2020-08-04 - Where To Focus


Early morning catch up for Babs and Ken

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Aug 4 03:16:43 2020
Location: Clocktower

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After the club the other night, Barbara had deepened her investigations. Clearly she'd missed something and that had left them exposed. Exposed to what? She's not sure and that worries her a fair bit.

Still, with Oracles help, the redhead has found some information - about the club, the owners and what might be going on there.

It's early morning as Batgirl gets in from her patrol route and she pulls the mask from her head before releasing the braid she keeps her in.

Maybe she'll have a visitor this morning. Sometimes she does. There's always tea and she normally looks forward to it.

The chime sounds that lets her know that Ken has arrived. He often does stop by for tea after his evening out and he usually does have an evening out even if it isn't spent patrolling with Barbara. She has her work and he in many ways has his. He is in leathers as he usually is after a night out and he takes the elevator straight up.

It is possible that he prefers having a nice tea before he turns in for whatever rest he is going to get prior to his business day starting.

"Hello Samurai." Oracle greets the man as he arrives in the elevator. It might be telling it didn't tell Barbara he was approaching. "Did you have a good evening?"

Barbara goes to put the kettle on and is leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen when Ken steps in. "Good morning. Busy night?" She hadn't seen him but that's not unusual. "It's nice not hearing that you're 'doing it again'." And since his arrival in town, she's heard that a lot from Oracle. "Tea's on. I've been looking into that club, by the way. Trying to find what I missed the first time."

That doesn't sound too hopeful. Perhaps she hasn't found much at all.

"I had a productive evening." The man says as he slips off the jacket and walks toward the kitchen. "I am not certain that it qualifies as good."

Babs is greeted with a smile, though a small one. "I haven't had to kill anyone recently." Though that is still on the cards. That's just how Ken sees things. "Did you find anything in particular about the club?"

"Is that by choice or have you just not had the opportunity?" Babs asks, a faint blush at the smile she gets. Ken doesn't smile often and that smile is directed at her.

She's quiet, watching as the jacket is removed and the Samurai moves closer. "I might have. Oracle and I had to dig a lot and I might be stretching but you would agree, would you not, that the woman we encountered was not … human?"

Babs does have to wonder how it is that she's seen so much supernatural activity - since around the time that Ken appeared.

"Of course, nothing like that shows in the records, but there are ties to a business that has had been generating interesting commentary on Social Media."

"Visibly not human." Ken is very familiar with not human creatures and that means he doesn't panic or get distracted when talking about them. "Visibly not human and someone who recognized me which means that she's heard of what I usually do to visibly not humans." Ken didn't argue with the term silver demon because, well he can see where it comes from.

"Mostly I have not had the need. Thus far at least. Social media. I will say the wisdom of my family was 'do not be on social media'. So I am not and I know little about it. The businesses we run here have made use of it but that's all done by… other people."

"Your family is wise although, you should note that I was able to find out much The Silver Samurai from those sources." Babs straighten and drops a kiss on Kens cheek before turning back to the kitchen to make the tea. "There are trails that lead to people, if we can be generic in our terms for the moment, if you know how to look. Scrubbing those is extremely difficult."

"She seemed to know you, yes. And did not think highly of what you did. Do you have any thoughts as to where she might have heard of you?" It galls Babs that some of that evening is a little hazy and Oracle actually teases her about being teen …

"Anyway, the reports that I'm seeing indicate that things are not all well with the company. It might be disgruntled employees or customers but there's enough that we might want to take a look."

"Sadly no. I have been engaged in rooting out the Yakuza from my family's holdings for some time and it appears as though they had ties to creatures from this particularly odd underworld. I have run into them repeatedly since, so it could have been from any one of a number of places that she heard of me and my penchant for wielding a particularly sharp sword."

He shakes his head a little bit. He is also hazy on the events of that night and that is somewhat annoying.

"What manner of company is it, if I may ask? It seemed like one involving mood lighting at the least."

"It is odd, Kennuichio-san, that you deal with such things." Babs murmurs as she puts the tea into the pot and adds the water. It will steep for a moment as the redhead turns back to look at him. "I suppose that is how you came by the sword though." Babs hasn't asked much about the Black Sword, despite being curious.

"Mood lighting. I suppose you could say that, it sells a range of personal care products that are supposed to … rejuvenate the body and soul."

"What is the bet that they do no such thing. At least with regards to the soul?" It may well be but it's curious that personal care products would be the angle. Then again people will pay ridiculous amounts of money for such things so on that level it makes quite a bit of sense.

"I take it, though, that there isn't any indication why should be using a private room in a club to do this? Surely it would be simpler to just build a website, no?"

After all, basic websites are not hard to come by these days. "It perhaps is odd but it is sadly what I do have to deal with. Creatures are not so considerate as to stay in their shadows."

