2020-07-24 - Avoiding Attention


The Order turns their attention to something else - Ranna and Kian investigate and find someone …

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 24 08:39:10 2020
Location: RP Room 1

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Kian Allard-Liao is one of the best street racers on the very unofficial and highly illegal New York circuit. The way he is able to move his bike has been likened by competitors to art or poetry. It makes him quite a bit of money, really. But the REASON he has that skill is not to make money.

It's for what he's doing tonight.

Shiranui hurls himself around a corner on his advanced electric bike going at full clip. Behind him two even more advanced hoverbikes emerge around the same corner sixty yards behind. This isn't on the news yet and the streets are rather empty at this time of night. But it will be if it goes on for two long.

"Well." The Tech Ninja says into his comms. "They're angry."

"I'm not sure why they should be." Ryoshi responds as she moves parallel to Shiranui. Her bike isn't anything so nice as his but it's not bad - a little pocket rocket that suits her just fine. "I mean all we did was hit their warehouse and disable several of their of bikes on our way out. Just a little further …"

Up ahead is a cross street and as the small ninja makes it, she slides the bike around and two serrated blade chakrams appear just hovering in the air in front of her.

Appear: Metal flows from the bracers she wears under her armour and reforms in the shape of those blades.

With just a thought, Ryoshi sends the blades flying down the street …. there goes Shiranui … by the time his followers pass, her blades should be there.

The blades slam into the air intakes of the hoverbikes and wreck the expensive and delicate engines behind them. Both vehicles tip forward at the sudden loss of thrust and slam into the ground. One of them cartwheels and sends its rider flying. Shiranui speeds away not bothering to look behind him.

"Is that the last of them?" He asks. It's hard to know but Ranna has more insight into Si-Fan responses to things than he does.

The sound of plasma weapons fire makes Shiranui flinch but it isn't aimed at them. It's actually not anywhere near them. It's sounding in the distance, out near the waterfront.

"What the hell could Si-Fan be shooting at that isn't us?"

The chakrams wobble in the air as they're deflected off the bikes. Ryoshi doesn't wait, guns her engine and peels off with burning rubber. No hoverbike for her. The chakrams … follow. Catching up to her.

"That was 12, yes? That's the last of th——" Her head comes up at the weapons fire.

"Not sure, but I think we should find out. After all, the enemy of my enemy … might still be my enemy."

Shiranui revs his electric engine - completely silently but for the whine of the motor - and flips his bike around to take off toward the sound of weapons fire. It doesn't take them long to locate it. A small squadron of Order hoverbikes are after someone in a rather nice sports car. Hard to say who or what other than female - the car is convertible so they can see that much.

"I didn't think there was anyone in the city they hated more than me." The tech-ninja mutters as he pulls his telekinetic amp and takes aim at one of the hoverbikes.

Catching the chakrams, Ryoshi follows Shiranui, her bike nowhere near so quiet. The woman in the car, the car itself, aren't familiar to her. At least, not from this distance.

"Other than me, you mean?" The ex-Order Ninja asks as she moves to line up one of the other bikes. Shiranui's rifle has much better range that she her weapons do … but she's got one or two tricks up her sleeves.

The bike ahead of the one that Shiranui is aiming at seems to swerve on its path. It's going to cause the one behind to slow down and give Shiranui a better shot.

Ryoshi winces, draws in a breath before sending the pair of chakrams flying again.

"Other than you yes." Shiranui says. As the rearmost bike slows down he opens fire. It shears the right rear stabilizer clean off which causes the affected vehicle to slew abruptly and send a second bike spinning in mid air.
he Order ninja guns it and charges forward, spraying automatic fire into the squadron which quickly splits off in three directions. Some of them drop back and some of them pull straight up to circle around and come back down. The sports car takes a hard right turn and makes for one of the bridges. This is so getting on the news.

Ranna can see one of her Chakrams punch clean through a bike, but now that they're aware the other one gets dodged and two bikes out of the several in the air start angling for a shot at her.

