2020-06-29 - Disneyland Dizzy


Cain and Carin travel cross country to Disneyland for a day of fun and sun.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 29 06:05:36 2020
Location: Orange County CA

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Cain has been rather busy of late, forced to take some vacation time, he is now using some time that was not forced, and reached out to Carin to see if the girl was available. Much to his delight she was, and he invited her over for breakfast at a restaurant just outside of the city in one of the 'burbs named Maxine's, a waffle house he came to love when he was in the orphanage, they would meet there often when he was being introduced to new guardians, and he just came to really love the food.

Seated at the table, he is dressed in a pair of tan khaki pants, and a tight black t-shirt worn tucked into it that sports a pyramid shaped prism refracting a beam of white into a rainbow, the cover of a classic Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

Seated already, he is drinking some coffee as he waits. The man has even shaven, his scruff hardly visible at all!

Carin is a bit late. She'd be faster, but…well, she wanted some time to, like, comb her hair an' stuff. Instead of leaving it every which way like it usually gets when she runs anywhere. Speedster problems. She's at least battled into less of a tangled mess using a window for a closed store as a mirror, so when she doe swalk in she's a bit more put together.

I mean, other than her outfit, which is her usual lack of color matching or tone. She has on a pair of jean shorts that have strategic rips here and there, with a lime green crop top with a cartoon rabbit in gold on it eating a glittery orange carrot, and a few bangles on either that are a mix of beaded bracelets and simple *if slightly tarnished* metal bangles, with her usual slightly battered looking converse on her feet as she pads over to the table. "Hey…." she says, flushing a bit. "Wow, you clean up great.."

Rising when Carin arrives, Cain laughs at the comment. "Well, thank you, you look nice yourself, Carin." If she permits, he'll get her seat for her, and then settles back down in his own. "So…I was thinking, we'd discussed checking out Disneyland, you still up for that? I found a path there, we can eat, and make the run in about three-quarters of an hour if you're up for it?" A bunch of the delay being caused by the need to take an indirect path due to the ley lines.

As he speaks a server approaches, Missy if the name embroidered on her pocket is accurate. "Hello, miss…get you something to drink?" Once that is taken, off she goes.

Cain smiles. "So…up for it?"

Carin beams a bit…she doesn't usually get compliments on how she dresses. More condolences. She seems surprised by Cain pulling out the chair for her, flushing a bit, then taking a seat, before she perks up more. "Really? Oh, but how much are the tickets? I'll need ta go get some more money, I can't let ya pay for me for that…" she says uncertainly. She pauses to get some diet soda when offered.

Cain actually kind of likes how odd some of her choices are, but the important part is that they suit /Carin/, if that makes sense? The girl has that striking lightning bolt tattoo, and her skin is so pale - really, why bother dressing conventionally? That would actually look odder in his opinion than he rather eclectic taste in clothing and colors. So, yeah, he meant it.

A grin. "Really. Tell you what, we'll do like before, you get the tickets, I'll get the treats, sound good?" Yes, once more Cain will be paying the lion's share, but that's okay in his opinion. He makes more than she does, and ha has considerable savings and few expenses. They pay /proportionally/.

Once the drink is delivered, they order their breakfast…Cain orders both a farmer's special omelet and a full stack of pancakes, as well an order of bacon and a tall OJ.

Carin, completely innocent of how outrageously things are priced when it comes to treats in Disneyland, nods after a moment. "Okay, I think I can do that…" she says thoughfully. "I mean, I haven't really spent most of what I got from my allowance…" She settles back and orders a country fried steak with hash browns and bacon on the side, with a pair of eggs over and hard. And a milk!

Solemnly he offers a pinky to seal the deal. "Done." The waitress is a little off put by the amount of food that Cain ordered, but doesn't seem at all off put by the pale skin and the bolt tat on Carin, and the reason for that might be clear when she sees the girl's eyes blink - though not her eyelids, or rather, not the standard ones, nope, she has nictating membranes that flick over her eyes from the sides. Minor mutation, but still…she's a mutant.

Cain eats with a lively appetite, and once they're done he takes care of the bill, and he lets Carin leave the tip if she's so inclined, if not he'll just add it to the credit slip when he pays for breakfast.

