2020-07-15 - Community Gardening


Ivy helps out the Community Garden, and meets a helper!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 15 23:24:32 2020
Location: The Disaster Zone

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The community garden project so damaged by the outrages just days ago seemed like the perfect place to begin. With the shattered dump truck, the uprooted plants, and the section set ablaze by ignited gasoline, the damages are significant but not irrecoverable. Hunter could follow that trail without changing, but far too many idiots have shown that they do not respect the homeless killing machine.

She is betting even these morons will shy away from an over twelve-foot long, over one-thousand pound Siberian tigress. And Amur Khatun can run faster, which is a not-inconsiderable benefit. As such, a ginormous tigress comes loping along into the Disaster Zone, making a beeline towards the ruined project. Once there, she starts meandering about, head low, snuffling as she samples scents looking for the trails she wants to follow.

Poison Ivy lived in the Zone, but she hadn't seen any tigresses yet, so wasn't even looking out for one. Instead, she was standing near the community garden, using her own special talents to help things regrow there. She didn't announce her presence, and in fact was trying to avoid notice…

Mainly because, as a renowned villain, she didn't want to deal with the publicity headache of people accusing her of something sinister as this was outside the government work she was allowed to do. In any event, her concentration is focused fully on making sure the plants of the garden recover in full, so she doesn't see or notice the tiger approaching…

The gigantic tiger does not miss the woman waving her hands and making the plants revive and regrow. She pads along on soft if huge dinner plates for paws, still wuffling around, getting more scents of what this woman is up to, and … what she is. Normal, she is not. Not that Amur Khatun gets to say much about that, really. But she pads up close and sits down behind the wonder worker, watching as her efforts sprout more groth and change. After a while watching, the tigress moves around to the side and reaches down, taking one of the hoses in her mouth and dragging it over towards the garden space, laying it down. Then she pads over towards the pipe stanchion, seizing it with her jaws and twisting with her mighty neck, turning it to open the sluice and let the water out the other end of the hose.

Pamela blinks in surprise, seeing the tigress helping her garden, and she grins to herself. "Well, damn, if only Selina could see me now." She chuckles softly, continuing to help the garden grow as she paces curiously towards the tiger.

"Hey there, can you understand me? You seem pretty smart for a tiger." She smiles a touch, suspecting there's some deeper intellect at work. Or else this is the smartest tiger ever. Either way, she's pretty curious about this.

The tigress returns to the garden patch, picking up the hose in her mouth and carrying it around the patch, watering gently and carefully to thoroughly soak the soil without overwatering; that takes talent, and the cat has it, apparently. Once done, she pinches the hose shut - mighty, mighty jaws - and drags it back to the stanchion, which she then turns the handle with her humungous paw. Once the water is almost closed, she drops the hose and closes it tightly with her mouth, then pads over to look at Pamela. As huge as she is, on all fours she is looking into Pam's face, whiskers twitching as she sniffs at the woman. She bobs her head up and down, even though it is minutes after the question. Sure, she can understand the plant lady. This one does not smell like Eve. But still, helping this place is a good thing, so she will help. She can hunt the jerks later.

Ivy smiles warmly at the tiger, offering her hand up for sniffing, then she lightly reaches up to pet the tiger, "Well, you are a smart one. I think I might have some catnip here somewhere, if you want it. Organically grown, no less." She chuckles, "One of my best friends accepts nothing less." She arches a brow, hmming softly as she searches her pockets, as she wore more 'normal' clothing… though she does have the green skin and red hair that you'd expect of Poison Ivy.

The giant tigress' head is almost as large as ivy's whole torso and head, but she is gentle, leaning into the scritching just enough to turn her ears into the nails. When Pam mentions the catnip, the tigress leans down, sniffing a bit, and presses her nose to the pocket with the pouch of the good stuff hidden there. Yet more proof she can understand the spoken words. Also patient, as she doesn't just try to stuff that huge paw of hers in there to get it.

Ivy grins, "I'm not contributing to the delinquency of a tiger with this, am I?" She smiles, pulling out a small stoppered vial of herbs, "Here you go hon." With that, she pops the cork off the vial, offering the tiger a sniff. It's actually a very high quality of catnip, personally grown by Ivy and typically given to Selina on occasion.

