2020-07-19 - Only Slightly Compromised


RESCUE recruits the services of Emma Frost to help remove conditioning implanted by the project that made her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jul 19 21:20:03 2020
Location: RP6 - Penthouse overlooking the DZ

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It's taken some work to get everything to this point. The choice of location had fallen to the albino in question, her penthouse overlooking the Disaster Zone being at the top of her list. Posse's already familiar with the location and the layout of the interior, as well.

Not that there hadn't been a few hiccups in trying to get there. Once out of confinement within RESCUE Neena had something of a 'flare up' which involved lunging for a weapon and the fastest exit possible.

She didn't get very far. It's almost like the others could see it coming!

Walking through the vacant lobby with the others has her putting on a good show of everything being normal and good but once in the elevator the sedatives go back to showing their work.

Inside of the spacious living space there is a whole lot of -white- with only small bits of black trim for contrast. A large section of the living area is open windows which shows off all of the destruction that the DZ has to offer, she must have gotten a real good deal on this place…

Still, it's by the windows that she wishes to sit. This is already dealing with two elements which she -really- wants nothing to do with: Drugs, and fiddling with her mind. Being able to see the world outside matters, the last place she wants to be is shut up in another hole in the ground.

"Yeah, so..make yourselves at home, or..whatever," she limply motions around before the hand flops back down at her side. "Just don't..take any pictures."

A public building, and they want it discrete? Very well, Emma can do that, though her security detail is going to be a bit miffed. This is a private matter, she's repaying a debt that can never truly be paid - but this is a start, and one she's eminently qualified and quite practiced at.

She /does/ inform her daughters, and keeps lightly en rapport with them, they're not allowed to come with, not this time, but they are surely going to be close to hand in case there's any issues. Them, and a full security detail, armed for bear but discrete, low-key.

Into the lobby she strides, having walked from where the security detail (under protest) remained, and she does so cloaked to the gills by her telepathic powers, careful to avoid any cameras en route. Still hidden from the living minds in the lobby she slips into an elevator, a subtle 'suggestion' having a man punch the penthouse button by accident, oops, and then he gets to his own floor, feeling daft.

When the elevator arrives, she steps out, and immediately to the side, and then lowers her cloaking effect to reveal her dressed in a leather catsuit, white of course, knee boots and unbuttoned trenchcoat of matching white, leather in the case of the boots, oil cloth in the case of the coat. Her hair is gathered in a bun, and she's wearing a wide brimmed hat with a lace fringe, just in case she missed any cameras.

And she positively ROCKS this look. "Good evening, Ladies, gentelman."

Thanks to the all-terrain capabilities of her wheelchair, Veronica is able to accompany the group into the building and up to Domino's suite. She is at both hands impressed and annoyed by the building, likely frustrated that a luxury like this has been left to stand and even improved, yet nothing has been done to open this up or make more housing for those in need, and that so much of the Zone still remains a shambling ruin.

Once settled in the penthouse, Veronica stays close with Oreo on her lap, petting and scritching the kitten, staying close by way of trying to reassure and support Domino. "I am sorry about all of this, Neena. I just want to set you free. Truly free, to make your own choices, be where you want to be, unhunted, unmanipulated, unmolested."

Once notified that the elevator is on the way up, Roni turns her chair so that she can see both the hellbino in the window seat and the entrance. She is nervous as Hell about this, but this still feels like the best way forward to getting Neena to that goal of freedom.

Eminating calm (As always, ignore at will), Martin ghosts along with the group, trying not to crowd anyone, especially not Domino. He's got a heavy medical tote over a shoulder, but is otherwise wearing normal attire. Glances around, moving through the room, but doesn't peek out those huge windows. No, the red-head settles himself onto a nearby couch, tote on the floor at his feet. His thoughts are kept to himself though, even from the telepath (Unless she goes looking, and really, why would she?), but he does look uncomfortable. Mostly just worried about all this. Things with Domino never really seem to end well.

