2020-07-04 - House of Mirrors


A House of Mirrors that gives a true reflection?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 4 02:12:21 2020
Location: Central Park

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Hey, there! Hoop-la! the circus is in town!
Have you seen the elephant? Have you seen the clown?
Have you seen the dappled horse gallop round the ring?
Have you seen the acrobats on the dizzy swing?
Have you seen the tumbling men tumble up and down?
Hoop-la! Hoop-la! the circus is in town!

There's a fair / circus set up in Central Park. It opened a few nights ago. Bright lights, carnival music, clowns and amusements. Just what New York ordered really.

The sounds of children of laughing fills the air and the crowd is 'oohing and aahing' at the House of Mirrors - which is this group of people find themselves - at the beginning of the maze.

Right now, Isis Marik is just sort of staring at the image of herself. She's taller and thinner but a really weird shape. bat bat bat The slim mutant tries work out how this works, as others laugh and giggle at themselves.

To empathic senses, there's happiness and joy but somewhere, someone is scared.

Priscilla Kitaen cum Frost came to the circus because it's a circus! It's the first time she has really gotten to go to one; as a child without having to sneak in, given as a foster kid she never would have had the money. She came to have fun, to enjoy, to experience the wonders of the place and partake perhaps of the joy of the children as they explore.

But then the empath caught the sense of fear. Real fear. Palpable, almost painful fear. Someone is scared. And Pris cannot help herself; she may not be showing her concern, but she is drawn like a magnet towards the fear, brushing apologetically past this or that other patron as she seeks out the source. She has to try to help!

It's too bad; she's missing out on the fun of the funhouse mirrors.

Dani is, well, she's in a rather normal set of non-Valkyrie attire for her, blue jeans and a Schrodinger's Cat - Wanted Dead AND Alive T-shirt. Currently, she's also arm in arm with Alison, standing at the beginning of the maze as she says, "Look, they don't have these kind of things in Asgard, okay? And besides, it looks fu…"

She then pauses, as her senses are not that keen when it comes to picking up on human thoughts. But she is pretty attuned to fear, from her power as well as her job, and she looks at Alison, "Um. I think someone might be in trouble. Might be nothing, but it could be something, hon." She gives her companion a bit of a concerned expression, eyes flickering around to see if there's anyone else she recognizes…

Peter would have done a little investigation about the circus - who runs it, where they were before coming to New York - but he didn't have much of a reason to be suspicious, and most of why he's here is to take photos where allowable. He's not above enjoying himself as he explores, though: the rides, the clowns, the stunt performances …

Even the house of mirrors. He's not snapping photos of anyone in here - the mirrors would make hash of composition, and the flash would likely disorient people even more than the mirrors themselves already do - but it's as good a chance as any to relax … if he didn't have this vague sense that something's wrong. It's not quite his spider-sense, just the inwards head-tilt of somebody who's been in costume long enough to have a gut feeling when something's not right.

Overhearing another visitor going 'might be in trouble' probably has a little something to do with it, too.

While she might look like a sideshow attraction, Tigra is here as a paying patron, here to enjoy the circus and all of its sights and sounds, and even the scents. Well, some of those more than others. It's certianly a multi-layered experience for someone with her senses, and the one she's most indulging in is taste as she works her way through a bit of cotton candy, being careful to not make a mess with her fur. She's eager to take a look at the hall of mirrors, and enters the maze, frowning a little as her modest empathy sense tickles at her awareness.

Alison is all casual jeans and t-shirt as well - 'My Neighbors Are Listening To Good Music Whether They Want To Or Not' - as they study the entrance to the maze. "It is fu…" she replies in a teasing tone to Dani's abrupt pause before things get a bit serious. Glancing around with no empathic abilities, she suggests, "Maybe they are in the Haunted House? Or on a scary ride? Or seen a clown. Clowns are creepy." Desperate attempts to save the evening before she sighs, defeated. "Okay, love, let's go see if we can find the trouble."

