2020-07-31 - Music, and Picnic and Rain - Oh my!


Music in the Park, followed by a walk in the rain.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 31 01:12:55 2020
Location: Washington Square Park

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Eighty-nine out, and cloudy, likely to rainbut not raining yet. Cain still wanted to go out to the park, today's his day off, and it isn't like rain will kill them, right? So, when the time came he packed a literal picnic basket with stuff, shouldered his twelve-string acoustic and ran to the Washington Square Park, his personal favorite. Not as big or dangerous as Central Park, and undamaged by the events that gave the city such lovely new 'attractions' like the Disaster Zone, alsoright next to a university, it is a more 'upscale' sort of park.

Once there, he calls Carin, knowing she could get there fast too, even as he's setting out a tarp, and then a picnic blanket on top of it, he calls. "Hey! Hungry? I'm free tonight, if you are, want to join me in Washington Square Park for a picnic?"

"Uh, sure! That sounds cool, I'll head on over. See you soon!"

It doesn't take long at all for Carin to arrive in a rush of wind as she slow to a halt nearby, panting lightly from the run as she looks around, then waves as she heads over to where Cain's setting, up, blinking at the spread.

Cain's prepared! Even brought (or found) some rocks to hold the corners of the tarp and blanket down. Behind him is the case for one of his guitars, and he smiles when he sees that Carin has arrived. "Hey." He says, and if she permits, pecks her cheek. "So…I made some subs, potato salad, cole slaw and there's vegies and dip. Also IBC Root Beer and Cream Soda." He starts setting it out, along with paper plates, and silver. "How goes it?"

Carin smiles as she walks over to join Cain, looking over the spread, raising a brow as she sees the guitar. "Wow, this is great! I've never really been on a picnic like this…" she admits, taking a seat on one side of the tarp.

"Well, I sort of thought that might be the case, actually." Cain smiles. "So…root beer or cream soda?" He loads a plate up, serve yourself apparently the order of business for this sort of informal dining. When she picks her soda, he provides, and then settles down to eat up, needs a lot of calories the Cain does, yes indeedy.

"Defintely cream soda." Carin decides as she watches, then snags a plate, starting to pile up food on it as she leans back. It'll do for a first serving! "Did you buy all this?" she says curiously.

"Well, sure…though except for the soda." Cain hands her the IBC Cream Soda. "I made it." A grin. "I love to cook, and I love to spoil folks." Definitely more where that came from, there's more in the basket, which is quite large, and he has not yet revealed all by any means. His own food is disappearing with alarming speed for most people, though for them it is rather sedate a pace.

Carin pouts cutely, but she nods. "Wow, i can't cook. Microwave stuff or maybe a pizza, I guess…" she says, pausing to shovel food down. She still eats like she's expecting it to be pulled away from her at any moment.

"Well, we could always teach you if you'd like to learn. That's the great thing about brains - we can fill 'em up." This Cain says with a huge smile, genuinely happy about the opportunity too. Once he's cleared off his (first) plate, he rummages about and then pulls out a covered bowl, and offers it to Carin. Inside? A swirled pudding - chocolate and banana, oh, that smells sinful.

Distraction delivered, he snakes a hand out to grab his guitar case, and spends a few moments to tune that twelve string guitar.

"Um…w-well, if you'd be okay with it. I mean, I got troubles boiling eggs." she admits, a bit sheepishly as she digs into the potatos, cleaning off her plate, then perking at the dessert. "Oho, wow…that looks great!" She totally tries to get a new spoon to transfer some to her plate, momentarily distracted!

The tuning of the guitar draws a bit of attention from some others in the park, but nothing much yet, after all, Cain might suck! (He doesn't)

There is indeed a spoon, so serving herself some of the pudding swirl is no big deal. "I was thinking…you've probably not heard this song before, but it is one of my favorites." He waits to make eye contact and then starts strumming randomly. "I've not played for you before, right?" Once he gets the answer, he smiles and starts to play.

The song is A Ha's 'Take on Me', but he plays it slower.

Cain is a very skilled guitarist, and his singing voice is just a little bit rough. He's GOOD.

