2020-07-05 - Mercurial


BACKDATED SCENE 7/2—Pietro Maximoff is recruited for the raid on the Cyberian's new Arena.

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Date: Sun Jul 5 23:11:48 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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In the wake of the planning session, Hank answered Pietro's text response with another. 'Now if convenient, RESCUE site in Turtle Bay, please wait at the perimeter and you'll be met. Can do? If not suggest alternate time and place that suits' The response is actually slower to arrive than the speedster, stupid network lag! The text from Pietro reading 'Ok', about the same time as the security gate has a visitor in street clothes that just appeared effectively out of nowhere.

A mild chuckle, and Hank looks to Roni and Toni. "He's here, I'll go get him, shall I?"

Veronica takes a few more breaths, and drinks about half of her remaining water as she vies for time to bring her emotions more fully under control. "Go ahead, but don't run. I will call downstairs and have them prepare another guest badge for him in advance." And security will need minutes to get that done, so sorry to the faster-than-thought in the gallery.

Toni says dryly. "You realize that's like telling this guy to wait an hour in line or something, right?" She gets up. "I'll go too, you can get the meeting room ready?' she offers to Roni. "No reason we can't use the one we were in earlier."

"Honestly, if he's not used to that sort of thing by now I would posit critical brain damage." Hank says with a toothy grin to Toni, and then nods to Roni. "Absolutely. Thank you, Roni. I know you have some reservations about costumed heroes, but I vouch for this one." He does send a text message, quickly as he 'gets the door' by standing near it to allow Toni to move by into the hall. 'On my way, bide, should only be a few minutes'.

That done, he moves along with Toni, hands clasped behind him and still in that snazzy black suit that looks all government agent-ish. "I take it you've not met the man?"

A guard at the gate emerges, and offers a polite nod. "Mister Maximoff, we're in process of getting your badge ready, it should only be a few minutes. Doctors McCoy and Ho are en route as well.

The man who appeared at the gate, with a bit of breeze, is wearing a dusty blue button down shirt, jeans, and running shoes. (Who'd have thought!) With a very normal, and a bit battered looking, backpack hanging from a shoulder, Pietro nods at the guard. "Like always." A few minutes. A life time. And with that he leans in against the guard booth so that he can take out his phone and do something while waiting.

Roni doesn't need to do much to prep the room, but she does that after she has made her phone calls, issuing authorization and asking that they create another visitor's badge with a copy of the permissions granted to Colonel Danvers. By the time Hank and Toni return with Pietro to the entrance to the Spire, his badge will be ready and handed over promptly for passage through the digital gateways.

"If you would like, Sir, I can escort you up to the Spire?" As a guest, RESCUE security is allowed to open the gate and let Pietro through; the infuriating thing for him would be having to walk slowly with the guard, since running away would trigger a security alert and put all of this into a tizzy. It would cut his wait time shorter, though. It should mean they can meet Toni and Hank at the driveway edge leading to the walkways to the Spire.

"Not personally, no." Toni says, her hands in the pockets of her labcoat as she walks. "I know of him, of course, but I don't really try to keep track of a lot of superheros or Avengers or such." She shrugs her shoulders slightly as she walks along.

"So…you seem to have issues with supers too sometimes, and do you know what's up with Roni?" Hank moves along at a steady pace, not rushing. Once they get to the drive, he smiles to the security guard. "Hello, Matteo…how's your son doing?" The man smiles. "Well, Doctor McCoy, he got an A minus on his math exam, he was thrilled." Hank nods with a bright smile. "We'll take it from here." The guard nods, offering Pietro a polite smile, and then departing.

Hank offer Pietro a /massive/ hand. "Long time, Pietro." 384 days, but who's counting? Other than Hank with his weird brain. Having grabbed the badge he offers it to Quicksilver. "Keep this on you at all times while on the grounds, please."

Then he turns to Toni. "Doctor Ho, this is Pietro Maximoff, codename Quicksilver, of the Avengers. Pietro, Doctor Toni Ho, co-CEO of RESCUE."

Pietro had in fact done a look around the complex before showing himself (As in he ran around the place, not inside the confines), so when now offered a choice he actually decides to play along. Could he create such security? No. Has he experience with such security? Yes. "If you must." Escort him in. The phone disappears into a pocket of his jeans, and the speedster allows himself to be escorted. Frankly the wait is less trial than the angry people he'd have to deal with for shaving off seconds. When given the badge, he looks it over and clips it to his chest.
When greeted by Hank there's even a smile that pulls into place. He accepts that hand and shakes it, "You've been lucky I see." About not having seen him. The speedster has a clear Easter European accent, but speaks excellent English, and his blue eyes are a little overly bright in hue. Toni is looked over, and there's a polite nod. "Doctor."