Where Peter might've done his research about the place, Gwen Stacy has done no such thing. She just showed up. She's meandering about in a knee-length skirt over thigh boots, a t-shirt, and one of those hairbands that screams 80s. And she's got her backpack slung over one shoulder, of course. She humms pleasantly as she walks, with a teddybear she's gone ahead and won from a ball-throwing game (Not the top value one, but the cute one) in one hand and a large cotton candy in the other.

Gwen has absolutely no empathic senses, of course, but the hairs on the back of her neck are standing up just a bit. She stops grinning, and perks an eyebrow upwards. Is there something wrong, around here? She tilts her head and turns to wander back the way she came; which at least has her running into one familiar person (Not literally, at least).

"Hey Peter!" she calls out, holding up the… teddy, and waving with it. "Didn't know you were coming here!"

When Avery heard there was going to be a circus, she made sure to be at the park in plenty of time. She's not been to a circus but it sounded like fun, a festival, with rides. Eyes of gold-flecked brown take in the sights and sounds, alas, she has no empathic senses to speak of - she is not cold or emotionally distant, just not an Empathy, despite being quite empathetic.

The young woman is is presently dressed in a snug fitting goldenrod t-shirt that aside from being snug is not at all revealing. The shirt is worn tucked into a pair of mildly distressed jeans and sneakers adorn her feet. Longer hair is worn bound in the back, but there are a great many loose ringlets framing her face.

Now, she DOES recognize a couple of the faces in the place…she's seen both Tigra and Shayera during the Dome incidents, she also saw Spider-Man, but not his present uncostumed form, alas. The rest? Not particularly noted as there's a crowd and unless there's teleportation going on she doesn't any super senses. The girl has gotten a pair of cotton candies, one blue and one pink, and is trying to figure out if they even taste different with little success at the moment. She does offer a wave to the two she knows, however, the cotton candy perhaps amplifying the effect.

Another familiar face would be Gwen, but she doesn't see her friend immediately.

Standing a little to one side as Isis is distracted by the funhouse mirrors, Shay crosses her arms as her wings fluff up briefly before settling again. They're supposed to be WORKING, and she will NEVER forgive Nick for leaving her in charge of the feline. Rude. She's NOT having fun, this is a JOB.

"C'mon, Isis. It's just a mirror. We need to get back to why we're here." Catching odd movement in her peripheral vision, she turns to look and looks at Avery with her eyebrows drawn together for a moment before offering a half-hearted wave in return.

"Isis," she says again, a bit more sharply, her (lack of) patience becoming clearer.

For Priscilla and Isis, the fear is *there*. In Isis' case an icy cold finger running down her spine. That's not so unusual - she's learned that lots of people are afraid in New York and really, she's having a lot of fun batting at her image in the mirror.

"Come on Shayera, I'm sure what we're looking for is in the next room." Really, Isis had just sort of walked in here when she's supposed to be investigating something with Shayera - it might have ruffled the Birbs feathers a bit. "Oh hey, is that another mutant?" She actually *points* at Tigra and speaks just a little loudly, hackles rising on the back of her neck as felines are want to do.

Peter should have excellent photo's of the slim woman with cats ears playing with her reflection and being ridiculous.

It's when they enter the next room that spider senses jangle and the empaths among them feel a spike of fear and confusion … Tigra, being the first to view her reflection gets the full force of what is happening.

She changes. Much, much larger with an extra set of arms - one set at least - and her usually fit physique is even more so.

Everyone else is similarly affected - and that might be ok, if they can keep their minds. What the *biggest* problem is, is the woman who entered several moments before them - she's got to be 10 feet tall now and the bag she was wielding is now a hammer. A hammer that she swings about in terror.

As she steps into the Hall of Mirrors, Tigra hears a rustle of wings, and her attention is briefly drawn to their owner, who gets a quick look over, and a nod of recognition if she looks Tigra's way. Isis briefly gets a closer look, the feline air about her striking a familiar chord with her, and drawing a flick of her tail. And then she sees a mirror and stares at her reflection in disbelief. She knows about how these mirrors work, but to create an—

"Oww," she gasps as her body swells against what limit clothing she has, and a new set of arms flails awkwardly into being. She staggers back, staring down at herself, dropping her cotton candy as she realizes she has more free hands than she entered with. The stumbling is the only thing that gets her out of the way of the hammer swing and she staggers back further, possibly against another mirror.