Carin does notice the look..she's used to people staring at the tattoo, if nothing else, but she does relax a little bit at seeing that second set of lids from the girl. It's not as bad when it's another mutant looking. They don't get all judgy, at least. Unless they just assume poor life choices and a desire to be unemployable when it comes to the face tattoo. She'll hungrily scarf down her food, eating every bit of it…need to fuel up! And well, she still eats like someone expecting their food to be taken away if she doesn't eat as quickly as she can. She will make a point of pulling out some crumpled bills to leave the tip though! A pretty good one.

Cain smiles at Carin when she leaves the tip, glad and approving. Once they've settled up he takes a moment to hit the head, and then once they're outside he smiles. "So…did you need to stop anywhere, or shall we get underway?" A pause. "Oh! I was thinking…last time we ran, your clothes were hurt but mine were not, so…how about I carry you? My field extends to who or whatever I carry, so you'll not have to worry about a change of clothes once we arrive this time." And Cain /is/ quite strong, further, running in a ley line greatly boosts his stamina, so it won't be a problem.

"Um…' Carin pauses to rummage in her fanny pack she's wearing…purses being harder to hold onto when running super fast..then finds her debit card and nods, smiling. "Yeah, got my card, I"m godd? Do I need, like, um, an' ID or stuff?" She hesistates, flushing. "Oh, well…uh…sure? If I'm not too heavy or somethin'…" she says, not against preserving her clothes from getting any more ripped than they area lready.

"Shouldn't need an ID to buy the tickets, they'll set you back a couple hundred, can you afford that? If not I can chip in. Trust me, I have very few expenses and make good money, I can easily afford to treat and wouldn't mind, believe me. I know your financial situation isn't super strong." And he neither looks down on her, or minds paying their way today.

He grins, and after making sure nobody is around to see, steps over to a mailbox, one of the big blue ones, and lifts it overhead a moment using one hand. "I don't think it will be a problem." A grin as he sets the thing back down, and if she's okay with it, he scoops her up in a 'bridal carry', supporting her back and her knees, and then zips off at hundreds of miles an hour until he finds a ley line - and then they really start to move, as the lines get more potent he gets faster.

Carin gulps, but rallies. "Yeah, I can do that!" She can! She kinda obsessively saves as it is, though it'll kinda wipe out her savings. But worth it, right? When she's scooped up, she reflexively slides her arms around Cain's neck, getting a visible flush on her cheeks as she gets comfortable, holding close to him for the trip as she rests her cheek against his shoulder.

See? That gulp tells him /he/ should pay for the tickets, but…her determination to pay her part is also noted, and reluctantly Cain will let her make the gesture, though he's going to find a way to help her situation improve. He smiles warmly as she gets settled. "Comfy?" This close she can smell his cologne, and feel his warmth, he's rather a lot warmer than a normal person, probably due to his amped up metabolism. And then off they go.

Running with Cain is very different from her normal running, there's a sort of 'tingle' surrounding them both, and things that might hit them tend to get deflected with purple flares of energy about a half-inch away from them, the wind is cut down a /lot/, and there are sometimes little ghost images that one can /almost/ see in their peripheral vision.

"How's school going?" He asks as they set off, and no, he's not straining even a little as he carries Carin.

"Y-yeah…this is real different than when I do it…" she admits, a bit muffledly for a moment before she looks up at him, shifting and feeling really….she doesn't know what to call it. Girly and vulnerable and just…off balance. "Um, it's good? I'm done with classes for a bit, for th' summer. Lotsa kids go home to visit family but I dont' got that so I'm still stayin'."

"Well, different powers if similar power sets. I'm magical, you're a mutant, but we're both /really/ fast." He's just glad her clothing will be less distressed this time, though he is very much aware of the proximity they share, the scent and feel of her in his arms and her arms about his neck, her cheek on his shoulder. "But not bad, right?" He asks, making sure she's actually comfortable.

"Oh, right…summertime, forgot about that, my bad. So…if you don't have to be in classes we should hang out more, maybe? I mean…I really enjoy your company and would like to get to know you better." A pause. "Not like I'm seeing anyone, right?" Oh, that's news.

"S-sure…" Carin stammers a little, flushing more. "I'd…I'd really like that too. I mean. Hanging out. An' stuff. I mean…wait…." She blinks a bit, frowning. "You….broke up with her?" She looks a little unsure how to feel about that. Vaguely guilty with a good helping of WOO! mixed in.