"In for a penny, in for a pound." Veronica intones to herself, a few times in a row, as she wipes down the table and returns to her open 'seat', keying her tablet to summon one of the service bots with additional refreshments; she has heard many speedsters need a lot of sustenance to keep going, and her own experiences with them have held that out.

Roni may not care for costumed adventurers, but she is a doctor: first, do no harm.

When the trio does finally arrive at the conference room, Veronica will still be seated in her chair - not like that's ever not true - at the open space at the table awaiting them. The robot with the refreshments will arrive right after they do.

The guards were rather flustered when Hank demanded the badge without having anyone with him, and without the time required to complete it. That slows him down a bit, as they still have to produce the thing, and they cannot key it to Pietro until he arrives. But they instead key it open, and prepare one particular transom for the guest, ready to imprint the card and close it as he passes through. Then it's a simple - if painfully slow - trip back up in one of the Spire elevators to rejoin Roni.

Toni answers distractedly to Hank as they're walking down to meet Pietro. "Neither Roni or myself have the best of opinions of many superheroes. They seem more interested in fame and punching villains than protecting people or saving lives. Disasters and such may not be as glorious, but they happen a lot more often than some crazed metahuman with a floating fortress showing up. People with powers like that should be using them mostly for public safety, in our opinion."

Toni glances over to Hank. "It's part of the reason I was so set on reaching out to SHIELD for this; we're not a policing force, we're a disaster response and medical organization. I don't want us to be like SHIELD, we already have one. I just want us to be able to keep our people safe on the job, that's what REACT is for." She frowns. "Granted, I personally have many reasons to dislike one of the worst examples, Tony Stark, but that is…more personal for me. Roni just is unsure if Avengers will be as interested as she is in saving lives as opposed to…punching. I think." Another shrug.

She quiets as they approach the visitor, then offers her hand after the introduction. "Mr. Maximov, welcome, and thank you for coming. Or do you prefer your codename?" she wonders neutrally. "This way, we have a room waiting." She waves both after her as she turns to retrace her steps back to where Dr. Kelsey is waiting. As they step in the room, she nods slightly, moving off to the side to take a seat. She doesn't appear to have any particular one in mind, just she grabs the nearest one, letting everyone else sit where they like.

Hank blinked when he realized the badge thing was a problem, a hint of blush due to his embarrassment at having been somewhat pushy. Once he realizes what's been done, he smiles. "Thank you, Jenna, I apologize." Apology delivered, he and Toni soon meet up with Pietro and the introductions are made and soon after they get to the conference room.

Toni's explanation does make a lot of sense to Hank, honestly he is one to focus on the innocent unless there's a VERY pressing reason to be more aggressive, and that is perhaps a bit unusual in the supers community. That's probably whey he's a good fit at RESCUE too. "Mmm, I can see that." A faint smile at the mention of her issues with Stark. "He…is unique." He doesn't know the guy well, but he can sure see Toni having issues with the Iron Man. Hank's less 'do no harm' than Martin, say, or Toni, but he IS still a doctor and takes his oaths seriously. Plus, he's wired to protect people, kind of bone deep.

Once they get to the conference room, having taken the prepped transom of course, Hank smiles. "Doctor Veronica Kelsey, this is Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver. Pietro, Doctor Kelsey, the other CEO of RESCUE."

"Pietro will do." Is given easily of a name, and Pietro will shake the offered hand. If he has to stand still so that security can get their reads, he merely rolls his eyes and does so. Politely doesn't vibrate all his molecules to make that difficult. Frankly the reading may not come out well regardless, but he really does try to slow down enough that readings can be made.
Nor does the man take any of the offered refreshments. Instead he's looking Roni over, if in a curious manner, and nods to her in the same manner he did Toni, "Doctor. How might I be of service?" If Roni wants to shake hands he will, and he'll sit after Hank does. Slings his backpack to the table though. There's nothing of real note inside of it. A couple books and some paperwork for unrelated things.

Veronica seems hesitant, but does eventually extend her hand and take Pietro's, however briefly. "Quicksilver. Please … if it is not too uncomfortable, have a seat." A beat. "It's easier on me." She hates admitting that, but she can tell remaining still is hard for him, and being seated must exacerbate it. And craning her neck is just going to fray her last half a nerve.