Pris isn't looking into the mirrors, but seeking out the source of the fear directly, until she finds her. Oh my. The shape-changing magicks will also find it rather frustrating trying to affect her … as she is shapeshifting, and simply reverts to herself as she wishes to be and views herself. It's not even spite, but pure instinct.

The telempath's entire concentration, though, is on the frightened and confused woman, and she reaches out to make firm contact with that mind, projecting calm. « No need to be afraid. Relax. No one will harm you. Everything will be OK. Just relax. Relax. » the projected thoughts accompany the emotions in soothing, warm, gentle but implacably powerful tones.

Pris means well, but she might not have factored in already-grumpy Shayera. After giving the other feline woman an acknowledging nod, she frowns at Isis for her reaction. "Seriously? Cut that o— the hell?"

The suddenly ten foot tall woman flailing about with a huge hammer is unexpected, but it's not anything that she'd be cowed by. As if to prove it, she rushes the giant woman with an angry but wordless shout, aiming to take that hammer away and. And, maybe bash her back with it. She's not really paying the mirrors any attention, not after Isis was mucking about with them just outside this room.

Sadly, Avery is not carrying her costume /on/ her person, it being at home. Worse, she doesn't have a jump point memorized here and the chaos that is ensuing is too immediate to take the time to don it even were it with her. She doesn't have super senses — as such. Rather than super keen senses, she does have the ability to see in 'bullet time', allowing her to effectively freeze frame what she's seeing to take in every detail.

Ten foot woman with hammer, multiple armed Tigra…the heck!?

Oh, hey, she's seen the cat girl with the bird lady too. Regardless, she can't /not/ act. The gold in her eyes flares brighter, and she draws in a breath, vanishing—only to appear behind the woman with the hammer, back (at present) to the mirrors. Unaware of Pris's efforts to calm the woman, Avery spins into a powerful thrust kick at the back of the panicky woman's knee, hoping to keep her from hurting anyone, and hopefully not hurting HER too badly in the process.

Oh, hey, Gwen is here! Cool.

"Hey Gwen!" Peter waves, grinning to his colleague in arachno-themed heroism, and hanging back so that she can catch up. "Didn't know you were coming by the - is this actually a circus, or just a fair?" he wonders as Gwen reaches him, beginning to walk again. "They're marketing it as the former, but -"

Oh hey, THERE'S the spider-sense, right around where they reach the doorway into the next room of the funhouse. "- but of course *somebody* was up to *something*," Peter sighs, automatically glancing around for two things. Ducking behind a mirror, probably a passage for employees, affords him the privacy he needs to shuck his street clothes and pull on his mask and gloves without being seen. The other thing he was looking for was a spot to mount a camera …

But y'know, sometimes he *doesn't* want to sell photos of Spider-Man in action. Especially when, going by how it sounds, the "enemy" to be subdued, one way or another, is either an innocent or a fellow hero. Sure, a certain editor might be happy to have photos that make Spider-Man look worse than usual, but - look, the mirrors are going to screw with the photography anyway, that's all the excuse he needs.

One more moment, and the wall-crawler sidle-jumps through the doorway. "Heard there was a little problem," he quips gently … then looks up at Super Tigra. "… or a big one." He lifts his hands to show they're empty. "Take it easy, tiger lily! Whatever happened, there's bound to be a logical explanation …"

"I'm not really sure I know the diff—" …And Gwen gets that danger-sense warning right at the same moment as Peter does. She keeps a quick eye while the more experienced Spider ducks behind a mirror, knowing of course exactly what he's about; and she throws up a wave to Avery as well with a kinda… sheepish grin. Sure she must also have worked out that something is going wrong? She must've got it.

