fly out and knock a masked on his backside, followed by the image closing on him as Batgirl starts to restrain him.

« Come in costume, of course. »

Still in costume, Zeal sends. «On my way, Batgirl.» Once she has that feed, she's just a breath away, not there and then abruptly there with no fanfare, no sound, no distinctive smells…just, present. <Thank you, Oracle.> She subvocalizes upon getting the feed. Once in situ, Zeal immediately hunkers down and seeks for any other lurking baddies while Batgirl binds the masked fellow.

She's definitely combat ready! A throwing blade in one hand, a flash-bang in the other.

"Batgirl." She murmurs softly so as to make sure the lady doesn't mistake her as a foe making a surprise attack. That would…SUCK.

Batgirl looks at the man she's just trussed up on the roof - trussed up something like a calf on roping day, in fact. "You get to stay like that, till I call the authorities." She says through her modulator, putting a backpack next to the guy. "With your ill gotten gains. I'm sure they'll have lots of questions for you."

Zeal murmuring her name, has the redhead turning, the braid down her back flicking a little. "There you are. I was wondering if you'd forgotten me." Of course she hadn't, Oracle monitors the movements of the Bat Family as unobtrusively as possible and Batgirl had been sure that Zeal has been busy.

A foot or three to their left, is a superstructure on the rooftop. It will make a nice place for the two to sit and talk. It also gives them a view of the city.

"You said you had something to report and wanted a … boon?"

Her own voice distorted, Zeal grins a bit as she replies. "Forget about you, impossible! You are most unforgettable, Batgirl. This ne'er do well jackanapes will surely remember this moment for ages yet to come." A nod then. "All clear."

Seeing the perch, Zeal hops up onto it, and hunkers down with arms about her knees, and knees pressed to her chest, the cape allowed to drape and conceal her like a bat's wings. At least she has a sense of 'Batling Style', mm?

Once they can talk without being overheard, she nods. "Aye, Batgirl." She offers a small drive. "I have been working with Vixen, Spider-Man and the Hunter on a case involving Ulysses Klaue, violence in the Disaster Zone, and drugs of exotic and most heinous nature. The details are there." Of course she's been logging it to the OracleNet too, thanks to Oracle helping her create the files, but she's still learning about the whole computerized world and will be yet for a while.

A breath indrawn, and this time merely for air and focus. "I…needs must petition for a boon, yes. I feel I have shamed you and myself, that I am in need of much more intensive training, that I needs must learn to hunt the clues as the other Bats can, to learn to counter the measures used to secure a place, more n'more. To do so I would have to give up my job, and I…" It is hard for her to ask. "…would fain need to beseech your aid in supporting myself to make the training happen."

Batgirl joins Zeal on the perch, not batting up like the younger woman. Despite the fact she's got that hood on, it's clear she's attentive. "Jackanapes, hmmm? I'm hoping he will … Unfortunately, I fear that the Silver Samurai is correct and the fellow will be on the streets again come lunch time."

Taking the drive, Batgirl pockets it. "I'll review this later with Oracle, though I believe you've been getting their aid in all this." Which means she has some idea of what's going on, which might be why she doesn't ask too many questions.

There's a long, long, silence as Zeal reveals her request. The redhead deliberately lets the silence grow. "Before we discuss the training you're requesting, if you give up your job, how will you live?"

"It be a truism that the wheels of justice can turn slowly, and imprecisely. But…you have taught me to respect them. To not kill, though sometimes…" A shrug. "…sometimes it is a hard thing for me. I know that disappoints you, but I promise I do not yield to that temptation." Softly. "And I think mayhaps you be right about it, that killing is something to avoid, a last resort."

She nods about the reviewing of the drive's contents. "Aye, Batgirl, Oracle has been an invaluable and honored ally."

Zeal sits and waits, the silence growing uncomfortable, but she waits and accepts the silence and the responsibility for it. "I had hoped that you would help with that, Batgirl…that is the boon, though I know training someone is no light matter, so perhaps I ask too much. I can cut back on my volunteer work, patrol less…"

Batgirl turns her masked face to Zeal. Beneath it she's actually squinting. "The boon you're asking is that I will support you? We can discuss the training in a moment - it's the balance in your life that I'm addressing."

There's a sigh, that's audible through her mask this time. "You can't give up your life to be a fulltime hero, Zeal. It … doesn't work that way. As most have come to find out. Without the balance of work and a social life, such that it is, you'll become a shadow of yourself and forget why you chose this fight."