"It was more of a mutual thing, actually." Cain says as they run along - man this is different! "Also she got a really nice job offer in Texas, so, yeah…between the breaking up and her moving, that chapter is closed." He smiles then at her blink and her surprise. "Hanging out and stuff, stuff like this." Cain replies. "So what do you do now that you're off for the summer, if you don't mind me asking of course."

Carin digests that tidbit, her heart starting to beat a bit faster now. "Um…I…didn't really have a whole lotta plans, honestly…" she admits. "I mean, I don't know a lot of people at th' school that stuck around an' stuff, so figured I"d just…kinda explore New York a bit, be a tourist?"

"Well, I'd love to show you around if you're not too familiar with the town, I have lived in NYC for years, all of my adult and much of my school age years. And I have lived in the state of New York my whole life." As they run, Cain has been switching course seemingly at random, and at times his speed will spike or plummet, the course corrections tending to lead to greater speed most of the time. Once in a while he leaps to cross a shorter barrier of some sort, a wall or streams perhaps, longer bodies of water run atop.

"Um, sure…that'd be nice, havin' a tour guide. I just have been lookin' stuff up on th' internet mostly." Carin admits as she's lightly bounced along by the running. "…I'm sorry, by the way. About, ya know, th' breakup thing…." she says more quietly. "I mean, I didn't really know her but it sounded like you two were pretty close."

"Fairly. It had potential, both of us were magical, she actually gave me some pointers and help with stuff that I had no idea of, but…it never really gelled if that makes sense?" Cain shrugs. "It is what it is, but thank you." For the sympathy. He's not happy about the break up, but he's had time to get through it, isn't going to dwell.

"McCormick Tours will be happy to provide." He says with a soft laugh. "Internet is a good start, but…yeah, there's a lot you might miss."

"Okay…yeah, I wouldn't know, like th' really cool restaurants or parks or stuff like that." Carin admits. "Maybe ya can find another magic teacher sort around here?" She frowns. "I mean, it's a huge city, there's gotta be more than one around here or something. Look for some place with lots of creepy gargoyles and gothic stuff?"

"I'm pretty well versed." Cain says with commendable modesty. "Oh, teachers? I have a few leads, but my problem has always been how many critters want to /eat/ my magic. I was a bit paranoid for a long while, but things are looking up." A broadening of his smile. "Some things very much so." He says looking Carin in the eyes if she will meet his gaze. They come to a major river and he grins, leaping a couple hundred feet to land on it, running so that water arcs up in their wake as he speeds across. Oops! Just splashed some fisherman. "Sorry!" He calls over his shoulder.

"That's, like, a thing? Eating magic? I thought most creepy crawlies just wanted ta eat ya in general. Werewolves an' vampires an' stuff like that. Zombies." she says curiously, flushing as her gaze meets Cain's. She giggles a bit at the splash and apology. "Huh, weird so the fields shields me but it doesn't stop th' water from going everywhere?"

"Oh yes." Cain assures. "There's a number of 'arcanovores' out there, I'm actually sort of friendly with a couple, they've never tried to murder me." A pause. "Well, one sort of did, but I had offered to let him feed, so maybe it was my fault kinda." A shake of his head to clear it. "Anyway, yes, there's some creatures that feed on magic, not on meat, or blood or whatever - though I guess they COULD do both." He does actually feel a bit bad about the poor fishermen. "Mm? Oh! The field protects us from the environment, and it does decrease my effect on the environment a little, but not much. So yeah, we're protected, it really isn't."

"So still gotta worry about sonic booms an' stuff like that if ya go too fast?" Carin says curiouly, wiggling her feet to try and distract herself a bit from, well, how it feels to be pressed up against Cain like this so long. "Never heard of archanovores…isn't vore that weird thing where they think it's sexy to eat people? Are they like gimp people who eat magic?"

"There is a fetish called 'vore', yes. They get turned on about eating people, like, live. That's one of the more disturbing ones out there, honestly. But the term 'vore' means 'eater of', so carnivore, means meat eater, and herbivore means vegetable eater, get it? Arcanovore is magic eater…I kinda made that up myself, but it might be a term in use, don't know enough magi to say for sure." And then he nods. "If I break the sound barrier it does make a boom. It can be dangerous."