Once Spider-Man emerges, Gwen hops into the same space, and trades clothes on self for suit in backpack. As she re-emerges (with the bag turned inside out so it's a different color even), she's still snapping her webshooters into place on her wrists, as she moves to stand beside Peter.

For now, Gwen lets the Spider-Man do the talking, but she definitely adopts as non-threatening a pose as she can, while she waits to see if she needs to make sure nobody gets hammer-flattened.

"Okay, it's not just a Haunted House ride" Alison admits as all hell seems to be breaking out inside the Mirror Maze. This is not the type of amusement people were expecting. She charges inside, bumping into a mirror, spinning, and bumping into another one. It is a maze after all. "Dani, can you punch a way through all this?"

Alison thinks a moment - follow the floor! That's a much easier route than being distracted by mirrors. Moving as quickly as she can, she makes her way to the Room of Terror before finally looking up at what is happening. "Oh…Dani?" Then she makes the mistake of glancing at a mirror, frozen by what she sees. It is her…but all is dark where it should be light. As she continues to stare, unable to look away, feeling the darkness become real inside her. "Dani?" she asks weakly, looking for help.

Dani blinks, and places her hands on Alison's shoulders, "Ali! Hey, I'm right here, it's okay! It's not affecting your mind!" At least, she hopes it isn't, as she's then distracted enough to look into the mirror…

And she sees herself, but darker, matching Alison's darkness with her own inner darkness, as her jeans and T-shirt are replaced with a tight green and black outfit, her hair hidden underneath a crown of black antlers, her eyes black and foreboding as her own personal nightmare reflection takes shape…

But, at least, Dani still feels like herself as she shakes Alison, "I love you, but we need to figure out what's causing this!" With that, she looks around, trying to figure out who else might be here.

The transformed woman goes even more wideeyed as an extra set of legs appears. And another head. "The voices. The voices are talking to me …." she keens, swinging that hammer again, as Pris tries valiantly to calm the woman. That hammer is now swinging around in Pris's direction but it smashes one of the mirrors as it does. Pris will have to be careful to not be hit by that hammer …. and now she and the others are dealing with multiple copies of the mutated woman. All with much smaller hammers.

Well, the mutated reflections from the broken parts of the mirror.

Shay finds herself hit in the side by the larger hammer. None of this is deliberate on the part of the woman - who can blame her really?

Alison is transformed when she sees her reflection - there's light everywhere coming from her - making it hard for her and the others to see.

As for Tigra, flailing as she is - she might miss the chocalate 'kitten' that leaps to her shoulder. Bright blue eyes, chcocolate covered fur and an ever so pretty bow … Isis Marik kneads at the big felines shoulder and tries to curl up.

Spider-Man, Gwen and Avery have not yet caught their reflections in the mirrors - when they do though - they can assume might what happen. There's several targets here - none of the people are villains - so what *are* they going to do?

Oh, for frakk's sake! Priscilla only barely manages to dance around the incoming giant hammer head, which means anyone nearby her is likely to get pasted unexpectedly having never even seen it coming. More guilt for her. « Only one voice. » Priscilla projects, breathing as she uses every lesson Emma has taught her about control, projecting a tightly-beamed control upon the other woman as she tries to lock her down and 'remove the possession', even if it is only the possession of panic and confusion.

In the end, Pris is forced to just blast the poor woman's mind into unconsciousness. It's so inelegant, and does nothing to solve the rest of the chaos unfolding. "Anyone have good darkness grenades handy?" she inquires somewhat helplessly. What?! Don't all citizens of New York City carry rare and esoteric munitions just in case?

This isn't the sort of chaos that Tigra usually does well in. She's better at leaping around, trying to distract and disrupt the bad guys. Getting control of a scene like this, that's the type of thing Cap does. "Webhead!" she calls out at the sight of Spider-Man's distinctive costume. "Try to web her up!" Hopefully it's clear she means the giant woman, not the winged one. Or any of the others for that matter.

She mrrps in surprise when a fluffy feline jumps up onto her. "Uhm, hello there," she says softly, trying to move the four footed feline to where Tigra can shelter her against Tigra's larger torso, awkwardly using one of those new arms as support.