"So I ask you again - if you give up your job, how will you live? You have rent to pay and food to put on the table at the very least."

Avery blinks, and then nods slowly. "I was considering it as a vassal, that is how it worked. Fealty for support and training, for service—but that is an antiquated concept in this world, this /real/ world I am in." She hangs her head a moment, pondering. "I do not know anything much of balance, milady. I…throw myself in, an well I know you despair of that nature, I have been trying to learn to curb it. I think with some small measure of success."

She looks up again, and then offers a faint smile. "Perhaps instead I should ask thee for aid in finding a better job? Or perhaps I should seek formal schooling, mine education being quite lacking. Are there not schools that teach and feed and shelter?"

A faint laughs. "My private life is entirely lacking, lady, so…I volunteer, I patrol."

Batgirl considers this, completely silent for the while. "I will not support you to become a full hero, Zeal. I would be failing you in the worst possible way." She finally says. "Vassalage doesn't work in todays economy either. It's a lot different now."

The silence draws again, perhaps making Zeals heart drop a bit. Will she be refused this request? It sounds like it.

"Would you … like to go to school, Zeal? Like others your age? The balance will come, by the way, when you practice it."

"I understand." Avery says when the refusal comes. "I still feel shame that I have not represented you with honor, my lacks weigh upon me, lady. I know that I have much to learn, and I am accustomed to being capable, mm? E'en exceptional, but here, in *this* world, I am sadly lacking. Reality is much different from what I've known most of my 'life'."

With the second lengthy silence Zeal wonders is she's about to be discharged from service, if she's failed her liege lady so badly that she's going to be dismissed.

She blinks in surprise at the last question, eyes widening behind the mask, the yellow lenses expanding too. Babs might well be amused at the girl's reaction, or sad—maybe both.

"I think it might be good for me, but I am nervous I will make of myself a great fool." Which is called 'life'. "Do I even qualify for such a thing? Are there not requirements to be met to get into a school? I fear my qualifications are lacking."

"We will come to that. But first things first." It's a sign of the way Batgirls mind works. Logically, precisely. "You ask two different things, Zeal. For me to train you and for me to support you. You think you need to sacrifice independance for skill. It's not true."

The black clad redhead watches the younger womans response to her questions. "There are qualifications and I think you'll need some tutoring to be able to meet them, but you're lacking in education not wit."

"*If* you are prepared to apply yourself to school and your education, with an eye to a career or vocation at the completion, I will help you. I will aid in the financial committments and assist with your studies. It will mean that you may need to give up your job though and that will bring your living arrangements into question."

Zeal frowns, trying to get her mindset and prior VR life experience to wrap about the concept of 'independence' while still training. It is hard, she's used to a sort of feudal society, vaguely. Reality is much harder! She DOES listen, however. She's always listened to everything her mentor has had to say.

"So…these requirements are within my grasp with but being tutored? This I can manage, methinks." She does not, after all, lack in wits. She does have a lot of skills, and she's good at what she does - sadly - 'Adventurer Heroine' isn't something one can get a degree in.

"I am prepared to commit, yes, milady." And she's incapable of giving less than 110%, so she'll apply herself. "As to career or vocation - perhaps something to do with crime fighting? I do not think I would make a good lawyer, but perhaps…something like Abby from NCIS? I think crime scene investigation, or e'en Law Enforcement, might be viable?" Certainly suits her nature!

"Mayhaps I could seek shelter in Mutant Town, I am on friendly terms with the Pride, and with the Hunter, it would save on the 'work commute' as well, aye?"

"With *but* being tutored. Mmmm. It won't be easy, Zeal. Not at all and you will often feel like a 'fool' with the way that you're thinking. Which is something we have yet to discuss. Abby from NCIS is a fictional creation but there are similar careers to that, not quite as glamourous nor with a good looking mentor." Batgirl might think Mark Hammon is quite nice.

"Law Enforcement or even, Private Investigations. Yes. Particularly if you're asking for my help in that regard, both would be good. Why don't we go through the different websites soon and see what might appeal, you won't need to make a decision immediately."

She lets that sink in. "Seeking shelter? You mean live homelessly? Perhaps, though that is … a concern for me. There's always dorms to consider and give me some time, I might have other options. But think on it - this is a big change you're going to be making. Another big change, that is."

Because you know, waking from MMO to real life isn't enough.

"Now, let's discuss why you think you failed me."

The young woman's relief is manifest, to Babs, her tension unknotting just a bit, her shoulders easing down a bit, her hands slightly less tightly clenched about her knees. They're all very subtle signs, but Babs don't miss much and she's surely looking.