"As you may, or may not, be aware we have reached out to your compatriot, Captain Marvel, with a problem." Roni begins. "I am sure she has not had a chance to upload the data we gave her, so you've had no chance to review that or the ops plan." That said, Veronica explains to Peitro the same as she did for Carol their prior involvements with the Cyberian, the threat those operations pose, and the recent intel they have obtained, both on law enforcement and government contacts on the organization's payroll, and the forthcoming grand re-opening event.

"Dr. McCoy mentioned you as a potential resource, and that he knew you. So it was decided to reach out to you and ask if you too would consider participating." Yeah. This is stiff, formal Veronica. Toni is familiar: this is what happens when Roni has to interface with the board, the investors, or DARPA leadership (rather than other scientists.)

"Pietro." Toni corrects absently as she flops down in a seat, crossing her legs absently. "Basically, we need your help to save a bunch of mutants and other metahumans that have been kidnapped and are being used in a gladiatorial arena by a huge asshole who has teleportation powers." She believes in getting to the point relaly, though she glances over at Roni, recognizing she's having issues with this, just like Toni herself is a litlte wary. But then, she trusts Hank's opinions of people, so she's willing to give Pietro the benefit of the doubt.

Hank is still considering what Toni had said on the way to getting Pietro, there's a lot to ponder there. Ultimately, he's going to have to sit down with Roni herself, find out what the deal is, after all - HE is a costumed hero too, in fact a vigilante. Granted he has a lot of contacts, even has a security clearance - one that was there before coming to RESCUE, still, he's also done jail time during the Registration Era.

His brow furrows as he sees 'Formal Roni', his resolve to speak to her after the meeting firming. Eyes of yellow are thoughtful. "The Cyberian is a monster, Pietro. He, she or it hurts people — kills them — without hesitation. Collateral damage is not only not avoided, it is *courted*." He nods to what Toni says. "He also likes to cyber people against their will, and has done some fairly horrific stuff to animals, also cybered." Hank truly appreciates the trust they extend due to HIM. He is well aware that there's some tension. "If you're available and willing, we could use your help." He states.

Benefit of the doubt works out so well among supers, doesn't it? Likely only Hank notices, if because he's the only one who's met Pietro before, but the speedster isn't fidgeting as he normally wound. Nods to Rony, "Of course." And settles into a chair. Slouches slightly and crosses his legs. Yet for all the casual pose his focus is a little intense as he listens. That gaze flickers to Toni for her additions, but he doesn't interrupt. Never mind that he'd not heard about this at all before Hank texted him. "Honestly, McCoy, why are you trying to sell this?" Asked with a smirk. "Of course I'll help. So long as it can be reasonably assured that any of this isn't going to get those captives dead." He motions a hand as if to brush issues aside, "And considering this place is labeled 'rescue', I feel I can assume that's the goal." Yes, it really is that easy.

Veronica listens to Pietro, and some - only some - of the tension within her seems to dissipate. His words are genuine, or seem so to her, and that is reassuring. "That is precisely why we are reaching out for help. Our primary goal is the safety of those who have been enslaved, neutralizing any doomsday death preparations and getting them to safety where medical aid can be rendered. But we do not wish this individual and organization to get away."

Veronica huffs briefly. "And we do not have the resources or combat teams to be able to assure both outcomes, nor the legal authority to both detain those captured and to see them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We have no desire to see this group able to do this again, as they already have at least once."

Veronica rolls her shoulders, trying to ease up the mighty tension inside of her. "I think that your speed could be ideal for us in rapidly scouting the scene once we can get the team to the actual arena location. And you may prove vital to safe extraction, depending on the scenario. Captain Marvel has also agreed and will be present." Eventually, Roni will go over the entire force that will be in attendance; RESCUE has a lot of power and potential. But no speedsters. Both Captain Marvel and Pietro will far outpace their fastest, and that may indeed be vital. But these folks may be the best 'guy or gal in the chair' the Avengers have ever seen. And they do it from downrange.

"Well…more in this case, we have the means to help these people, but we don't have the policing power or muscle to ensure the asshat doesn't get away again. He tried this once before and we stumbled over, got some people out, but the majority…he likes to put bombs in his fighters heads, and the whole thing ended with nerve gas that almost got into the water system for the area." Toni notes. "So we have this plan."

