2020-07-31 - Now You See me


Time to test Posse's onboard holographic systems.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 31 01:04:20 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Ava glances to the virtual clock in the corner of her vision as she reaches Dr. Kelsey's door and it parts before her. It's a small perk of working in such a modern facility; she has an appointment and the door knows it.

Fully off duty, she's wearing a relaxed pair of khakis and a light vest that shows the entirety of her sleeve-covered arms, with just enough slack that there's probably a pistol in there - or maybe two. It's taken some wardrobe adjustments to accommodate her perpetual stimsuit, but the white-haired vet has made an attempt. Outwardly, initial signs of health are good. No blood or dirt, no limping or bags beneath her eyes. Ava's been sleeping… decently at least, and might even be down to the maximum recommended intake of energy drinks. Her hair's even back to its normal length since being shaved bald. Overall there's no sign that she /needs/ a doctor today - which is why this visit is for something a little different.

"Afternoon, Doc," Ava greets as she takes in the room and its ever-seated occupant.

Veronica looks up as that voice calls out, smiling. "Good afternoon, Ava. Come on in." That said, the doctor in the wheelchair turns back to the man standing with her, and gestures to the data on the pad, echoed on his own. "Thank you for helping with the tests, Dr. Alver. I really appreciate it." she offers respectfully to her colleague. "I will add this data to the rest of our model and see what insights are available afterwards." She pauses for a moment, and then adds, "If you decide you're hungry for mental stimulation as well as savory, we can go over the preliminary analysis output this evening over dinner." Roni is really not great at being sociable, but she does at least make a game attempt.

That said, Veronica closes up her pad and lays it in her lap, then pulls back her chair and rolls towards the other half of her Wellspring office and laboratory. "How are you doing today, Ava? Anything to report?"

A moment after Dr. Alver steps out it might be possible to make out a faint *thump-thump*ing sound from down the hall.

Before the door to Veronica's office can close a small bright pink colored ball comes bouncing inside.

A moment later a small black feline goes scrambling around the bend and dives into the office after it.

A moment after THAT a crazy black and white mutant comes flying into the office, catching the doorframe with both palms as keen silvery eyes dart about the floor in search of motion.

A moment after all of -that- mayhem and Karl comes huffing along behind the albino. A quick glance over her shoulder has him recognizing Roni and Ava already in the office, gasping "Sorry ladies..like chasin' kids."

Oreo manages to catch the superball and shoulder-rolls across the floor, wrapping paws around the bright pink sphere.

Neena looks about ready to pounce Oreo AND the superball when she stops short, turning to look at the other two already in Roni's office before flashing a toothy smile. "Hi!"

Karl reaches for Neena's shoulder while saying "These two were just sayin' goodbye" while trying to usher her out of the room.

"Nothin' new," Ava assures to Roni until the little pink ball comes a-bouncing into the room behind her. The cyborg wheels around with a hand moving to her ack, positioning herself roughly between the Doctors and the door.

And then Oreo shows up… and then Domino… and then much later, Karl.

Ava sighs as she straightens up and shakes her head with a rueful chuckle. "Ya mean "herding cats". Hey Spot. Helping Oreo with his PT?"

Veronica is in the midst of starting to respond to Ava, perhaps to ask a few more insightful questions to prod for better and more detailed answers, when a tiny pink ball comes bouncing into her office/lab, followed by an eager kitten - awww, so cute! - and then a Neena, and a bit belatedly a panting Krl. "Hi." Roni offers drolly. Then she leans over the side of her chair and scoops up Oreo - ball and all - into her lap, petting the little fuzzball and playfully tugging at the captured ball without actually taking it away.

"Far be it for me to discourage physical training, obviously." the paraplegic doctor offers drolly as the kitten purrs up a storm. "I am glad to see you are still having fun, Neena. How have you been, after your ordeal?" Neena is as much her patient as many others here at RESCUE, even if more often her treatment is psychological rather than physical.

'Helping Oreo with his PT?' "Uh..yeah, yes, thought he could use a little ..running around time," Neena somewhat awkwardly explains with a random motion off to one side.

Karl rolls his eyes.

Roni picking up the feline seems to put an end to Neena's involvement with the game, though this also seems to kickstart her brain a little. "Glad to be out of the closet yet again" she offers with a subtle smirk. "Didn't mean to interrupt, I'll leave you to it."