Ryoshi watches the sports car head to the bridge as her bike roars forward as well. She doesn't want this to go public but there's not much choice. The second chakram might get dodged, but it quickly turns and 'bounces' towards one of the bikes angling for her.

The small ex-Order ninja doesn't try to avoid the attention either - relying on her armour, she's going to be the distraction.

"We should follow her … "

"No kidding." Shiranui grunts as he heels his bike over to follow over the the curb and then opens up the taps. Now he has to maneuver as the squadron begins to come in from all angles. They slew and sideslip and buzz overhead pouring weapons fire in at all three targets. Ranna finds her second strike hitting home though it doesn't disable the vehicle. It does shear off one of the plasma guns though.

Shiranui moves almost as if he can predict where they're coming from. He weaves barely avoiding scorching hot energy beams and sends a rider flying from his perch with an expertly timed blast.

"The freeway is coming up…" And there's sirens. Damn it. A helicopter spotlights Ranna.

This is going to hurt Ryoshi as she follows Shiranui. She doesn't have battle sight and her helmet restricts vision. What she does have though is a mind that control objects - not very large ones and not very well unless they're made of cogmium.

Which the bikes and weapons these Order operatives aren't made of. Of course.

One rifle is thrown up as Ranna guns by. Another bike finds it forward motion stopped briefly - long enough, though, for the back end to flip up and over. Combined with the chaos Shinarui is causing and the fact she gets her chakram back into action - it's just enough.

Her armour flares hotly across her back as she barely dodges a shot. "Let's go … the police are going to think we're public enemy number 1 and they'll have enough footage soon to be able to identify we're the same people they were chasing last time."

For the moment, Ranna is going to try and outrun the copter - hopefully making a tunnel or similar to loose them.

Wishful thinking for sure.

"Can't break off until we loose the hoverbikes or we'll just be leading them back to us." Shiranui points out as he weaves and takes another shot. It is at this moment that the tire is blown out on the sports car. It starts to slide and flip over and then something grabs it and rights it. Ryoshi recognizes the feel of someone activating implants very similar to her own.

That may shed some light on this. The woman in the car dives out of it the moment it is even reasonably stopped which is good because it is immediately blasted by three bikes.

"No shit, sherlock." Ranna miiiiight be watching a little too much TV. "Why do think I'm goin——" There's another sentence that doesn't get finished as pain spikes through her brain, causing her bike to swerve and skid before she regains control of it.

"Owwww … she's like me… " Which means they have a choice to make. Leave her to the Order or save her. Ryoshi makes that decision as she she slides her bike around, guns the engine and bears down on the woman. "Get on." The chakrams fly in two opposing circles, designed to stop the three bikers firing on them.

The woman jumps on the back of Ranna's bike with no hesitation. Ranna manages to get all three of the bikes off her back and only one of them moves out of the way fast enough to avoid being downed. There's a 'slam' noise as Kian uses those telekinetic fields he makes as a ramp and actually lands his bike out of a jump on top of one of the hover vehicles.

Then he's leading the way away fast and they're moving so quickly that the two operational hoverbikes are going to have a hell of a time keeping up. Also at this point it's even odds and thus far the squadron hasn't managed to land a hit. Or one that mattered anyway. So they break off and take the police attention with them when they do.

"Where to?" Ranna asks after flinching when Shiranui arrives. "Hold tight" That's all she says to the woman - she'll worry about her later, when they're out of sight and safe. Well, safer.

Shiranui will have a safe house. They'll have to burn it, but they can both earn the money to replace it.

"Anywhere but here." That means safehouse and Kian is speeding away. He's already picked one they can do without. They have to regularly burn safehouses and establishing new ones takes up a decent amount of income. Good thing that they have night jobs that pay in large piles of cash.

"What's your name?" He calls back to the woman on Ranna's bike.

"Vivian. Vivian Ward."

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