The tigress sniffs at the catnip vial, then turns her head, shaking a bit, and comes back to sniff again. She is clearly reactive, which is not a sure thing for the greatest of the cats. A few more sniffs, and then the humungous cat is tossing her head about wildly, then rolling over onto her back, twisting about; it likely looks both adorable and terrifying, all at once.

Ivy backs up slightly, just enough so she's not squished by the massive tiger. She grins, "Well, that seemed to mellow you out a bit. Glad you liked it." She tilts her head, looking curiously at the tiger, one brow arching a bit as she chuckles, "How exactly did you come out here anyway…"

It takes a few minutes before the tiger seems to get the reaction out of her system; it would take a lot more to get a full-blown fifteen to twenty minute reaction out of her, which is the limit before her sensitivity would shut off for a while. When she has finally relaxed, blissed out, she rolls over onto her tummy - she's still so huge she barely has to tilt her head back at all to look Ivy in the eyes - and lolls her giant tongue out, panting a little. She tilts her head, regarding the plant woman curiously, and then points her noise back towards Mutant Town in the distance. How did she get here? She walked, of course!

Ivy nods, "So you came here from Mutant Town…" She pauses, and smiles a bit, "Weretiger? Or a mutant version thereof?" With that, she moves closer, sitting down on the ground next to the tigress. "Times like this I wish I could understand animals like I can plants, would make it a lot easier." She chuckles and absently pets the tiger, looking far more at ease.

The tiger bobs her big head at the answer given, and then leans lightly into the petting. As far as she is concerned, the pretty plant lady is doing just fine. She has no complaints. She doesn't try to answer the question of her nature; does it matter?

Ivy doesn't mind the lack of response, not really expecting anything else. She smiles, "Well, if you ever want to crash at my place, I have a small grotto not too far from here in the Zone. I'm sure my government handlers would love to see you." She smirks a bit, getting an impish delight at what their reactions might be.

The tiger leans her head down, nuzzling at Ivy's leg gently, then shakes her head. No, she won't have any interest in getting to know Ivy's government handlers; those sorts want to know how and why and who, and those are bad, bad things for an illegal alien half-beastie with trust issues. Her two-leg self would be very unhappy at that. But having met Ivy, she will know her again, can find her whenever needed.

Amur Khatun does not have the trust issues of the Hunter. Not by a long shot.

Ivy sighs, taking an unusual amount of comfort at the big cat. She just finds herself petting the cat, "It's been pretty long since I've really had anyone coming by to visit, anyway. At least, anyone worth having over." She takes a deep breath, then snickers. "But yes, Tiger, please come by, I can keep your presence secret."

THe tigress leans her head in closer, nuzzling at Ivy's tummy affectionately. Visit? Oh, yes. Amur Khatun likes to visit. She likes that quite a lot. Not, perhaps, as much as catching what she is hunting. But still a lot. She is not nearly as fatalistic or serious as her biped half.

Ivy laughs softly at the nuzzling, "Alright, alright, I won't be maudlin. Harley would never allow for that." She sighs a bit, unable to help herself, and she ruffles the tigress some more, "Well, I hope you aren't mellow just because I got you stoned, tiger… but, I suppose I might have some more back at my place for your visit."

The tigress wasn't exactly dangerous or violent before, at least not to Ivy. No reason to believe she would be without the application of the catmint. She lifts her head, brushing a 'kiss' of her muzzle along the woman's cheek. Then she climbs her way back up to her feet, shakes out her paws a bit, and then turns, starting to snuffle her way around again, finding that trail she had spotted earlier. She reaches the entrance to the tunnels from whence the attackers emerged earlier, and turns to look over her shoulder at Ivy, flirting her tail back and forth. It's as if she wants to say 'stay here, stay safe'.

Ivy smiles, "Alright, I'll see you soon, tiger." She rises slowly to her feet, dusting herself off a bit, and noting absently the preponderance of tiger fur adorning her clothes as she chuckles quietly to herself. Then, she goes back to work, concentrating on the garden… and when she's done helping, she'll slip back to her Grotto, most none the wiser about the experience.

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