Ava passes Roni a discrete smile as she gets the kitten off the ground and purring in no time flat, then returns her attention to the wayward albino. "What's your schedule this week? We've got plans to go over for my next free 48."

Since Domino has calmed down and the conversation has moved on without her, Veronica just keeps petting her lap full of Oreo, smiling pleasantly. She would love to press Domino more on her feelings, but it would be rude to do that in front of others; this isn't a counseling session, after all, as much as she may want to know.

After a bit, Roni rolls over towards the door and scoops up the almost boneless puddle of Oreo, still clinging to that pink ball. "I believe this is yours?" she offers, with a wink.

"You make the call, I'll make the time" Neena promises Ava. "Mostly pokin' around the DZ lately. Y'know. When not busy with PT," she adds with a light smirk.

When the kittenball and ball for the kitten are returned the albino holds the purring feline up until they're nose to nose, grinning as she quietly asks "What am I going to do with you?"

Here she pauses, glances between Posse and Roni, and says "That hits way too close to home." What with all of the trouble she's been causing them lately!

Unless asked to stick around she'll leave the two to their conversation and carry the petered out Oreo somewhere else. There's probably a chair or sofa somewhere around here that could use some more black fur all over it.

"Wednesday night. I'll call ahead," Ava replies, smiling lopsided at the white-and-black merc with her black-and-white cat. "Stay here if you need to keep her contained for a bit. Just don't let her past someone allergic," she advises before turning her attention back to Veronica, hands going unconsciously to her back. "Now where were we, Doc?"

"You are welcome to stay if you like, Neena. But you are free to go if you prefer." Veronica offers, smiling at the Hellbino and her hands full of adorable purring kitten. It's so danged cute!

Resolved however it is, Veronica then turns to Posse. "Well, Ava, I was going to recommend that we start configurations and testing of the SAHI system. I had a baseline template in mind that I thought would be useful. Assuming you have some time to play around?" Roni shouldn't assume; just because Ava is dressed down casual. She should make a note not to bother Ava on Wednesday or Thursday …

The collection of blacks and whites looks ready to step out until Roni offers a chance to stay. Neena hesitates, considers it, then decides to plunk her butt down in one of the other chairs. She's spent enough time being kept at arm's length due to any number of reasons. If she can be more included then yes, she'll be more included.

Plus it gives Oreo an immediate lap and they both seem quite content with this.

Ava nods to her doctor's suggestion. "Sure Roni, I carved out time for us. What do I do?" she asks readily as a hand goes to her jacket to unzip and slide it off.

"Make yourself comfortable. Baggy clothes, for now, may be a hindrance." But Roni is not telling Ava to get undressed, just leaving her to make her own choices. "Give me one moment to load this profile into your onboard system." Veronica murmurs, as she taps her tablet, loading up a program and connecting to Ava's onboard systems.

The cyborg will see a new icon appear in her peripheral vision, as the SAHI system boots into resident memory, and then displays beneath itself a tiny profile indicator, along with statistics stating it is capable of holding at least eighty-three more profiles.

"OK. It just gave me the confirmation code. Activate when ready." Veronica murmurs to Ava.

When activated, there is a moment of a subsonic hum which those with truly enhanced hearing can pick up … and then Ava the cyborg disappears! In her place stands Ava … the woman. All woman. One-hundred percent au naturale.


From the sideline while idly petting Oreo like a proper supervillain, Neena says "Am Iii ever glad I stayed…"

With SAHI involved the cyborg knows where things are headed. Her jacket is laid across an empty chair arm and crouching down for only a moment, Ava flicks her laces, loosens her web belt, and then just… jumps. Black fabric bounces like a wayward spring straight up and the bionic vet tucks forward as her hair brushes the ceiling, leaving her boots and pants frozen for a moment in place before gravity takes over and the legs fall in with a chorus of thumps. Yes, the bionic vet was definitely carrying something in there.
Landing on naked metal feet, Ava smiles in satisfaction, then approaches Veronica's chair and rests her hands comfortably behind her back again, presenting her chest. It's where her suit's main uplink is after all. Once the connector is clamped magnetically to her sternum the cyborg spares a curious glance back towards the monochrome cats in the corner, flashing Neena a subtle wink.

