2020-08-09 - Seeking Out Scandals


So Carol meets Scandal and… mistakes might be made.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Aug 9 21:06:17 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion

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"No. *No*." The exasperation is clear in the speaker's voice, carrying through the gate intercom to the security guard on the far end, though for the time being she's keeping it firmly under control - her accent remaining crisply polite, if indeterminately *foreign*. "I'm not saying that I want to jump on her - or jump her. Just that I have already landed on her once, and wanted to thank her for breaking my fall. I know it sounds strange… but surely you should be accustomed to that, working here…"

She looks young - twenty-something, athletic, of some moderately exotic heritage. Hair cropped artfully ragged and short, with a warmly blue streak that matches the silk scarf around her throat. Her biking leathers are as black as her hair's natural colour, looking to be custom work… while her bike is a powerful but old-fashioned model clearly based on some high-end racing chassis.

It was a pretty boring Sunday afternoon, especially when you drew the short straw on monitor duty. Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, frowns slightly at her cellphone, "Oh no. Swipe left. Left. OH DEAR GOD NO LEFT." She shakes her head, tossing the phone lightly onto the desk, "How does Janet even manage that."

Which is when Jarvis knocks on the door, "Ah, Ms. Danvers, there's a young woman at the gate that… well, you might want to talk to her." He looks a bit amused, though he doesn't say why.

Carol grins, "Alright, well, I can do that…" With that, she heads out of the monitor room…

And then, well, Scandal might get the sight of streak of light coming from the mansion, soaring around and then the form of Captain Marvel can be seen, descending down gently to land not too far from the woman, "Hey, something I can he… help you with?" She coughs a bit, taking in Scandal as… well, that wasn't what she was expecting.

That clearly was *not* something that the visitor had been expecting… but she looks warily amused rather than fearful or awe-struck. "Unless things are getting even stranger than I'd anticipated, you're not who I was hoping to see. But I'm not here to cause any difficulties. I'm honestly just here to try to thank someone for breaking my fall, some time ago. I've been hoping to catch her for… months, and simply haven't managed it."

Captain Marvel grins, "Well, who was it? I can definitely pass a message along." She tilts her head, her glow diminishing save for a few errant sparkles, "Nice bike, by the way. Though I've always been partial to a good muscle car, myself."

The visitor lowers a gloved hand to lightly stroke the bike's casing, a wry smile curling her lips. "I'm very fond indeed of my friend, here, I admit. Almost impossible to repair when things go wrong, but that's part of the appeal…. And I was hoping to speak with Greer Nelson. She broke my fall, when I took an involuntary flight some time ago."

Captain Marvel nods, "Well, Greer isn't around right now, but I'll be glad to pass the message along, miss…?" She smiles a bit, "Well, you keep it well maintained and then she won't break down, will she? Sounds like my old Mustang, for sure."

She chuckles, "Though I haven't really ridden on a motorcycle since my USAF days." She tilts her head, definitely interested in the bike… and quite probably the rider, too. But she's being polite about it, at least.

Also chuckling, the visitor inclines her head, hand pat-patting the bike again - this time where the gesture might draw attention to the elegantly cursive script (subdued gold, amidst the black and chrome of the rest of the colour scheme) that spells out 'Norton' on one side of the casing. "She's obscure, and strange, but tries to keep going. Perhaps why I like her so much," the rider says, before cracking a lop-sided smile.

"Savage. Scandal Savage. And yes, I am *quite* serious. My father had a sense of humour."

Carol tilts her head, then grins, extending a hand, "Carol Danvers, but I think that's pretty obvious, huh? My dad had no humor whatsoever… but that's a completely different story."

"So, Scandal Savage, anything I can do for you, aside from relay that message over to Greer?" She doesn't seem to say it, but her thoughts seem to drift about how Greer is a lucky cat.

Scandal arches a brow, then chuckles again. "I'm wondering if I should ask quite what you think I mean by her breaking my fall," she says dryly. "And further pondering whether I should explain, or leave it as a mystery…. And it's an honour to meet you. You have quite an outstanding reputation."

Carol smiles a bit, "Well, if you want, you could always take the time to explain it to me." She hmms, "I mean, being an Avenger is exciting and thrilling, but… monitor duty, not so much." She snickers a little at that, and her smile widens at the mention of her reputation, "And thanks, Scandal. I appreciate it."

Leather creaks gently, as Scandal shrugs amiably. "It might be wholly unearned, of course," she notes with a teasing smile. "But you have a reputation for forging your own path, at least some of the time. I approve of a willingness to think for oneself. But… monitor duty? A high school reference? I confess that I am not entirely sure what it might entail."