In overall charge of security for the outing, Posse's kept the group small to avoid undue attention; she herself is the main disincentive for the albino's wanderlust - besides the drugs that is. Once again eschewing summer wear, the white-haired woman is in her sandy tan pants and denim jacket, half-zipped over the black suit that fits skin-tight up to her neck. It's a safe bet that the wary leader of REACT is armed somehow.
The flat is swept briefly upon entry and Ava disappears for a few seconds to check the other rooms before returning and taking up position near Neena - close enough to keep an eye on her and close enough to be present, but not so much in view of the window. "All clear," she assures to the assembly then looks to the albino with a playful grin. "You know once you're all fixed I'm lookin forward to the next jackoff who uses a command phrase, then instead of cooperatin' you kick 'em in the head. Hope I get that on video…"

With the bleach white entrance of Emma into the room, Ava pushes off of her wall and locks eyes with the woman. And she thought Neena was bright… next time she leaves campus the cyborg might need to bring her sunglasses. "Welcome. Thank you for coming." A head-tilt is given to the monochrome woman nearby, skipping most pleasantries entirely. "Here's your patient."

Ava's thought is met with a black-lined smirk. "And I'd be all too happy to oblige on both fronts."

Martin's discomfort doesn't go unnoticed. "Got something against heights, Doc?"

Emma's arrival has Neena doing a double-take. "Jeezus, this isn't what I had in mind when we discussed the idea. Guess my luck is still holding out," she suggests with a distant, sleepy looking grin. "Hello again, Emma. Thanks for the visual distraction. We've got Posse, Martin, Veronica, and Oreo the team mascot" she points the others out with that same heavy handed approach. "Everyone, Emma."

Roni is given a light smirk. "Let's not get too hasty on that last part, Roni" she suggests about being 'unmolested.' A second later has her saying "Ah..sorry. Drugs talking. … Wait. No. No, that was totally me."

She isn't going to go and -say- that she trusts this crew enough to be going through such a procedure with them but that they made it this far should be proof enough.

When Posse says 'here's your patient' Neena passes Emma another (somewhat wary) look. "Professional courtesy" she seems to remind the psychic without providing any context.

Though she is a bit amused at the reactions to he attire and her sudden appearance out of what first seemed an empty elevator, Emma only gives a faint smirk and a nod to the Security Chief. After all, the woman is /clearly/ a guardian type, and very protective of those present. She'll bear keeping an eye on, one to be respected - after all, Emma is /not/ bulletproof, though the catsuit is made of materials that are bullet resistant, just in case. Otherwise? Yeah, no way her daughters would have let her go, will she or nil she.

Though Emma is scanning lightly for danger, she does not make any bones about probing, a faint smile towards Martin when she encounters his shields, and nope, she does not test them - she accepts the boundary as if it were made of layered adamantine steel, regardless of actual strength, she's not rude, after all and she is here to help.

A warmer smile for the Hellbino. "Hello, Neena, lovely to see you again, though the circumstances could use a bit of work, mm?" Yup, they clearly know each other. The smile fades very slightly at the last comment, and then she offers a serious nod. "Of course."

Removing her hat and coat, she sets them aside, and then walks to Ava, so the woman can search her if she wishes, she even raises her arms to the sides, playing nice.

She meets each person's eyes as they are introduced, and inclines her head. "Emma Frost." She does look to Roni. "Doctor Kelsey, yes? You do very good work, my compliments."

Veronica nods towards Emma. "Thank you. I just hope that you can live up to Henry's faith in you to equal measure." The doctor rolls those admittedly very buff shoulders a bit, loosening tension. "I honestly mean no offense. But I want to see Neena free to make her own choices, and that hasn't yet been the case. It bothers me. I appreciate that you are willing to help." And meanwhile Roni has a lapful of kitten to corral, entertain and spoil, so that should keep her calmer than she might otherwise be.