Appalled that her kick did exactly nothing to the big hammer woman's knee, Avery looks wildly about for a weapon she can use, and that means she too gets caught looking at her own reflection, and watches it distort, and the distortion changing /her/ in turn. Eyes wide, her form starts to alter and then she slams them shut, she can still sense the point she ported forward from, though only barely as it was a short port and those fade swiftly…vanishing on inhale and reappearing on the exhale, and then reaching a hand into…somewhere, the hand vanishing to her elbow, and then plucked forth with a small object in hand - an object she hurls, hoping it will make a difference.

The flash-bang goes off overhead, the intent to blind people - especially anyone who might be the source of this effect. Sadly, her own form DOES change, she ends up attenuating…limbs thin like spaghetti, her features twisted, her torso impossibly misshapen as if the image were given flesh. Horrified, she actually screams.

Is too much light a bad thing? At least people won't be able to see their reflections. Thanks to Dina's interjection, Alison is able to recover her mind a little. No longer on the path to reflection slavery. Though the light is still shining very bright.

There are a lot of mirrors to destroy, and if breaking them just brings on an enemy in each shard, that doesn't seem like a wise thing to do. Time to experiment. Refocusing on the mirror that had her ensnared, she directs a beam of heated light at it with the intention of melting it. "Please" she whimpers to herself, "Don't let me melt with it. Dani! Hold off the…hammer things…while I see if this works."

Sure enough, Priscilla avoiding that hammer means that it hits Shayera square on. Taking a hit from that hammer is NOT pleasant and she'll at the least have bruises to show for it later, but regardless she tries to grab onto the weapon and wrench it out of the woman's hands as she's knocked into a still-intact mirror.

Hitting the mirror elicits a VERY disgruntled growl from her and worse, she couldn't keep her grip on that hammer. She pushes away and can't help but look at her reflection, and gapes in shock as her wings — both the reflection and the ones on her back — shrivel into useless little vestigial limbs. At the same time, she goes from normal enough (wings notwithstanding) to ancient and shriveled-looking.

Sitting on the floor of the room, she lets the chaos continue around her for possibly a critical few seconds.

Dani-as-Hela blinks and draws out her sword, though now it's an ebon blade, looking like it was made from the Primordial Darkness that existed before there was even an idea of Light. Still, it works the same, it seems, as she looks to cut through the hammers the others are wielding, destroying them as she fends off Alison, "Got your back love, as always! I believe in you." She smiles, meaning it as she works on defending Alison from all the strange mirror whatsits.

Yeah, thinks Spider-Man, this isn't gonna be an easy one. Spider-sense still going off in virtually every directon *except* the transformed people (and even then, that hammer waving around is kind of worrisome), and it's more than one person being transformed. There's a lot of directions to look in, and Spidey's trying to focus on where the "threats" are (not that they're trying to be threats). "Lemme see if I can do a little good here -" he calls out, and leaps for the ceiling.

…. and has about three seconds to ask himself, *why are there even mirrors on the CEILING of this place?!*

By the time Spider-Man latches onto the ceiling, only his wall-crawling power keeps him from letting go and falling again; he's trying not to cry out too loudly but he is NOT a happy camper at this point, his body twisting underneath his red-and-blue tights. Especially the blue parts … which suddenly have a couple of additional holes in them, to boot: not one more pair of arms, but TWO more - still human, still Caucasian in skin tone, but bare of either costume or equipment.

But hey, that means he can hold onto the ceiling better, so … a little plus to go with he minus? And those are four arms he doesn't need to aim web-shooters with - and he *does* need to try to web that hammer away from the lady who's holding it - well, flailing with it … look, you get the idea, it's "take dangerous thing away from panicky civilian." Simple enough in the superhero business.

"Can somebody try to calm her down?" Spidey asks as he's trying to reel in the hammer. "My PR gets shaggy enough as it is when I look normal … !"