Then the SAHI system initializes and without a thought Ava activates it. The air around her distorts in time with the inaudible hum and then all the vet's black suit and black prosthetics are replaced by a single smooth, seamless tawny hue. Natural, untouched skin from her bare feet, up both legs, across her trunk, and down both arms. Pale in much the same way she has been, there's only a slight difference in color at the vet's index fingers and neckline to break up the smooth expanse. The metal is gone, all of it, except for the stethoscope-like cable stuck to her sternum, and of scars, tattoos, and blemishes there are none. Only the small varieties of texture and color given to the muscular vet by nature - and the small dot of a birthmark on the woman's left thigh.

"Now what's this on— one…" Ava begins and gets no further as she instinctively raises her right arm before her to study the latest transformation and finds her forearm blank and bare in an alien way. The bionic vet looks down at herself in surprise, patting along the unmarked hologram of her torso - and only then notices her left arm. The fact that she's naked? Forgotten. That all her tattoos are gone? Completely forgotten. Two verdant eyes transfix on the limb as she lifts it instead and slowly turns it back and forth before her.

"So -this- is what you two keep getting up to without me," Neena chimes in. "Lookin' good there, Av."

Veronica can see the concern in Ava's eyes, but before she can address it Domino decides to pipe up with her usual irreverent teasing. Roni turns and arches an eyebrow at the hellbino and her kitten. "I designed the base profile to have absolutely no distinguishing markings." She sighs, and looks back up to meet Ava's gaze. "I know you will want to make copies off of this for variances. I assumed the first you would want is to build one that would restore not just your existing tattoos, but all those that we lost. I thought that would make a good first experiment, one we could work on together, to get images of them scanned in and then re-mapped into the model. I remember you showed me, years ago, that you had pictures of all of them from soon after they were done." And of course Roni would remember a detail like that.

"Hopefully now you can see why I wasn't as worried about printing out sleeves for the limbs with your tattoos on them?" Veronica inquires. Blame Hank; all this fancy holography was his idea. Roni's just rolling with it. It's what the chair-bound paraplegic does.

Ava follows the path of her skin up from her hand to her shoulder and hesitantly touches her forearm. The cyborg smiles bittersweet as she lets out a breath. It looks old but feels the same; still prosthetic, still replaced. Once she pulls her attention away from the phantom limb, the white-haired amputee looks down her body across the bare expanse of tattoo-less flesh, then peeks back behind her right shoulder. Nothing in the front and nothing in the back either.
In a break from her normally alert demeanor it takes a while for Ava to get her focus back on Roni again and the cyborg wipes her eye for a moment before facing the woman with the same fractured smile. "Pretty cool toy, Doc. Warn me next time you make stuff like this," she asks. Her tone is clean and her eyes are dry but both aren't without effort.

There's no one liner commentary from the albino this time. Only a faint smile and a touch of sympathy in her eyes. For once she isn't sure what to say one way or another.

Veronica looks up at Ava with mild concern. "Warn — Ava, the SAHI wasn't my idea. That was all Hank. Remember?" she comments. "I just wanted to make you a good and solid primary base for future programs."" Did she do something wrong? Roni's not sure, and she's concerned.

The naked vet gestures towards herself, especially the parts that shouldn't be skin anymore. "I mean the skin look. Ya did good…" Ava doesn't say any more and swallows to make sure her throat's still working.

"That looks like a good and solid base to me" Neena suggests with a smile. "I've seen you nude before but this is the first time I've seen you naked."

Veronica realizes that she has walked a bit blythely out into a minefield of emotions, and tries to walk - err, roll? - it back. "OK. Good. So, I thought seeing this would get you started. We'll go over how to scan in and then add other elements. I was rather assuming one of the things you'd want to do was create a copy that had all of your original tattoos." Including those lost partially or completely with the body parts upon which they had been drawn. "We can also scan in and add clothing."

Ava takes a slow deep breath as she listens and verklempt as she is, latches onto the new topic Roni offers. "Wouldn't that casual SAHI use run down my battery?"

Veronica chuckles wryly and shakes her head. "I want you to learn how to use this, and how to adapt it. The last thing I want is you trying to learn it in the field with no time." She shrugs. "Besides, we can easily recharge, or swap out power cells. No reason to hold off on that account."

Ava's brow furrows inquisitively at the notion as her hands tuck behind her back. She's known Roni far too long to discount an idea from her. "It would make concealed carry easier… have you got any ideas in mind?"