Heights? Martin blinks, looking to Domino, but she makes him smile. Since he's not really an intimidating guy, it comes off as the warm smile he means it to be. "Not really. I'd survive." Not that he wants to fall from this height, but the view is so not what's bothering him. "Just waiting for the other shoe to drop." Because it allllways does when Neena is involved. When introduced, he lifts a hand to Emma in greeting, but doesn't otherwise address her.

Ava traces her eyes down Emma's body then looks back to the woman's face with an fleeting grin of amusement. "Skip it." She's being polite back, or perhaps she's seen enough already. Besides, the woman visits Mutant Town regularly. She's seen what metahumans can do without weapons.
"What's involved in your process? Any support you need from us?"

Neena chuckles softly at Emma's question. "Gettin' better every time. Another few visits and we might be up to socially accepted norms."

Roni continuing to go to bat for the albino earns her another look, this one somewhat appreciative despite the nervousness she tries to keep concealed.

"Guys, seriously. Go have some beers or something. I'm getting a stress feedback loop around here and I'm not even an empath." Granted Martin is helping but she can still see it in the expressions and postures of those present.

"Doctor McCoy and I have known each other for many years, I feel comfortable stating he has an acute understanding of my capabilities." Oh, my, that was - politic. Clearly they have some history, Hank and Emma, but…she's here, the CEO of a multinational corporation, the headmistress of school, /after a simple phone call/. That says something.

Either Hank has something big over her, or they're friendly. It seems unlikely the latter, alas, but…Hank does seem to know a -lot- of people.

'Oh', she thinks. 'A mutant. Interesting…and a doctor…' She offers a slightly brighter smile as she accepts the nod from Martin, but, he's just being soothing - clearly an empath, at least. That thought changes when he mentions surviving a long fall, he doesn't /look/ like a fighter, so…healing factor perhaps? Invulnerability? Curiouser and curiouser.

Emma appreciates not being searched, and then answers the security chief. "Thank you, Posse." Arms lowered, she stalks over towards the Murder Cookie. "Well, the process itself is…complex." She looks to Neena. "I will need to delve deep into Neena's mind, looking for the deep psych conditioning, it will not be pleasant - fortunately, it will take /all/ of my concentration, Posse. If you feel you must you can take precipitous action, I would suggest a head shot." A smirk over her shoulder to the chief. "The process itself won't take too long, not on this side of reality, perhaps a half hour, no more. All I will do, you have my solemn oath…" This to Neena. "…is remove the conditioning and repair the damage done by setting it — as much as I can."

Emma laughs at Neena's sally. "Oh, I think we can manage better than that." She looks the girl in her hematite sheened eyes. "I /will/ free you, Domino."

Looking to the room, she waits to see if anyone has anything further to say, any questions, any demands, before she proceeds.

That arranged, Veronica smiles slightly and keeps petting Oreo. "Take your time. We will be here as needed." That said, though, Roni rolls back away from the intimate gathering of Emma and Neena, not wanting to crowd them. She recognizes that her own thoughts and emotions are in turmoil, and would be distracting and annoying.

Martin smirks for Domino's request of them all, but he sure doesn't change what he's doing. Which really isn't anything at all besides taking out his phone and noodling around on it. Does glance to Veronica when she rolls out of the way. Hmmm.

"I wouldn't think of aiming anywhere else on a telepath," Ava answers to Emma with a tone that's more light-hearted. She was thinking it, the white-dressed woman said it. "'Course it's even odds the bullet comes back at me so let's keep that a 'what if'." There's no protest from the stoic cyborg in the room as her green-eyed gaze grants permission for Emma to proceed. Whatever reservations the tawny vet might be keeping to herself, this is why she's here.
"Relax Spot. This is a normal day at work for some of us. Just turn on, tune in, and drop out. We've got your perimeter."