"Oh. This is that Latin branch stuff or whatever, right, where it all means somethin' like that becaue they used ta be th' same word?" Carin says uncertainly. "But you're cool with these…magic eager guys. Eater. Archanovore." She frowns a bit. "….feels like ya need some more backup though if there's a bunch of those things out there goin' after ya though.?

"Yes, that's it exactly. Root words that have meanings that English and other languages have borrowed." Cain grins, and then at the bit about the arcanovores, he sighs faintly. "Two of them, yes. The others? Not so much, but they aren't as common as all that. I've been able to dissuade a few, and mostly have just run away, can't do me harm if I'm miles away, right?" He has also noticed the contact, no question, and the kicking feet amuse him. "Luckily they aren't pack hunters, at least none of the ones I've found. The problem is that a lot of magi want me too, because I'm like a capacitor, I store magic, so I'm useful to /them/ too."

"Root, right." Carin says, nodding. "Well, I mean, maybe you can ask th' friendly one. They must know where other magical types are too, if they're looking ta munch on magic alla time, right?" She frowns. "But yeah, then ya gotta make sure th' magic type isn't all evil an' stuff."

"Working on it. Also…think I might want to get something of a costume, like you have. Maybe." Running a several mach, he grins as the Rocky Mountains approach. "This is my favorite bit." He says with honest delight. Without breaking stride he runs up the side of a mountain, and then down the other - which is QUITE a rush, especially since he leapt up into the sky off the mountaintop, the pair of you going several hundred more feet, slowing, and then briefly paused before gravity wins and pulls you both back down, and he hits the far side running.

"Well…I know a guy who does lab stuff, he might be able ta make one for ya. This one I kinda just….uh, got. From th' place that had me before I got away." she admits. She shrieks a bit as they're suddenly going up the mountainside, clinging tigether!

"Really? That would be interesting, I have heard there's a super clothing designer, so maybe she might know something too." And then they hit that mountain. Honestly, who needs a rollercoaster! They got /speed/! No, not the drug, and not the racecar driver either. RAW speed. He too whooped and hollered a bit on the way up and down the mountain!

From this point it is only a few minutes more to get to Orange County, and thanks to time zones even with their having eaten, and run across the country, they're there early in the day. A moment to join a clump of people disembarking from a bus, and then they can get in queue for their tickets. "You sure I can't cover these?" Cain asks.

Carin lets out a few more squeals at the impromptu roller coaster, giggling as they go up and down, then letting out a last gasp as she reluctantly loosens her hold so she can steps back on the ground. "No, you got food, I'll get these, right? Just you'll owe me a lotta food ta make up for it.." she threatens with a mock grin, heading over towards the ticket office.

"Food and treats, that includes souvenirs, but sure thing, Carin." Cain grins and nods. "LOTS of food, promise." He even makes the Boy Salute with one hand, crossing his heart with the other.

He moves up with her in the queue, standing beside Carin as they get to it.

Disneyland is a considerably smaller park than Disneyworld is, but…that's like saying Saturn is considerably smaller than Jupiter! There is a LOT to do in the park, a ton of fun rides. "Okay…so…you're probably going to laugh, but my favorite ride here is Pirates of the Carribean. MUCH better than the one if Florida." Once they are admitted he starts things off right, getting them both some cotton candy and ice cream (chocolate and chocolate chip in waffle cones). Because, really, what's the point if you don't eat delicious food that's absolutely horrid for you?

"Oh, with th' singing pirates an' stuff? Sure, let's go do that one first! I liked th' Johnny Depp movies an' stuff." she says cheerfully, handing over a ticket as they go through the stall and security, then out into the park itself as she unfolds the map. "Um…wow, this is gonna be a hike ta get around, huh?" he says curiousyl. "Isn't Space Mountain a thing too or something? An' th' log ride thing?"

"Singing animatronic pirates, even a bit where two ships engage in a duel with cannons." Cain says with a huge smile. "It was way before Johnny Depp, though, unless they updated the ride." Cain honestly isn't that concerned about it though, the important part is they're here to have fun, right?

"Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Star Wars Launch Bay, all kinds of different movie and show themed stuff." A huge grin. "And there's a MONORAIL we can ride."

"Star Wars. I haven't gotten ta that one yet." Carin admits after a moment. "That's th' ones with th' rave stick things an' the little green guy, right?" She walks along as she shifts towards Cain, then a bit shyly slides an arm around his. "I mean, there's a girl now with a stick, but I guess people don't like the new stuff as much as th' old stuff?"