She types at the computer keyboard in front of her as the holographic display shows said plan as Toni outlines it briefly. "Basically, we've got what I'm reasonably sure will block teleportation out of the area. We have an employee who can interface with machines to shut down the cortex bombs and any other nasty suprises, and we have another, Ms. Nadia Van Dyne, who had the ability to shrink people and items down. Our plan is, we set up a RESCUE trailer to help the people inside, and we put the anti-teleportation field and an initial strike team inside it and shrink it. If you can recon the area, we think we can spoof their sensor systems for metahumans and mutants enough that you could run it inside, set us up so we can deal with the defense." She leans back in her chair. "After that, you and Captain Marvel and any other Avengers we can rope into this can coordinate to make sure these guys don't get away and get prison time for what they've done."

"Absolutely, the top priority is to prevent loss of life and minimize injuries." Hank smiles to Pietro. "I'm more trying to be sure you're available, than you're willing, I assumed you'd be willing." He does note the slight easing of tensions when Pietro sits and focuses on the right concern.

"One of our own was forced to fight in the arena." He considers keeping the identity private, but the guy is in, and it isn't like Neena will be easily missed or her identity a mystery to the Avengerous Mutant Speedster. "Domino. So…we've got a plan." He smiles then. "Let me see your comm, I'll program in a frequency for mine, so you can be routed in." And this only links through Hank, not the global RESCUE-Net.

A broad smile to Toni, and a nod of thanks for the display, another to Toni. "This seems the best we can arrange, but there's some variables, this Cyberian has proven very elusive, and like all plans, this may not survive contact with the enemy and go pear shaped." A shrug, expression wry. "Business as usual, right?"

If it helps, Pietro is impressed. Doesn't show it, but you all have done your homework. Hank is nodded to, but nothing said of that. Sitting himself up to lean forward and look over the displays, the man points at it them general as he asks, "The security there? Is it on points of entry, or a general spread? I can pass through solid walls, which means if it's the former I can bypass it fairly easily. A general field, not necessarily so." Pietro doesn't even bat an eye at the idea of being shrunk down. He's done stranger things. "It will slow me down, but all things considered it could buy the moments needed to set all this in motion." This is more of offering information on his powers in case it changes their plans.
"So, in general, you want me scouting and getting captives to safety? You mentioned explosives.. will it be safe to remove said captives?" Even as he asks he takes out of his ear his Avengers comm and offers it to Hank.

Veronica lays out the plan they have thus far in detail. "Myself and one other coming along on the initial deployment team are fully certified medical doctors. And Hank is on his way to completing that as well. When you bring them over, assuming Io is able to seize control of the subsystems, we will have the time to remove or disable the charges, and do enough field medicine to safely extract the captives. Additional aid will be offered here, free of charge." Yeah, Roni's Board of Directors is not going to like that. But she does not care, and she and Toni together still have a majority share of the stock, so they will win in spite of those urging to think of profit.

"Their last installation relied on physical barriers far more often than energy. So the ability to pass through walls may prove invaluable. But we cannot know until our courier is teleported to the arena location. Which is why your rapid scouting is likely to prove vital." Veronica is pleased, as much as she gets; this Pietro fellow is asking the right questions, concentrating on the right concerns. The Avengers as a whole still bug the Hell out of her, but this may work.

This has to work. Too many lives are at stake for it to fail.

"The previous system they used relied on sensors scattered through the area. It probalby is better through walls, yes, since the doors will have heavier security. We're fairly sure we can shut down or spoof the sensor system once we're in, it's just getting to a suitable electronic entry point that's the issue. And the teleportation. The last time we ran into this guy, he opened portals to the ocean to flood the area when the nerve gas didn't work." Toni explains. "There's some leeway in the plan, but ideally, if we can get everyone aboard the trailer and shrink it down you can run it back out with all the hostages inside and get them clear in one go, then be free to, ah….deal with the bad guys?" Toni frowns a bit. "We can have some of our REACT emergency teams nearby to act as help too, and we're willing to directly help with our Alpha team, which has those of us with metahuman abilities or heavy technological support."

The comm unit is taken, and then Hank opens it up and using the tips of his claws and some tools in a case off his belt deftly programs the communicator to pair it with Hank's comms. He dons his reading glasses, then sends a test signal or two, and mmphs. "There you go, you have voice, video and audio, as well as text." A smile. "And I can route RESCUE communications to and from you so you'll be linked in just fine." The communicator is put back together. "I also tweaked some of the power settings, they always sub-optimize them." He's worked with Avengers comms before obviously, the comm unit handed back to the white haired hero.