Permission granted, Emma nods to the room at large, and then moves to rest her fingertips oh so very lightly on Domino's temples. "Not strictly necessary, of course." She murmurs aloud, and then her eyes close and she insinuates herself into Domino's mind with insidious skill. Of those present only Martin can sense the power the woman brings to bear with anything more than 'a lot', it like looking at the sun as she focuses her will inwards on the Hellbino. A little terrifying really.

For the others present, her hair would try to halo about her head, and there's be a very tangible /presence/ in the room, but little more than that.

And then she exerts that will…Neena would slump, then wake in a dark room deep inside her mind. A single light shining down on her, and restraints at wrists, ankles, waist, and head. Her eyes are prized open by a metal framework and there's a pair of men dripping fluids into her eyes, yeah, this is a memory could have done without. Words, from overhead, command phrases, drugs hazing her wits, blurring reality…and then there's a golden glow that suffuses her, burns away the fatigue, the fog, the words. «Not real, not you.» Emma's voice comes. Strand by strand she unweaves their web of controls, breaking the shackles the hold her will in check.

Even as she works she can feel another presence in the woman's head, an alien one, an inexplicable and foul thing (in her mind). Instinctively she layers a defense against it, it has the home field advantage, but it is doubtful the Hellkitty is going to have any experience with an Omega.

The deprogramming takes almost a full hour, there's possibly some spillover, but Emma is tenacious, and works through this hideous mess of conditioning with implacable determination and sweating brow. Visions flood Neena, memories evoked by the process, and those present might experience flashes and hints. Finally, at the end, Emma will slump, hopefully into a chair, if not she'll try to brace on the wall. "Those people are /vile/." She observes.

"Okay, let's -try- to keep the bloodshed to a minimum here. Brain matter is very difficult to get out of white carpeting." Please don't ask how she knows this.

There's something just a little unsettling about staring into Miss Frost's eyes and being told 'I will free you.' Then again, by nature Emma has that kind of chilly presence. It's all part of her game. The difference here is that it's -Dom's- head that's going to be digging into.

Ava is given a thin smile, the albino reaching over to try and give her nearest hand a squeeze before 'making the jump.'

Then to Emma, "Watch out for the guard cat on duty." It's not much of a warning but how can she explain that situation on short notice? She's been living with it for months and still barely understands it, herself.

Not that there's any time to work it through. Not that she had the energy to explain it anyway with the sedatives dragging her down. Instead she gets taken back to a place so dark and horrible that even her own mind has closed off all access of such memories.

It's fortunate that no one else has to see it or live through the moments, themselves. No one else but Neena and..now..Emma.

The psychic will indeed feel that otherworldly presence lurking in the shadows, pacing about like a predator hidden in the shadows of a campfire who wants to lunge closer but is fearful of the light. There's glimmers, the occasional psychic whiff of sulfur or breath of hot wind, the low rattle of a growl or the ticking of needle-sharp claws against the cold tile floor of Neena's buried nightmares.

Emma may even learn a thing or two about the demon while she's nearby.

When the work is done Neena comes back with a gasp, metallic-sheened eyes wide as they come back into focus. Quickly she looks around, sees people she recognizes, sees an environment she recognizes, sees out the living room windows…

Her eyes quickly blink a few times, holding up a hand then quickly getting to her feet, nearly stumbles, then starts making her way toward the nearest bathroom.

Throughout it all, Veronica remains quiet, if not perfectly still. Instead, she stays backed into the corner with Oreo in her lap. For now, she is working on feeding the kitten, because Oreo tends to be more docile and nap after eating. And napping kittens are easier to keep content in one small woman's lap.

When emma speaks, Veronica nods. "They are. That is why we wanted and needed your help. Thank you. I … I hope it worked?" Then Neena moves, and Roni's eyes latch firmly on the albino stumbling towards the bathroom … and tries to resist the urge to reach for her own dart pistol. Easy. Easy.