"Pulling the trigger still uses bullets from the mag, Av," Neena offers from the side while idly drawing a fingertip in a circle on Oreo's head. "Don't be afraid to use what you have."

"Disguise and camouflage were the two primary ideas. But also outfit selection." Veronica offers. "Being able to look like original-issue Ava, for instance. In uniform, and at the tap of an electronic key. Or figuring out how to adjust the imaging systems to a live adaptive mode, to create light-bending camo around yourself." A slightly blurred invisibility. "The possibilites are, as Hank would say, quite endless."

Ava glances over to the albino oddly. "Ammo conservation, Spot," she explains before returning her attention to the seated doctor and giving her a nod. Having her eyes off her own body seems to have broken the illusion's spell and in short order, the white-haired cyborg's cool is returning. "That's somethin. Anything you need to see before we cover scanning?"

Veronica smiles. "I'm getting what I need, thanks to the telltale hookup." she admits. "Why don't we go ahead through the scanning process, and a first pass edit. Then you can do some experimentation on your own. If you have questions, as always, ask. But we'll only know what you need help with if we give you the freedom to experiment and explore."

"Roger, go ahead," Ava allows readily, glancing to the doctor's computer. She seems to mind the magnet attached to her sternum about as much as she minds being faux-naked. Roni can probably leave it connected for a long time before she complains.

"OK. Let's see …" Veronica murmurs aloud, as she pulls up an app Ava has not seen before on her tablet. She lifts the device, holding it up so that it is taking a picture of Domino. Some changes of angle, and then Roni rolls around behind the hellbino. Once she is finished, she taps a few different buttons, and then lays her finger on the image's representation of Domino's top. The screen morphs, and then the rest of Domino disappears on-screen, leaving only a three-dimensional wireframe and image of the top, which is scanned a bit more and then adapts … as it then appears, replicated on Ava's form.

"How's that?""

"Hey..hey what are you..?" Neena starts in as Roni starts taking pictures of her?

It all makes sense soon enough. The albino blinks once, smirks, then says "Aside from stealing my look it's aces."

"If you think you've got a monopoly on 'skintight black stuff' I got bad news for ya', Spot," Ava cracks as she watches the doctor wheel her way around curiously. When Veronica returns she eyes the screen, then looks back to herself when the naked skin illusion blurs into black, and black, and more black.

It's almost like the albino has a favorite color.

"And I half expected to turn albino," the cyborg muses as she appraises her new illusion with a grin, turning a bit in place while looking over her shoulder.

Veronica then backs up and explains her process. "So, you take a picture or pictures of an element you want to add to your holographic profile. Then you let the system isolate that pattern, give it a clue. Then let it attempt to automatically adapt that pattern to your frame. Adjust as needed; you can also preview, though that is more easily done for me on the multi-screen desktop systems. Once you like the adjustment, tap to merge the profile and execute."

"Be a great way to copy a uniform for infiltration." Neena suggests before arching a brow at the concept of Posse being turned into another pure white skin. A glance is passed to Roni. "Can it do that?" Of course she's curious!

Ava nods along as she follows the doctor's explanation. "Can that load into my IR?" she adds before glancing back to Neena at the albino's advice. "That would be nice; infiltrate in a uniform what fits right. No more men's cuts."

"That was part of the plan." Dr. Kelsey answers. "But I haven't made the attempt, Ava. You will have to test it yourself to see if the interface adapts well. If not, Hank and I will work on it until we can tune it in cleanly." That said Veronica pulls up another app on her tablet, and then initiates something. "Ava, do you see that icon on your IR overlay?" It should look like a hovering set of white pajamas. "Activate that, and let's see what the interface feels like."

"Or trying to get the duds off of an unconscious meatsack," Neena quietly adds as far as 'borrowing' someone else's uniform.

The cyborg's gaze lifts to a spot on the wall only a moment later when she spies the new symbol. There's a brief hesitation then the bionic vet activates it, stretching its display across her vision. Ava's eyes alternates several seconds shut and then open as she tests the interface, rocking her head from side to side as well. "It attached to the VR but size and placement are… flat and kinda' off - more in AR."

Ava banishes the menu and returns her green eyes to Veronica, offering the seated doctor a smile. "Needs a tune-up but I've used worse. I'll play with it more later."

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