Carol chuckles, "No, monitors as in, watching monitors and making sure Galactus doesn't drop by for a snack or Doctor Doom doesn't conquer the local Starbucks for a good chai latte." She smiles, "And hey, when you're in the Air Force as a woman pilot? You kinda have to be willing to break a few rules and traditions." A bit of a laugh at that, "So talking with you is keeping me from having to sit around and look at… well, Tinder." She makes a face, grimacing, "Look, I was dared to and… mistakes were made. Mainly installing that in the first place."

"Ahhhh." Arching a brow, Scandal looks *distinctly* amused. "I would have thought that you would have staff for such things - both the watching of security feeds, and the… arranging of social affairs. Would it be dreadfully nosy if I were to ask to whom you lost that bet, or how it came about?"

Carol grimaces, "Tony, he got tired of my complaining about having no life, so he set me up with an anonymous premium account." She chuckles, "And yeah, we do have a staff, but it's good to have an actual member on call in case something comes up. Jarvis is a great butler, but I won't want him to face off against the Masters of Evil, either."

The other brow quirks upwards as Scandal chuckles again. "I am trying to remember quite when I last spoke to someone who could name-drop billionaires and butlers in the same breath," she notes, tone teasing. Then her smile broadens as she formally inclines her head. "I offer my congratulations."

Carol makes a face, "I'm not sure congratulations are in order. Tinder is a nightmare, and I regret signing up, but… eh, he meant well. Enough to have me stop complaining, anyway." She grins wryly, "But well, if the alerts were all like you I'd probably not mind monitor duty nearly as much."

Scandal blinks, then laughs, ducking her head once more. "Why, thank you. I had not realised that I was an 'alert'. I hope that I am not proving too disappointing, in comparison to some of the… thrilling encounters you have no doubt had while responding to alarm-calls. Though I think that I shall take your word with regard to Tinder. I don't think that I could bring myself to trust someone else's algorithm - monetised or not - to judge whom I should meet."

Carol nods, "Smart move. But then. the last time I dated someone they kinda fell out of the sky at me. Which was… well, definitely memorable." She grins, "Didn't have to catch her, either." She then mmms, "But, so far? You seem pretty nice in comparison to those, Scandal."

"Fell out of the sky at you? Is catching falling women part of the specific remit of the Avengers? I had not realised that your duties were quite so… specific." Scandal's lips twitch impishly, but she *mostly* keeps a straight face. "And… *nice*? Good grief. That is not something I am often called, I confess. I… think that it makes for a rather pleasant surprise, in fact. At least in this context. Thank you."

Carol grins, "Well, to be fair, I didn't have to catch her. She was on Earth for getting a bounty, alien criminal was hiding out on Earth." She chuckles, "Well, I can think of other adjectives, if you prefer?" Her eyebrows arch, as the occasional sparkles coming from her intensify, just a bit…

Scandal blinks, cocks her head, and clearly eyes at least a little of that sparkling. "Ahhh. Not quite so literal as my landing on your team-mate," she says dryly. "And you can, hrmmm? I probably shouldn't ask. I most likely count as a bad influence."

Carol chuckles, "Eh, I don't mind bad influences." She grins at Scandal, looking a bit amused, "So… if it's not too forward, what were you doing after thanking Tigra?" One brow arches, just a bit.

"I had been thinking of catching up on a backlog of reading," Scandal says, lips again twitching wryly. "I have some work that needs done on functional theories of international relations… but I admit that I could be talked into postponing such delights, if a more diverting opportunity arose. Did you have something in mind?"

Carol grins, "Well, I don't drink… but mmmm, how about dinner? Say, in an hour? There's a nice little Italian place down the road from here, and I need a bit of a chance to change." She chuckles, "I'd rather not wear the uniform out, as it attracts a bit of attention." One eyebrow arches towards Scandal, as she smiles a bit wider.

"Association with me might bring with it a certain degree of opprobrium," Scandal cautions, tone amiable. "But dinner sounds appealing. Should I change as well, or is it the sort of place unlikely to object to leathers?"

Carol smiles, "Since they let me in? Probably not, I was just going to wear jeans and a T-shirt, Scandal, unless you wanted something fancier? Not exactly my style, honestly. I like keeping it simple."

"It just seemed wise to check that we would not need to buy the restaurant to be allowed inside," Scandal says with a grin. "I cannot quite match at least one of your team-mates when it comes to such extravagance."

Carol grins, "Extravagance is overrated. Honestly, I spend a lot of time in my little apartment not too far away from here. I just work here." She winks at Scandal, "Angelo's. One hour, I'll meet you there." And with that, she takes off into the air, hovering a bit before she bolts off in a flash!

In the distance, there might be a very strong, "WOO HOO!" being heard. Maybe. Or maybe it's just a trick of the city…

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