"The thing about the op is that we don't know the final destination, the intel we have points to a staging area, likely a transit point via teleportal or we'd have a less elaborate entry plan." He nods to the others. "The wall-phasing could be critical, actually. IF things go to plan we should be able to counter the measures we're familiar with. Hopefully we set the Cyberian back enough that there's not too many new measures in place."

He smiles. "The event is scheduled for a grand opening on the fourth, we have the time and place for the staging area, but no idea where we'll end up."

Pietro's smile pulls into place, but it is certainly not all that pleasant. Mostly because he doesn't like the idea of ocean brought in by portals one bit. "I'll get the captives out, make no mistake." Doesn't admit it, but that's a lot of what he does, even if few know it. Pietro has been given shit for not having been in the fight, when he was in fact making sure no citizens were around to hurt. "Just so I'm clear.. I'm to carry everyone in, shrunk down, drop the trailer, and scout. Once there's a general layout, I get out captives." Of course where he gets captives to will be decided on the day of the mission. "I'm good with this only so long as you know I won't be able to phase with any of the captives. That could slow me enough the bombs could be triggered. If time is critical I'll have to be moving my fastest."
Then he's taking that comm back from Hank and tucking it back in his ear. "You know Tony.." Smirking about the comms being sub optimized. There's a shrug and he returns his attention to the other doctors in the room.

Not if they can help it, they don't. But Roni does not say that aloud; she just looks across at her partner intently, as if gaze alone can become telepathy. "Understood. And yes. We will coordinate, either evac back to the trailer, or to another outside location if your scouting can find a good place. We'll also be taking care of getting out a flare signal to alert SHIELD and bring them in. Given compromised law enforcement and government, it has been decided that is the best additional authority to bring in with experience in this level of problem." She does not sound thrilled, but more resigned to that aspect of things. But she's making clear that is their intention; so she will back it up when it happens.

"I really would rather not know Stark." Toni says steadily. "But if he's useful I suppose he'd be good to have there." Oh, definitely hit a nerve there from her tone. She frowns, then says. "I'll be going in with the initial team to activate the anti-teleportation device and get it set up, and I"ll bring my Patriot armor with me, in case we need additional protection while we work."

"That's the plan, yes." Hank agrees with the lady doctors. A grin. "I /do/ know Tony, but not well. He seems a bit more 'fly by the seat of his pants' than anything. Still, no arguing he's a genius." A glance at Toni. "Even if not as universally beloved as he might think." But, enough about Stark.

"I too will be going in with the advance team. Last time there were some fairly potent foes to face, and a lot of gun toting thugs." Hank looks hopeful though. "I believe this plan is solid, and I know the team is, so…welcome aboard, Pietro." Hank rests a hand on one of Pietro's shoulders, and offers the other to shake. "Toni and Roni are two of the finest people I know, two of the finest scientists, and good friends I trust with my life."

A pale brow arches at Toni, then a look to Hank, but Pietro decides not to comment. It brings him to slowly look to Roni. "As they say, no plan survives contact with the enemy, so I understand. You can't guarantee anything beyond your people will be doing their best. That's all I need." He is mulling a darker costume. Need something that isn't quite so easy to spot as his normal attire. "I'll get you in, scout, and get the captives out. If there's anything left over I'll help there too." Said with total confidence. There is a roll of eyes at Hank, and he ignores that offer to shake. Allows the touch however. "Are you kidding? I'm just glad they're in charge." Motioning to the two women in the room. Now, Pietro is teasing. "I've known him since he was sixteen." There's a shake of the white head for it all.

Veronica considers it all, taking it all in, and then nods. "Alright, then. You are keyed into Hank's comms. We will keep you updated on timing, give you the coordinates of our rally point, and then we'll shrink and go." That said, the woman in the wheelchair rolls her chair out around the table and comes along down to Pietro's seat, offering her hand. "Thank you for coming. If you do not mind, Hank can show you out." They are friends, after all. That will go well.

"Really, you're going to play the 'I knew him when he was *this* high' card?" Hank holds his hand out at like Roni's seated shoulder height. Granted, Hank was not that short when they met. A bright smile to Roni and Toni. "Sure, I'll see him out." Hank rises, and then heads for the exit. "We should have lunch sometime…" the last thing said before the door closes, and he leads the Avenger out, and escorts him to the exit.

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