2020-08-03 - Monsters in the dark


Eve and Sunny go hunting monsters in the dark!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Aug 3 11:04:43 2020
Location: Dark streets of NYC

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Eve is tired. Not in the physical sense, of course. That doesn't happen toi her, but the metnal sense. She's been walking the tracks with Sunny for hours, scouring nooks and crannies in the subways at njight to try to find the rumored beast that lives down here.

"Maybe it's all rumor after all," she tells the Goddess.

"Half the time it is," Sunny speaks, walking alongside the goth as her gaze sweeps the space. She was wrapped in her longcoat, her 'gunslinger' belt at her hips. Hunting monsters, just like the night they'd met.

"But the other half…well, lets look a little longer…"

"Sure," says Eve.

"But if we don't find anything, dinner is oin you."

Eve, after all, tends to eat the monsters. She looks down the tunnel, "Can you see in the dark at all?" she asks.

"And if we do, you're buying the burger I'm craving…" Sunny grins, hand resting at her hip. Down the length of the tunnel, the goddess peers for a moment, but a shake of her head follows. "I'm more the…'make it not dark' kinda gal. Y'know…Sunny?"

"I mean, sure, but I always wondered about your light abilities and the REST of the spectrum. Can't you see UV? Electromagnets? Under certain wavelengths, some animals glow.."

She shrugs, curious, eyes focused on the way down the tunnel. Then she pauses. Holds her hand up.

"… if I were a monster…"

"I…never really tried," the blonde admits, her eyes faintly glowing and a shrug of her shoulders. "I mean…don't the movies say try to eat the gorgeous blonde…?"

A wink given, the woman glances down the length of the tunnel. "So, who goes first?"

"…you should think about it. More kind of lights than what we c—-"

A hooked blade bursts out through Eve's cheset as a figure made of pure, inky shadow scythes throiugh the Goth from behind.

"… why is it always so bloody?" muses Eve, staring down at the black-blade piercing her before sliding top the ground, dead as an apparent door nail. Of course, Sunny knows better when it comes to her, but it's still a horrible thing to behold.

The humanoid figures other hand lets loose with inky blackness, lurching towards her, tendrils of pure nothingness.

Ah crap, guess this monster didn't like Blondes…or maybe it sensed the light within her and decided the Goth was easier pickings. Either way, the splash of blood from her companion has Sunny twisting around, her hand flashing upwards and her revolver leveled at the creature. In the narrow confines of the alleyway, the echo of her gunshot and the burning gold of the barrel's arcane markings dominate the darkness.

Watching that 'death' was awful, but at least it got Eve clear of her blast.

And then it's ducking under her blasts, teleporting to the other side of them like they were never there as they impat the wall, blinking in fractions of a second closer to her where its face splits into a maw of a thousand razor sharp shadow teeth as it attempts to bite Sunny in half.


Eve, of course, is still dead.

Bright flaring fiery energy eminates off the 'gunslinger goddess,' a surge of movement means those teeth don't quite close around her, but they tear into her shirt and scratch at her inhumanly durable skin. It wouldn't kill her…but it hurt, and she liked that shirt!

Her revolver still in her right hand, she swings her weapon toward the creature once more, fanning the hammer as enchanted rounds blast towards the critter and fill the space with heat.

Indeed, it's touches are … painful, to say the least.

Extremely so, but it's not6hing that will kill the Goddess…

Not yet.

Still, Eve's shattered ribcage suddenly splits open wider from the ground, turning around and scrabbling at the ground like spider-legs, growing and restoring some bodily mobility to her. Her opened chest cavity spits out a great gout of blood as bone bends and melds, creating a single, bone whip that lashes out at the creature, spearing it from the behind as Sunny blasts it.

It's cvaught between them both, and wounded by the pair, an alarmed whisper coming from its featureless shadow form before it turns and scythes at Sunny with an intent to lop herlegs clean off.

Her very own venus fly trap, Eve's sudden ambush catches the creature, impaling it in place for a moment.