When Carin takes his arm, he will happily twine fingers with her, holding hands as well. "Lightsabers, they're like energy swords. And the little green guy is Yoda." She'd mentioned how her memories are a bit jumbled, so he doesn't give her an incredulous stare or anything. Of course her skin and tattoo, that draws a few looks from other guests. Fortunately she's clearly with someone, so looks are about all they get. It is pretty early in the day, so it is relatively easy for them to bee line (even though bees don't tend to fly in straight lines!) to Pirates of the Carribean. "No, most of the new stuff isn't so good, I really liked Rogue One, and The Mandalorian, a series, was pretty impressive. We can binge watch that later if you like."

Carin wrinkles her nose. "Sure? I mean, if ya don't mind lots of questions." she admits cautiously. "I mean…I'm still catchin' up on a lot of culture stuff for tv an' movies an' music an' stuff." She seems pleased by the fingers twined against hers as they walk, approaching the line for the ride.

Cain squeezes Carin's hand. "Tell you what, we can just watch all the movies, and then The Mandalorian, that way you got it all and that's that." He leans into Carin a smidge, a playful little side bump. "Either way, I never mind questions, you can always ask. In fact you can ask me anything about anything anytime. Deal?"

"Um, sure! Deal…wait, how many movies are there?" she says uncertainly. "They like came out a long time go, didn't they?"

"Nine, there's nine feature films." Cain answers with a nod. "First was Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, which was released in seventy-seven I think? Something like that, a long time ago, yeah." The line moves at a lively pace this early in the day, and soon they're seated in a small boat modeled after a wooden sailing ship's launch. Cain hands Carin down, and then settles beside her, if she permits he'll put an arm about her shoulders as they ride it. "I didn't hate the latest six, but the first three were the best of the movies."

"Man, that's like that Star Walk thing or whatever, but it had the TV show too…I mean, that one captain guy was kinda cute back then." Carin says curiously. "Or did it come later? I know there's like a cowboy in space thing too, but I'm not sure when that was, because I got sidetracked into some vampire stabby girl show when I was lookin' it up." she admits. She'll settle in, leaning against CAin comfortably as the ride starts. "So..is this like…a scary one?"

"Star Trek is older by a decade at least. Kirk? Blonde guy, right? Sort of champagne blonde." Cain grins about the Cowboy in space thing. "That sounds like Firefly, also a good watch and that vampire stabby girl thing sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that one I didn't watch, well, not the show - I did see the original movie."

Happy at her comfort level, Cain shakes his head. "Not scary at all. Funny mostly, though the cannon fight is pretty cool."

"Right! I saw a picture of him as a chick, he's actually really cute as a her too." Carin says curiously. "Um, yeah, I think that was it! And Buffy, I remember the name. I tried to watch the movie and it was pretty funny. I liked the Pee Wee guy vampire."

Cain finally looks surprised. "Really? Kirkette? Okay, that I have to see. Show me later, yeah?" He laughs about the Pee Wee guy. "I think my favorite bit in the movie was how she killed him with a number two pencil. /And he actually died/. That was so darn funny." The hand at Carin's far shoulder idly strokes her skin, it is very likely that Cain isn't even aware he's doing it. "I heard the show was actually really good too, haven't seen it yet. Maybe I should. Or maybe /we/ should?"

Oh, she's very accutely aware of precisely where that hand is on her shoulder! She's trying to be cool about it, but it's sending a little tingling thrill through her to have it there. "Sure? It looked funny. And pretty badass. It's a lil' old now I guess but still looked fun."

"Old doesn't necessarily mean bad." Cain grins. "I mean, I'm a bit older than you are, right…a few years? That's not a bad thing." The ride is pretty funny, they're essentially going on a tour of Tortuga Island, and there's drunken pirates singing and such, animatronic. Towards the end they see a pair of ships exchanging broadsides. Some of the pirates even have parrots on their shoulders, it really is a fun and pretty neat ride, and a great excuse to cuddle a bit. Both of them can surely use some cuddles!

"Well, I guess, as long as th' special effects aren't lame." Carin allows, eyeing the pirates. "Wow this is a lot like th' movie…" she admits, happily cuddling. The skeletal captain hanging off the ship wheel does creep her out a bit! "So ya think they're gonna turn more rides into movies like this? I mean, this one did good. Have they done that with other stuff like that?"