The wait is an uncomfortable thing for Martin because he not only can feel the stresses in the room, but he can sense some of the sheer level of power being used here. This is a new thing for the doctor! Trying and failing to focus on his phone, he waits much of that time simply watching the pair. It's only as Emma pulls away that Martin rises to his feet to offer her aid. In slumping into a chair, but also to try and ease the fatigue she's experiencing. There are no special effects, no real signs of power use, just that Emma is going to feel better. Her head will clear. And all for just the touch of her arm. "I have some water?" He offers quietly. And then Domino is staggering off. He doesn't try to stop her. "Let her have a moment?" Called out if anyone attempts to stop the woman. Meanwhile he'll get Emma a bottle of water if she wants.

Neena's pale hand finds metal fingers to wrap itself around just before the jump. It's the least the cyborg can do for her.

An hour is a long time to wait around. While trying to keep alert for any suspicious noises or movements it's a /very/ long time, but if there's one thing Posse is practiced at it's hurrying up and waiting. The cyborg watches Neena and Emma cautiously at first then shifts her position to keep them in her peripheral while resting her attention on the window - and not letting Neena's pale hand out of her grasp, just in case she can still feel it. There's no attempt to strike up conversation with the doctors in the room. As dull as it is the cyborg has a mission and she's set herself to it.

Rare flashes of emotion betray themselves in a creased brow and glances to the stark white pair when a foreign thought or memory intrudes. "Busy in there," she murmurs, and it makes the hour pass that much slower.

When the wait finally ends and Emma backs away, Posse's attention returns fully to the pair and like the more medically trained doctors with her, it's instant visual triage. The white-dressed telepath is helped by Martin so when the white-skinned merc stands fast enough to sway it's a denim jacket that appears beneath her arm to help support her on her flight to the bathroom. "I've got ya', Spot," she assures, and indeed seems ready to follow her all the way in if necessary.

"It did." Emma confirms to Roni, and such is her fatigue she /sounds/ exhausted. "I underestimated the depth of her conditioning, I've not encountered anything quite so…robust." She offers Martin a wan smile as he helps her sit. "Yes, please. Some water would be lovely, thank you." She's so tired her Boston accent is actually audible! And then she feels…warmth, and strength, and the fog lifts from her senses. Her eyes focus on the man, and she smiles. "A healer-empath, very rare."

Invigorated, she takes the water, and gratefully sips at it as she watches Domino head to the restroom with Posse as aid and escort, once they're gone, she looks to Doctor Kelsey. "You're aware that there's a demonic entity…infecting…her? I am no exorcist, but that was no creature of this earth I sensed."

It isn't that Posse's assistance isn't appreciated but Neena makes a point of keeping her face turned away from the vet, and everyone else, as they step out. For the moment she has but one goal and that's to get her hands on the edges of the sink, get some cold water flowing and splash it against her face.

There's some coughing involved along the way as well. Fortunately nothing comes up to say hello. Still, for a time she sits there leaning over the sink to let the water run free of those pale features in its own time.

Once she's found herself there's an edge about her which Ava would easily recognize. Still fighting off the drug's effects and the lingering hell of the Project, she eyes the cyborg and asks "Do you remember the command?" Of course she does. It's -Posse.- "Try it."

They have to know if it worked. What better time than now?

Roni nods. "We are aware. We have been looking for the necessary resources to address that problem. But we have been able to keep that under some modicum of control. We were … not so lucky, with her programming, lately." She glances up at Martin and offers a nod of thanks to the man, aware he did something to help. "I thank you, personally, for your help." She is accepting the word of the expert that the programming is done.

Martin will also give Emma one of his energy bars. Don't taste the best, but Hank made and they do a wonderful job of replenishing the body. When addressed as a healer, he shrugs, "I make due." Will sit himself back near Veronica, nodding to her as he smiles. As for the demon? "It's kind of one problem at a time. Sometimes it's the little things that need solving first." He gives off a sigh that tells of frustration. So much hurt everywhere.