"Aye, my speech patterns alone are a challenge…but I have been working on it in, I have to learn to use these 'contractions', and 'slang', but I err more oft than I succeed. I do not expect the tutoring to be easy, nay, I expect it to be a challenge." She can't help but smile as the differences between fictional characters and real life are mentioned. "Oh, aye…Agent Gibbs…both wise and comely." She might have a bit of a crush. "And it seemed perhaps a bit…unrealistic…how Abby was the sole tech in her lair, and so comely herself." Another crush? Maybe.

"Lady, to be the best Zeal I can be needs must I learn to be more able in such things, I am not much of an investigator, and that is a hindrance."

She ponders the fact she need not choose immediately and that she DOES have options, she's so used to a linear progression, in a lot of ways her dad's desperate bid to save Avery has left her ill-equipped, very much so, for the real world. "I like the idea of going through such things with you, I know I could use the aid and thine—/your/ guidance."

A moment, and then she nods. "I know not what I do not know, Batgirl. But I am prepared to strive and to excel. Change does not cause me fear, failure is far more frightful."

Her smile falters then. "In my work with Vixen and the others, I was…nigh useless. I have not the skills to be an investigator, and wearing Bat colors, I feel that I brought shame upon you for my lack."

"Alright then, then we will start down the path of improving your education. Your speech will … resolve … in time, I dare say, when you interact with those of your age." Batgirl knows full well how that happens having had several batlings look to her in her time.

There's a shake of her head at Zeals commentary. "Zeal, we can't all be good at all things. In fact, few are good at all things. You've been working with some very accomplished and experienced heroes - who are much older than you. It's expected that you don't have the experience." Batgirl lets that sink for a moment. "However, wanting to improve oneself is not a bad thing. I just want to realise that it will take time to develop and that as long as you're doing your best to do your best, that's all I could want."

"It seems an important first stride, yes? My education." And getting socialized via schooling. Zeal smiles a little at that. "And…the shelter thing, these dorms, are they akin to a monk's cell at a monastery? I have stayed in such before, in truth save for my cat, Gibbs there is little I need to move, though…the wooden man, might be a problem, or…I could sell it, and use the funds for more clothing and such if there is shelter available at the school, once we find one, and once I meet the requirements for entry." An excited nod. "I like this plan, Batgirl."

She looks up at the shaken head and the reassurance. "Spider-Man and Vixen are amazing, and Hunter is quite capable, truly, she is rather frightening in many regards. I know they have much more experience here…" She taps her head. "…but here…" She taps over her heart. "…I felt like I was not much help, though we /did/ play a nice prank on the baddies—we stole their drugs, from within a locked cell. Leaving no traces behind. That should be concerning, also, we have a solid lead on their next strike, and are preparing for that."

"And you're assistance comes where the others can not, is that not correct? You can move quickly and you're good in a fight. As you gain experience, you will learn as well." Batgirl smiles under her hood and wraps an arm around the younger womans shoulders. "I will teach what I can about sleuthing as well. There are things that I'm sure you'll never learn in school."

As to the question of the dorms, Batgirl laughs. "A monks cell, if one was fitted with comforters, wall art and an entertainment system. It's not salubrious but it's far from austere."

"They are ALL good in a fight, Batgirl. That is not so remarkable, but aye, I do offer the advantage of mobility—and I learned something just this very morn, when I Walk Between two points I have anchor to it creates a sort of 'tunnel', it was smoother, easier on my guests. I needs must learn to memorize more spots, that could prove very useful."

Leaning into the older woman, Zeal frees an arm to circle her mentor's waist as she does. "You are amazing, Batgirl, I am certain that you will always have much to teach me, know that I have always respected you, admired you."

She blinks at the laugh, and then laughs. "That does not sound very conducive to study." She grouses a little, even as she laughs. "Still, my current 'digs' are far from luxurious, these dorms sound like they would be an improvement!"

"Perhaps. You will have room mates, mind and that is not easy. But I think it will do you good." Batgirl laughs. "And no, it's probably not overly conducive to study, but neither is depriving oneself either."

"Well, young lady, shall we find someone more comfortable and begin this search of ours? My patrol is about done, if you'd like to join me."

"A room mate or mates? That will be a challenge." Zeal agrees. "I expect I will learn to adapt." She says with a smile. "This 'moderation' thing, seems…lax." A shrug then, and she hops to her feet and turns to face her mentor. "Yes! Let us start the search, thank you, I should like that very much."

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