"Well, sometimes the stories are good enough even with lame SFX that you don't mind so much, a lot of Doctor Who is like that." Cain says as they ride along. "Most of the rides are created /after/ a movie or show inspired them, I honestly think this might be the only one that went from ride to movie, not movie to ride." A thoughtful smile. "I'll look into it later." He has a smartphone but damned if he's digging it out while they're on the ride.

"Doctor Who…he's th' guy with the trenchcoat and the sonic thingee?" Carin questions, then mms. "Well, I mean, Star Wars seems obvious, yeah, since they just bought it up an' stuff, I know that much." She rests her cheek on Cain's shoulder. "This is pretty cool though….kinda Chuckie Cheese, but neat."

"The current Doctor is a woman, she's the thirteenth. But yes, most people think of Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, with the coat and scarf, all of them pretty much have had a sonic screwdriver." Cain reaches over to boop her nose when Carin rests her cheek on his shoulder. Laughing softly as he does. "I admit that the ride is much better with good company to share it with."

Carin wrinkles her nose cutely at the boop, mmrphing. "…it's nice.' she agrees. "I don't know ive I've ever gotten ta go on a ride like this before." She sighs out softly, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Very nice." Cain agrees. "Well, I'll tell you what, when time permits lets make a list of things you've never done before - so far as you know - and want to, and then we'll go through that list and see what we can make happen." When she sighs, and closes her eyes, he falls silent, studying the girl. "You okay, Carin?" His concern is manifest.

"It's a really huge list, ya know." Carin points out as the ride finishes, pulling up to the end so everyone can disembark. She mmms? "Nah, it's just…realy nice. I never thought I'd get ta hang out with ya like this…"

"So what if it is?" Cain truly is not daunted at the prospect of a long list. "Just means more things to do, that sounds great." When they exit the boat, he of course offers her a hand up. "And the day is just getting started." Once they're outside again, he slips an arm about Carin's shoulders. "So…how about Space Mountain? That's a pretty fun rollercoaster ride that ties into some movies?"

CArin takes the hand, stepping out of the boat a little wobbily as she hops up. "Sure, where's that again?" she says, pulling out her map as she tries to make sense of it. "Wow, there's like, a lot of mountain rides for a place that's totally flat…"

"It really is." Cain agrees with a laugh as they head out. He leans over to view the map, and then taps it when he sees it. "Oh, SPACE Mountain, no ties to a movie, I was thinking of another ride, from Disneyworld, Witch Mountain…or maybe that's at Epcot, I forget." He shrugs and grins. "But yeah, here it is, Space Mountain." A moment or two to get bearings, and a stop to get some corn dogs and lemonade, and then off you both go to the Space Mountain attraction.

The ride is housed in a very sci-fi looking starport. Cain grins. "So…this ride is pretty fun, but do try to watch it without bullet-time, it will be more fun that way."

Carin happily munches on said corn dog as they walk along, then hmms. "Is it real fast?" She looks it over thoughfully. "I mean…you're not supposed ta slow things down for roller coasters, right, if you wanna enjoy em?"

"Pretty fast, but…you know." They're speedsters! Their 'fast' is potentially orders of magnitude faster than most people's. "But yeah, don't slow it down, just experience it real time." They move through the line, the railings bright chrome, and the building they enter chrome and white plastic with high-tech looking displays showing departures and arrivals at various star systems like Sirius and Capella, Alpha and Proxima Centauri, and so on. Cain stands behind Carin while they move through the queue, hands on her shoulders warm.

"So…is this like riding on a space ship thing?" Carin wondres as she looks at all the art and doohickeys as they're standing in line, looking over at Cain. "Like, that lightspeed stuff an' everything?" She has reclaimed Cain's arm by this point, holding hands as they wait.

"Something like that, yup." Cain says. The cars look like the rest of the place, white plastic and chrome, and high tech stylings, and there's little thruster nozzles on the back of each, the cars seat eight, as luck would have it Cain and Carin end up in the front of the car - which is great, gives the best view. Once they're seated, Cain waists no time putting his arm about Carin again, and grins.