Gwen is busy trying to… not get flattened by a hammer herself, nevermind anything else. There's more than enough going on here and she's having trouble keeping track of it herself. "Might just be more expedient to web up first and calm down later?" she muses, just as Spider-Man is jumping up to the ceiling. She makes good on that, firing a webline to try and catch the hammer and then pull it down hard, the idea being to stick if to the floor.

Either way, it's about then that Gwen finally gets a good look at herself in the mirror. Only for a few seconds, but it's the nearest mirror; and next thing you know, she's undergoing a sudden transformation that has her holding her stomach and collapsing to one knee, as long claws burst out of her fingertips and toes, and an array of spines virtually explode out of her back. (At the bottom of the mirror she looked at is this little sticker that, inoccuously enough, says 'hedgehog'.)

The Spider-Woman screams out loud for a long moment, before it gives away to fearful gasping as she looks at her hands and then, trepidatiously, back up at the mirror.

"I… dunno Spidey, not sure I'm in the best… shap here either," she replies. She looks over her shoulder, and lifts her hand to fire another webline at the hammer; only to find that, with the claws, she now can't manage to hit the paddles on her webshooters.

"…Well, this SUCKS."

Pris manages to send the hammer woman to unconsciousness but that leaves the reflections of her and they're … crazy. Though Priscilla - and Isis - will notice there's no mental or emotional reflection from them. They are pale reflections of the now unconscious, hammer wielding, woman.

Still, they start to swarm her until Avery's flash bang goes off over head. The explosion of light from the flashbang negates about half of the reflections - leaving Shayera and Pris still being mobbed by about a half dozen.

Shayera does indeed get hit by the hammer just before the multi armed Spider-Man webs it up and slings away - to smash one of the mirrors above him into smithereens - Good thing Avery's flashbang is obscuring that too. Perhaps the pieces need to be gathered and removed!

Dani finds herself swarmed by a half dozen shrivelled, angry, Shayera reflections. Man are those things pissed. One them manages to dodge her blade and darts about her, heading straight for Alison who is melting mirror after mirror.

Very few complete mirrors remain now, some just a molten mess from Alisons blasts. Others shattered. All that remains is for the heroes to collect themselves and finish this.

Speaking of which … Tigra manages get Isis from her shoulder and is met with a squirming, purring, bundle. No, no, don't hold her but ooooh … purr purr purr. No, no … squirm. Through all of this though, a wave of calm reassurance seems to wash over the area - hopefully helping those who are affected by their reflections regain their equilibrium.

Swarmed, Pris finally goes down. She is concentrating far too much of herself on keeping the panicked woman unconscious and projecting calm to everyone else, it does nothing at all to stop the attacking mini-reflections, and so she is pummeled with miniature hammers, punched, kicked, tripped, has her hair pulled — it's like the worst parts of the locker room in middle school, when all the girls were unreasoningly jealous of her. Ow. OW. OWWWW! *manybadwordsfollow* OWWWWWW!

Dani's eyes glow as she manages to keep most of the little Shayeras at bay. But still, one manages to slip past her, heading straight for Alison as Dani shouts, "Good work, hon… wait!" With that, she glares at the tiny Shayera, no longer holding back as the last one to get past her sees its greatest fear manifested in front of it. What would a tiny Shayera be afraid of…

Shayera sits on the floor and has a very quiet but not at all private freakout, only flinching and covering her head when the mirror she'd looked into shatters and flashbang goes off. It's the waves of calm reassurance that get through to her — she experienced the effed from Isis enough times by now to recognize it. And, this time at least, appreciate it.

With an expression of perhaps even more anger than her miniature copies, Shay struggles to her feet and then starts VICIOUSLY beating down on the miniatures of any sort that get close to her. Stealing a hammer from one of the panicked woman copies makes this faster and more efficient. It's a particularly unattractive variant of whack-a-mole.

What wsould a tiny, angry Shayera be afraid of? Simple. A bigger, angrier Shayera.

Reflexively, Tigra half curls around the kitten she's protecting, to try to shield it from the flash-bang. She's dazzled by it, and holds three arms out awkwardly to feel if anything comes near her as she waits for her eyes to clear. "Elizabeth! I'm coming to join ya!"