The sudden slashing at her leg has Sunny back-pedalling, but now her left hand flicks up with her second pistol, drawn in a liter flash and she squeezes down on the triggers. A blazing inferno of light surges through Sunny, her luminous locks looking like a reflection of her namesake before the power surges down her frame and into the weapons to rain enchanted bullets into the horror. What shadow could survive the Sun's attention after all?

The backpedal is enough to keep her from getting too badly injured, but the fronts of her legs are sliced open in quick, painful, cold cuts, leaving her bleeding. She'll recover, of course.

But Eve is grabbing hold of it, now, tentacles fining purchase in shadow stuff, oozing her own blood and some putrescent ichor of her own.

The shadow creature is ripped into by the light blasts, of course, but it's still holding it together. It's worrisomely strong, feeding on their pain, perhaps.

Sunny's guns were putting out devestating blasts, light and power, but they were a focus and conduit. They stopped her from releasing too much and nuking the block though, so that was kinda a good thing.

The sting on her thighs leaves a momentary glimpse of red blood between the slashed leather of her pants before creamy flesh closes over the wound.

Backing up further, Sunny was still a glowing beacon of heat and energy, but there was a moment of hesitation. She didn't want to fry Eve while trying to blast this thing.

"Eve, give me an opening!"

Even can't answer. She has no lungs, presently, with which to speak. Her intestines have snaked aroiund the shadow creautre, but she's dropped back to flop on the ground, coveredi n her own blood so that Sunny can let loose with that more devestating blasts — but it not before it lunges forward, tearing free of Eve's potent grasp to bury its scythe straight throiugh Sunny's shoulder, piercing out her back. Oh, that HURTS.

Not lethal, but closer than she'd like … before it dissolves into shadowy goop before her, dying.

That hurt, quite a bit. Sunny fired her blasts, the solar-infused rounds scorching the air before they hit the target…but the scythe piercing her shoulder had Sunny screaming out in pain and her arm dropping down. Not severed, but the muscles were temporarily hewn and her coat was both blood-stained and slashed up. That sucked, she liked this coat…and being able to move her limbs.

The creature dying has Sunny dropping to her knees, reaching for the second pistol that had fallen from her hand and giving a little ragged exhale. "Well…that more than tickled."

Eve, of course, is unable to move. She just drops back to the ground, slowly hovering over the ooze puddle. It seems to be leeching into her, though that might be her own design.

Either, her bones are… slowly… .returning to normal. For someone unaccustome to it, it's an extroidinarily gruesome show.

Sunny could wait, she needed the moment anyway. A moment to pull the scythe clear, for her blood to spill and her form to waver while the glowing halo of brilliant divinity flowed around her…then it died out and the woman was left to lift her arm. While it was night, it seemed, it took a little more out of her to heal herself.

Either that, or she simply was just exhausted and wasn't exactly able to channel her healing through her weapons.

It takes time, yeah. Eventually, she's pulled herself together enough to just lay there.

"…fuck *me*," she groans, weakly.

"Gonna need to carry me out. I've not used up tha trmuch power for.. a while."

Eventually Sunny would stand, a twirl of her revolver more habbit than necessary show as the weapon is replaced in her holster. Healed up, but still noticably tired, it actually takes her a few moments deep breathes before she leans down, hand offered to Eve with intent to draw her in and then scoop her up. Eldritch horror or not, she didn't tend to weigh all that much when she was 'wrapped up'. With the blue-haired girl scooped, the blonde begins to walk, offering a little chuckle despite herself.

"Okay…fun 'date night' and all, but maybe couch and icecream is on the menu for the rest of the night."

"…har, har, har…"

Eve does not weight much, no. She's just sort of hangs limply in Sunny's grasp, too weak to do too much.

"Hey…I thought it was funny,"

Onwards she goes, headed towards the direction of the penthouse. She could call a cab, or an 'Uber' perhaps, but for now? The walk was a chance to recharge and let Eve do the same. Who really cared if it was likely to draw an odd look or two.

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