From overhead their comes a warning about keeping limbs inside the cars, and then it moves into a dark tunnel. A countdown starts, and then the car is shunted into a dark tunnel, a turn when it announced. "You are go for launch!" Music crests, along with sound effects of a rocket from behind, and into the round tunnel the car goes with bands of light streaking around in a semi random pattern, not unlike speed lines. A moment of free fall before corkscrew drop into a tunnel with swirling star fields spinning all about, it is dizzying and fun and exhilarating.

Straightening out the next stage is like a bit of hyperspace before more spins and drops, sharp turns, and constant music and vibration and the sound of your thrusters…and then *kachunk* Sudden deceleration, and the car emerges back into the lobby.

All through this Cain holds Carin, laughing, gripping her hand if she wants, very much enjoying the ride and doubly so the company.

Carin's hand tightens a bit on Cain's at the first drop as she squeals out, in suprise at first, then more in thrill as the ride goes on, giggling as the car zips back and forth down the track into drops and spirals and loops.

Once the car finally stops, they're asked to exit to the right, and are able to exit the building. Still holding her hand, Cain grins and walks backwards in front of Carin. "Thank you." He says with a bright smile. "I haven't been here in years, this is much better than the last visit, that's for damn sure." Eyes of green meet eyes of green, and it is very plain he's quite sincere. A wink, and then the man turns about and leads the way outside. "So…hungry for a meal yet, or shall we check out Splash Mountain? That's a much slower ride, though we might just get a bit wet, maybe."

5R "I'm glad….hmmmm." Carin purses her lips. "Are we gonna get all wet on Splash Mountain? Cuz drying off while we eat might be at hing…" she admits, smiling as she swings Cain's arm just a bit as they walk."

"Me too." Cain says brightly. "Possibly we will, yes. It isn't a guarantee, but it is fairly well in the cards." He laughs softly. "Right then, Splash Mountain, then we'll take the monorail to the restaurants and hotel and get a bite to eat as we may or may not need to dry off." Swinging arms as they go, he leads the way, after checking the map, to Splash Mountain.

This attraction's much like walking into an old time log cabin built large, or a logs based saw mill, or mine. There's a lot of planters, mortared stones, and the ride itself is inside a boat that is shaped like a hollowed out log. This time they're in the back, and Cain grins. "Odds are we'll be getting wet."

Carin mmphs. "Well, it IS pretty hot…" she admits, tugging hat her top a bit as she fluffs it to let some air through the collar. "So did people actually ride logs like this over waterfalls or soemthin' like that?" she adds, eying the log motif.

Being a guy, Cain can't help but be a tad distracted by the fluffing of the top ritual. And then he nods. "Definitely hot." He quips lightly. Once they are settled, he smiles. "Not really, no. There were things called dugout canoes made by hollowing out a log, but nothing like this really." And then they get under way.

First they are pulled up a conveyer belt, and then a short drop over the lip gets them moving in water along a twisty path. The scenery is pretty fun, thorn forests, a cabin along side with a label for 'Brer Bear'. They really do seem to be riding around on a mountain, lots of rocks, and several drops, and with the blunt prow of the log boat? Yeah, they get splashed several times. Fortunately they were given watertight pouches for their phones and such.

They pass through fantastical caverns, a lagoon, sections of mine, and much of it in the open sun so the water is actually refreshing when they get soaked!

Carin squeals a bit when drenched the first time, water dripping off her hair as she grins, holding on tight over some of the drops and splashes as she looks at the scenery, totally missing just how soaked her shirt is getting as it increasingly ends up clinging all the more! She hmms. "So basically the guy who designed this really saw logs floatin' down a river an' thought it would be cool, basically?" She grins a bit.

"I guess so, or maybe the designer said - what fits the theme AND lets me get everyone drenched? LOGS! Logs are it! Eureka!" Cain says with a bright laugh. He whoops when they get drenched, and though Carin hasn't noticed the way her soaked shirt is clinging, well, the same is /not/ true of Cain. When the group of soaked (to varying degrees) people exit there's a bunch of laughter, and more than a few stares from the people in the queue. "So…lunch." He is doing his level best not to stare, the guy really wants to be a gentleman here and largely he succeeds. The interior of the Monorail is a bit chilly though, being air conditioned. The view is pretty cool though as they ride over the park, wending between attractions and over the other guests teeming in the park below. "So…Cajun and Creole sound good?"