Posse's polite enough to shut the bathroom door once they're inside and it's a small relief to see the albino aim for the sink instead of the toilet. The ventilator fan flicks on to offer a background hum of white noise and the situation being what it is she keeps to one side, out of Neena's direct vision while leaving a hand resting supportively on her shoulder. She's close enough to be seen in the mirror but not so close to be hovering over the frayed raven-haired woman.

"Welcome back, that was one long head screw. 'Bout an hour like she said." And then there's the request. It doesn't earn a blink from the bionic vet. That's something she doesn't have to look up from her memory banks. Ava takes a breath as she locks eyes with Neena, green to icy blue. "Subject Seven. Tantalus. Seven. Charlie. Whiskey. Romeo. India. Dulcimer. Priority one recall. Two five point five niner zero niner six. Negative eight zero point eight niner zero zero niner."

Not only did Posse remember the command, she remembered -the entire command- beyond the verbal trigger! Through every word the cyborg speaks Neena is keeping a dead level lock on her eyes, making it perfectly clear that she's listening to it all and not trying to shy away from the test.

A few seconds of silence follow once the string has ended. Neena gives it to a count of ten before gently nodding then letting out a held breath. "It's gone," she softly confirms before moving closer to wrap Ava in a firm hug. "Confirmed kill. One more down."

"I…see." No, Emma really does not see. DEMON. There's a frickin' *demon* in her /head/. Um, no, not acceptable! BUT…she's not qualified to remove it, and though she might be able to kill the damned (literally!) thing, she's unsure what that would do to Neena, and it was not part of the deal that was struck.

The energy bar it eaten with only a faint grimace, but yes, she needs to replenish the energy - and there was a LOT - spent freeing up that conditioning.

Unaware of the conversation in the restroom, pale blue eyes track that way a moment, and then Emma stands. "Concerning your other issues, issues securing her a security clearance? If you wish I have extensive contacts, I could perhaps smooth the way in this other 'one thing at a time'."

She smiles then to Roni. "I am pleased I could assist, Neena is a remarkable girl, and a mutant even as Martin and I are, I am sure now that she's only slightly compromised that she'll prove even a greater asset than she was." A pause. "I do hope that what was seen here will be kept private." That was the deal, but sometimes one just likes to have assurances.

"I never saw a thing. Who are you?" Veronica responds, with a wry little twist of her lips. Hey, she can make funnies too, y'all. "They are both - you are all three - remarkable individuals, beyond any powers or gifts you may have." Hey, Emma should already be aware of what these people will do for those they care about; her daughter did deliver the data they found on the Cyberian just because the bastard pissed them off. And Roni knew where that thumbdrive was going when she gave it to the brilliant feline mutant.

OK. Who blabbed about the clearance and documents? "We are working on a solution to that. With her tracers removed, and now her programming, we are a major step closer to getting all of that done. But the offer is much appreciated." Veronica nods.

Taking up his phone, Martin turns the screen off and tucks it into a pocket. This was so much less dramatic than he was expecting, but that's a good thing. Sitting near Roni, the man merely nods about never having seen a thing. That's an easy part of the job so far. Pretending not to look. Martin glances to the bathroom before saying to Veronica, "There's relief going on, so I think it worked."

It's a good thing the door's closed or the others might not believe what they see. Ava verdant eyes all-but melt at Neena's nod. She smiles back openly, warmly, and her shoulders sink in relief as both her arms hold the albino tightly against her, then give her a POB for good measure. The albino needn't wonder where she was hiding her sidearm anymore.

"Roger, tango down. I told you we'd take care of you, Spot. How you feelin'?" she asks from the merc's hairy side.

"Like a bucket of warmed over shit," Neena grunts while leaning heavily against Ava's form. "It'll pass. Sooner if Martin can get this sedative crap out of my system."

What else can she say after getting a deep subconscious defrag? "I think..I owe you all dinner now."

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