Carin seems charmed by this, watching as Cain plays as it increasingly distracts her from her pudding. But how can you have your cake if you don't eat your pudding! Luckily, there is no cake. Just music. And she's obviously near heard the song, from her espression.

Now, when it proves that Cain is actually /not/ going to suck, some people come by for the impromptu concert. The song is a little odd with strictly guitar, and he sings in a deeper register than A Ha did, but…that matters not a whit, it is a fine rendition. Then, with a quirky grin, he stills the strings a moment to whet his whistle, then launches into — of all things — Let It Go, from Frozen.

Carin laughs out loud at that. That song she knows! She grins as she listens, her food forgotten, other than to sip occasionally from her cream soda as Cain plays, glancing at the people coming over closer to listen.

Sitting Indian-style on the ground, he half curls about the guitar as he plays, a HUGE smile and a wink at the laughter. A few more people gather round, though the forecast of rain later has the park a bit less busy than usual, though there's plenty of umbrellas to be found, even a pair in the picnic basket!

Again, a pause to drink a bit, and he launches into another song, this one a bit rowdy - Chumbawumba's 'I Get Knocked Down', this one he plays with a fair amount of head motions and thumping of the guitar case, and a huge grin.

Another one that Carin doesn't know, but easy to get into as she grins and claps along a bit as Cain goes, sipping from her drink as she enjoys the impromptu concert!

People seem to be enjoying the show, and there's a few looks between Cain and Carin as he's very clearly playing to /her/, and a few sweet smiles from the onlookers enjoying the sight. "How about some Fleetwood Mac?" He smiles, eyes on Carin's as he plays the very distinctive opening riff to 'The Chain', the guitar thumped firmly at the opening part.

It is definitely a powerful song with a very strong melodic line to get the heart pumping! No passive ditty, this one.

"Um, sure?" Carin says with a little smitten giggle, sitting crosslegged now as she listens to the personal concert, flushign a bit at the looks they're getting but not complaining about them as she gets into the music.

Another drink after that one, then he launches into something silly - the Gaston Song from Beauty and the Beast, betting that Carin knows it too, hoping to get more laughter. Indeed some of the onlookers, quite a few of them kids, join in on the laughter and one or two sing along, much to Cain's delight. Because—face it, music is an interactive sport!

Carin laugh-snorts at that one, grinning as she follows along. She might have known the song at least! Or at least, she's enjoying it as it goes, especailly when other people join in. "How do you know how to play all of these songs?!"

Cain can't help but laugh, eyes shining with the fun he's having. He stills the strings again, fingers resting idle over them as he answers. "Lots of practice, I guess. Music…I can't describe what it feels like to /make/ music happen, it is…wonder. Wonder that you can -share-, you know?" He can't help but laugh. "I can't describe it better than that, Carin, m'sorry."

"It's fine. Yer really good at this…" she compliments him, reaching over to snag another cream soda as she pops it open. "You must work at it a lot?"

"At least an hour every night." Cain says with a smile. "Well, /almost/ every night, sometimes I'm tired, or just not in the mood." A chuckle. "That's pretty rare, the last." He's about to start on another song when there's the ominous rumble of thunder, and a few drops of rain, very light at the moment start. "Well, drat. Figures." Cain's first thing is to put the guitar safely away, and then he pops out the umbrellas as he starts packing up the picnic, no doubt with Carin's help, of course.

Carin hops to it, letting out an awww as she realizes the picnic is about to be rained out, blurring around as she quickly picks up and puts away what she can then hands Cain one of the umbrellas. "Music called on account of rain an' stuff?"

Between them the two will get things packed up toot sweet, and Cain chuckles at the fact they were rained out. "Well, we could always go to my apartment and play there if you like." He takes the umbrella offered. "Thank you." Basket packed, he shoulders his guitar case. "Tell you what…walk with me?" Yes. Walk. In the rain.

Carin mmms. "Sure, if you'd like? Or we can get in some of th' movies on th' list?" she says, opening her own umbrella then picking up the basket since Cain has the guitar.

"Sure…movies, music, good company. No part of this is bad." Cain allows Carin to grab the basket, but it is pretty heavy, he'll help if it is needed. The walk home is nice, the rain taking the edge off the heat of the day. All in all, a fun evening.

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