2020-07-30 - Are We Having Fun Yet?


Voodoo and Valkyrie run into one another and chat after having dealt with matters.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jul 30 21:37:04 2020
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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It is not - yet - beyond the strokes of midnight, but despite the summer time of year it is fully dark by now. The City That Never Sleeps isn't sleeping, and plenty of folks are out and about, including lines at the doors to various clubs in the Kitchen. It's warm and muggy, but cooler than mid-afternoon's three-digit extravaganza.

Then the evening is disrupted as a box truck comes roaring far faster than the speed limit down the street, careening around the corner from Chinadown and through the Village, heading into the Kitchen.

And what are these idiots doing? Well, it seems they are fleeing a motorcycle … that is not on the road, but actually above the road by a good twenty feet, pursuing the truck and boxing them in. Astride the flying bike is a woman in gold-accented purple with a full face mask, a long tumbling ebony mane a trailing tail behind her head emerging from a small hole at the top rear. She seems to be herding the van with blasts of crimson light from an odd-looking pistol. Some guy hanging out the passenger side door is firing back and up towards that bike with a regular street pistol, and two more have the rear gate up, trying to get a bead on the bike from below.

This does not look safe.

Well, the blasts of light and the flying cycle definitely attract the attention of the Local Neighborhood Valkyrie. Insomuch as Midgard is her neighborhood, anyway. Dani is riding on Brightwind when she spies the chase, and she then recognizes the woman in purple on the cycle.

Her grin widens, and she urges Brightwind along, the winged stallion gliding into position to intercept the truck. Even so, Dani manifests her psychic longbow, 'nocking' an arrow and aiming it towards one of the gunmen. After all, best to make sure they fight fair, as she lets the psychic arrow fly…

Only barely aware that anyone is above her and intending to intervene, Voodoo notices the van coming to another corner, and this time carening a bit too much out of control … and she guns the accelerator on her hoverbike, shooting ahead - which means the jerks trying to fire from right underneath of her lose their angle. Thank goodness.

Dani's arrow lances through the gunner leaning out the passenger door, and terror overtakes him. He goes stiff, his mind reliving his worst memory and nightmare. When he starts flailing, he falls out of the truck, even as it starts to turn and flip over …

Voodoo fires her blaster, taking out the lower tires, letting the van drop and skid, sparks flying in a wave behind the van as its wheels make direct contact with the maccadam road. Then two more blasts take out the engine block, ending further attempts to pour on speed recklessly. She hadn't wanted to ruin the van, but this has to be better than letting them roar out of control and run over people around the club entrances!

Brightwind dives down hard as she notices the now-paralyzed passenger falling out of the tumbling van. Fortunately, the stallion is up to the task of swooping down, allowing Dani to catch the paralyzed man before he gets smashed into the asphalt. It did help that he got flung up into the air from the van beginning its tumble.

With that, she sets the man unceremoniously down on the ground, out of the way as she stays on her horse, looking up at Voodoo with a curious expression, "Didn't expect to see you out here!" She urges the horse towards what remains of the van, Brightwind staying on the ground for now as the various passerby stop and gape at the winged horse.

Even for New York, that's not something you see every day…

Voodoo hops off her still-hovering bike and runs along the now-roof (previously the driver's side panel) and then jumps down at the arse of the fallen van, blaster leveled. "Go ahead. Fire. Give me an excuse, you idiots!" she snarls, rather irked that they so endangered civilians. Bad enough they stole this van she had been keeping an eye on, hoping to track back to those she is pretty sure were trafficking in this stuff, costing her the lead she had on her enemies.

"Hi." Voodoo offers and waves her non-pistol hand towards the valkyrie. "Long time no see." she offers aloud. Telepathically, however, her voice quite soothingly slips across the apache woman's thoughts. « Hi, Dani. How have you been? You and Brightwind seem well? »

Dani grins, slipping off of Brightwind once she gets close to Voodoo, giving her a wry look, "Pretty good to see you too." She tilts her head, looking between Voodoo and the van, "Things have been alright, all things considered, bit quiet lately."

She then smirks a bit wider as she surveys the slain van, "Though I'm guessing things went a little south for you here, hmmm?" Though it seems to have gone further south for the would-be car thieves.

The tall and incredulously curvaceous gold-accented purple-clad woman embraces the valkyrie with a smile that is heard, if not seen. Darn full masks! "Well, I was watching the van, hoping to follow those who had brought it in. But these idiots stole it, and I had to follow. Originally I was hoping to just catch up to them by the time the original owners caught up. But they started firing … and getting more reckless as time went on."

Dani smiles back, nodding, "Yeah, I saw that. Figured I'd take care of that doofus…" She nods back towards where she set down the person that fell out of the van when it tipped, "Before he cracked his skull. Not exactly how you want to go to Valhalla. Assuming you'd even qualify for this." She sounds a bit skeptical about that, then looks curiously at Voodoo.

"But how have you been otherwise? I just realized… I don't know a whole lot about you." She seems perfectly fine answering mentally as well as audibly, but just does the latter out of habit.