"Well, it's a marketing pitch and it's always questionable whether these things do what they say they do on the label. But with a little more digging, I found a patent pending for a device they have created. It's supposed to 'help one achieve spiritual equilibrium'. Perhaps they were marketing that in the Club, don't you think? After all, a website can only get so many people."

Babs manages to say with a completely straight face. She's joking of course but it might be hard to tell.

"It's the reports that we found from people that might be of interest though. People saying that the products leave them drained and lethargic."

"So given what the woman in question looked like we can surmise that it is possible that this is how she feeds herself." Ken says. He doesn't need to work to keep a straight face. A straight face is his natural default state. He is a bit quiet while he thinks though.

"I wonder how important she is to pursue though. She seemed more keen on getting away than doing anything else and I do not know if she could find us again." Find them outside costume that is.

"Perhaps it is. If she is what we think she is…" Babs answers quietly, pouring the tea into cups and carrying those cups to the table. "Maybe she's not worth pursuing, but she's worth monitoring, at least. If what we're dealing with deals with the likes of her, then what else might we find?"

Forewarned is forearmed after all.

"You did say you wanted to check out that club again." Babs isn't sure the woman will leave them alone. And she's not sure they can't be found out of costume. "Which reminds me, my friend Leo would like to see you."

Leo, who made Babs' armour.

"Well we didn't get what we were after which was information on the sale and acquisition of powers. And unless that woman is involved I think that might be the more pressing threat at the moment." Ken points out. He's still thinking when Babs mentions Leo.

"Does he want to see me or does he want to see the Silver Samurai?" That's less a question for him than it is for Babs because one can actually find out that Ken and the Silver Samurai are the same, but it's still a question that sets the tone for what the meeting will be like.

"There's one way to find out if she's involved, I guess you're taking me out again." Babs offers a smile. Either as Babs or The Samurai and Batgirl might just drop in. "It is certainly the more pressing threat."

"Make it the Silver Samurai to start with. That will make it business of a particular type. I'll be going as Batgirl."

Does Leo know who Batgirl is? She hasn't really said, has she?

"I suppose I am. Such a hardship that will be." He's clearly teasing a little bit. The tea should be just about ready and after a night as long as he has had, he could genuinely use some. Mmmmm. Tea. Green tea. Proper green tea.

"I take it that Leo will know how to deal with that. It would be tiresome if I had to autograph several things because he was… what's the expression?" Ken has to think of it for a couple of minutes. "Fangirling."

"Leo doesn't fangirl." Babs says dryly. "He's a professional and he works with the Bats. When can you meet him?" She hadn't wanted to make that appointment without checking with Ken first. "He prefers out of hours, for our sakes and his."

The tea is handed over and Babs leans stretches a bit, not quite ready to sit and relax. "If it's a hardship, we can do something else. Batgirl could drop in and visit, after all."

"Well I can meet him some time in the early morning or late evening then. Depending on his availability." Ken says and takes the tea. He sips it, eyes half closing, and thinks. He does that a lot, she may note. Thinks, silently. Perhaps it's cultural or perhaps it is just how he is but he prefers to keep his own counsel and watch and listen. It probably made him a very effective criminal and a very effective member of a premier hero team.

"I do not think that is necessary. I am sure there is more of your wardrobe you would like to try out as well."

"Tomorrow evening, before I start my patrol then. I'll give the address where to meet." Babs answers like she's already thought of this. She probably has, it's in her nature. "I take it the tea meets with your approval." It's not macha and he didn't make it. And yes, she's noticed and has wondered - it's probably a mixture of the two although she's considered that he might not have had a confidante.

"Is that you would like to take me out again, Kennuichio-san?" That gets a blush and a smile. "I have some items but I think you might have an opinion on the matter as well."

"I would indeed like to take you out again. Would you like that?" He suspects that she would. "I would most certainly have opinions but I never tell a lady how to accessorize."

Besides after the last time he trusts Babs instincts on how to do that for herself.

"And yes, the tea is quite good. Should I bring anything for the meeting?"

"I would, yes. Perhaps we'll even be able to do that when it's not business, at some point." Babs murmurs, colouring again just slightly. It makes the freckles that dust her nose stand out, just a little. "I would certainly take requests on my outfits, into consideration, though."

And yes. She's got a few ideas for their outing.

She thinks for a moment about his last question "If you have any images of your other armour, that would be helpful. We've the design we worked on, that I'll bring along - if you have other modifications, let me know before hand. Leo will probably query on the design though - he likes to make sure he understands function before he goes to form."

"I don't have any that are not publicly available but there are a number of high quality images in that category. I am not sure how to explain to a man that armor is armor and it has one job but I shall do my best." This should be an interesting meeting. "Well. Shall we enjoy some breakfast before I briefly sleep?"

Babs gives Ken a look that is speaking. "Be nice to Leo. He's a perfectionist." Like someone else that Ken might know. "Let me put some eggs and bacon on, would you like to keep me company while I do? I'd appreciate it and the companionship for breakfast."

It's been a while since she's had someone to do this with.

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