The melting seems to be working…or at least not making things worse…but there are still all those fragments everywhere. There are spider people about. Though they don't look very much like friendly neighborhood ones. They don't look friendly at all. "If either of you spiders are good guys, can you gather all the shards into a web bag or something, and I can melt them into slag." Why is there a hammer wielding thing coming at her? "Dani…can you get that one please."

Heartened by the partial success of the flash-bang, Avery the Living Funhouse Mirror Girl puts those long wiggly arms to good use smashing any lights in the area, without light the mirrors can't reflect. She's very glad that others are here - especially the glowy lady melting the mirrors and, thankful for the waves of calm washing over her, she's honestly pretty freaked the hell out, likely would have been nigh useless were it not for that. "Aye, gather the shards…melt them…sound reasoning…I will take out the lights, mayhaps that will be of use?"

Suiting actions to words, Avery does just that - smashes every light she can find in the place, hopefully the ambient light will allow the gathering of the shards.

Spider-Man can't help but wince as the webbed-up hammer crashes into a mirror and shatters it beyond repair - although he *does* notice that the timbre of his spider-sense changes on the impact, from whatever super-ish badness was involved to a more mundane 'that could be trouble'. A spreading mesh of webbing ought to help keep the fragments from raining *too* much calamity upon the ground-bound heroes (or civilian(s)); he probably missed some …

And then the pieces fall into place. "Like seven more years would even make a difference at this point," Spidey groans, and layers webbing over the mirror he saw *his* reflection in.

Then he smashes it with a good solid both-feeted kick, hard enough that not only the mirror but its *frame* cracks and splinters - and the webbing should keep glass and silver from falling loosely; for good measure, he layers some extra webbing around the shards before they can fall too far, making a nice little sack of danger.

Once that's done, he drops back to the floor and starts giving other (as-yet-intact) mirrors the same treatment: pre-web, smash, pull loose, web up further. "Anyone know a good incinerator or furnace we can drop the shards in?" he asks in between mirrors - and also in between looking to see if anyone else needs to be assisted, and/or subdued without hurting them.

Currently, Gwen can't even stand up straight. The spines coming out of her back force her into a feral half-crouch. Her packpack is on the floor beside her, with straps in disarray but luckily only one of them broke. Phew! Can't lose track of that. She's been focused pretty… inwardly since her transformation, having more or less forgotten about the fight and staring at hands with claws.

Well, up until the moment when Spidey starts webbing up and smashing mirrors, as directed.

"This is awful," she pronounces, standing up as much as she can and taking her backpack gingerly in one clawed hand. She holds it protectively, as she goes about smashing mirrors that are within range of her — no webbing though, she still can't get her fingers on the paddles. What an issue! "Incinerator? I'm pretty sure there's some places down on the docks," she offers. "Warehouses and stuff, they probably have something."

Avery taking out the lights plunges the area into darkness - well sort of - Alisons blasts take out the rest of the mirrors, while Peter grinds what's left of the fragments to dust and Gwen plays whack-a-mole.

Pris takes several pummels from the hammer lady - but not for long - same as Shayera and Dani for Shayera's copies. In the dark, all the reflections cease to be … and Isis returns to her 'normal' slim, taller, blue eyed form.

Tigra reverts as well - now trying to hold a wriggling Isis who growls in a feline way, twists and drops to the ground.

Just as the last of the mirrors are destroyed and no longer able to reflect - the emergency lights flicker on.

"What was that?" Isis asks. "Is everything alright? Let's get this woman outside and check everyone over."

There's a bit of clean up to do and they do need to get rid of the dust, after all.

Later, Tigra might find a fragment of mirror embedded in her bag.

Hey, there! Hoop-la! Here's the circus troupe!
Here's the educated, dog jumping through the hoop.
See the lady Blondin with the parasol and fan,
The lad upon the ladder and the india-rubber man.
See the joyful juggler and the boy who loops the loop.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Here's the circus troupe!

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