Voodoo slips the conversation to telepathic, though, since she's about to start discussing herself outside of her costume. « Well, you know where I work. » Or at least where sh worked, past tense. But that's part of catching up. Voodoo continues putting bindings on the goons from the back of the van and checking injuries, while their conversation continues.

« That was the last time we saw each other, before the alleyway months ago. » Voodoo continues. « I don't really know how much Kori told all of you about me, before. What do you want to know? »

Dani grins, leaning against the toppled van while Voodoo does her checks, « Oh. The usual, I guess. I mean, I have enough hero gigs going on all at once I wonder how I can keep them all straight. » And Voodoo gets a flash of the X-Men, as well as the Young Avengers, what's left of them anyway, along with a lingering mental image of Dazzler.

Then Dani mmms, « Though we did have that fun with Malekith too. Which was definitely an interesting time. And I'm glad we took care of that vile little dark elf. »

"I wish we could have ended him permanently." Voodoo offers honestly, if a bit viciously. SHe shrugs; it's not worth laboring about. « I do not have a team, per se. » That had been the one thing the Young Avengers would have been for her, until that fell apart. « But I have since found a family. Much of what I do I do for or with them, these days. » Someone had to teach her how to telepathy without shouting people into stunned psychic deafness. « I don't think I got to the point of actually explaining to Kori what I really am … or who it is I hunt. » She is assuming Kori shared almost all Pris ever told her.

Dani nods. « I remember Kori, she was a good person. She didn't really mention you much, though. » She gives Voodoo a warm smile, « And family is far more important, I have that, quite a bit… perhaps more than I ever expected. » At the thought of who Voodoo really is, Dani tilts her head, curiosity on her features.

« I was her friend at the club where she was dancing. » Priscilla offers to prod Dani in remembrance. « I was actually the mentor who taught her how to dance. » And boy howdy could that big orange gal dance!

Voodoo finishes checking on everyone and returns back to the valkyrie. « How has Kori Been? » she asks. Voodoo has missed her friend. « I am dating a WAND agent, however. It was through her that Zatanna knew me, and recruited me to help with that mission. » the vigilante explains.

Dani blinks, then smiles, « OH! You're Kori's friend. Okay, yes, that makes sense… I… well, I haven't seen her in a while. » She sighs a bit, at that. Also maybe sighing a little bit as Voodoo mentions dating a WAND agent, giving Voodoo a wistful glance, « Lucky agent. Yeah, Zatanna has seen me around, I'm a bit hard to miss for the magical types here in New York. » Mortal valkyries are a bit notorious that way.

Priscilla understands that flash of jealousy, and she sends a little burst of comfort, reassurance, and support in response. « I'm the lucky one. » she argues. « I tend to keep a pretty low profile most of the time. But not exclusively. And that threat was a big enough one to be worth sticking my nose in. » Voodoo walks over to Brightwind, brushing his mane and side. « My enemies use a good bit of magic, so I have to stay connected at least a bit to the local scene. » Dating a WAND agent is really quite ideal, though that's not at all why she ended up dating Sarah. « I must be wrong. I always thought you Valkyries were like the Amazons. All 'closer than sisters'. »

Dani laughs, « Well, when you come of age among them, you learn a lot. » She grins cheerfully, « But actually, I do have a girlfriend already. She was with me a few times, Alison Blaire. » That mental flash of Dazzler's face in Dani's mind, as apparently neither of them are particularly exclusive about things.

« Always good to stay connected to local wizards. Best to keep them out of trouble that way. »

« My enemies are … not human. » Yep. Voodoo is an alien-hunting stripper ninja. Heavy on the alien-hunting. « But they use magic, along with their advanced technology and shapeshifting. » Thusly why Pris keeps close tabs on the local magic scene.

Voodoo could probably earn her way into Valhalla; she's a pretty fearless warrioress. But it's not her priority. « Brightwind is beautiful. It's good to see you both again. »

Dani smiles, « Likewise. We should try to keep in touch, especially if these foes of yours use magic as well as technology and shapeshifting. » She nods a bit, « Keep me in the loop? »

Voodoo shrugs her shoulders. « I don't usually share my enemies. » Though she is not mean about it, there's something intensely personal and territorial about her feelings regarding these enemies. « But I would still like to stay in touch. » Numbers follow, as she gives Dani the referrer phone number for her anonymizer account, a way she uses to keep in touch with those she is not yet prepared to have knowing her personal phone number. It's just one of those things a lone heroine traveling the country by herself does sometimes. « If either of us runs into something, we can get in touch. Or, if one of us just wants to hang out. »

Dani grins, « You got it. Wouldn't mind meeting this WAND agent either. Sounds like someone that'd be good to know. » She takes the phone number sent mentally, and returns the favor, still having her burner YA phone number that she uses. « And definitely always good to hang out. » She flashes Voodoo a warm smile, then moves back to Brightwind, hopping onto the winged stallion with a graceful ease.

And then Brightwind spreads his wings, launching into the air, circling around over Voodoo as the Valkyrie makes her exit.

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