It probably doesn't help that considering she's drenched, Carin stops to wring out her shirt afterwards, that of course pulls it all the tighter in certain places as she does. At least it's a fairly thick shirt! "Um…sure! What's that like?" she says uncertainly. "It's like spicy shrimp things and stuff, right?"

Depends on your definition of 'help' and what sort of help! It definitely does not help Cain be a gentleman, though, very distracting. Once they're seated it gets a bit easier, he'll put an arm about her shoulders for the monorail ride and can focus on other views. "Cajun and Creole? Yes, often spicy, lots of seafood, gumbo is a mix of seafood and a spicy sausage and rice, REALLY tasty. Those are the most popular dishes, but there's a ton of different things."

The monorail actually drives right into a building to drop them off on the second floor, the main resort and then they go downstairs, there's a ton of restaurants, including Blue Bayou, which is where you both end up heading. Once you get to a table, he smiles. "Same side for hugging, or opposite sides for more room to put food?" The call is hers.

Carin leans into Cain as they walk, as she hmms. "I like spicy stuff, so that sounds good? I mean, I've never had it, so it'll all be new." she admits. A bit awkwardly leaning into Cain as she gets used to the idea of walking and leaning at the same time. And of course wondering if she's being way too forward for this. Which is…first date? Something? The other girl isn't around, so…. "Um…" she stammers aftera moment, then says more shyly. "Samne side is..um…fine."

"I do too. To be honest - Thai and Cajun are my favorites, though Indian is a close third." Cain pauses to look down at Carin, eyes kind and intent. "Well, we'll just have to make that list and tick off every box we can." If she's being too forward, he surely doesn't seem to be bothered by it. A hug, and then he starts walking again, and once she selects same side, he lets her slide in first before joining her. "Trust me to order?" If she does, he orders crawdad appetizers, gumbo, andouille sausage with dirty rice. Also cheddar biscuits, and for desert beignets and chicory coffee. During the meal iced tea, since Carin doesn't seem to like to drink.

Carin perks. "Oh, I do like Thai stuff! I mean, not Thai spice hot, but like, medium or so. Green chile spice hot." she says, slipping ito the seat and scooting over to make room. "Man, I should have bought a change of clothes, but I guess it's hot enough it'll dry out…" she says thoughfully, wiggling. She will, however, let Cain do the ordering for appetizers, and settles on jambalaya for her main course, as it seems like lots of things she likes separately so she figures they're probably good together too. That's how cooking works, right? She seems fine with the iced tea though, nibblign on everything as they arrive. She doesn't seem too into the coffee really, but she does like the beignets!

"Well, we can get you a change if you want? Not like there's not local shopping. Oh, wait, there IS local shopping!" Can grins. "Can zip out, get you something, zip back and get on with the fun." During the meal he is more than content to share her side of the booth, and his arm is often about Carin's shoulders, and sometimes he'll claim her hand, when idle his fingers stroke idly at her shoulder, sometimes the upper arm, and yes, their warmth does largely dry their clothing near the end of the meal. After dessert, he sighs his content, speedsters gotta eat, yo. And then he shifts to face Carin, arm up on the back of the booth and cheek resting on his palm as he smiles. "I wonder something…" He asks, eyes bright, and then he leans close, cheek to cheek to whisper. "Would you mind terribly were I to kiss you?"

"Nah, it's fine, it's pretty hot out, I'm sure walkin' around I"m gonna be happy for it. Besides, it's California, it's like, all desert or something." Carin points out witht he surety of someone who fails her geography tests. She doesn't object to the arm around her, flushing a bit at the wandering fingers, leaning a bit more into Cain.

Of course she's taking a sip from the iced tea when he asks that and she promptly sputters, coughing for a moment as she sets it down. Because she is a spaz in her own mind. "Um…you…uh…" she stammers, flushign deeply. "….y-you could….do that."

"It is a bit warm." Cain agrees, and he doesn't correct her about the geography, there /is/ desert near by, Nevada leaps to mind, and there's Death Valley too, so…close enough for government work.

The splutter was not expected, but he probably should have. "Crap, I'm sorry." He gets her a napkin and make sure she's not choking for real and true, and then when she grants permission he shifts the hand at his cheek to cup one of hers, and then leans in to press his brow to hers a moment, his eyes warm, and then shifts to press his lips very gently to Carin's, and then a bit more firmly as he kisses her twice. "Sorry, took two." He murmurs, lips close enough to flutter against hers as they speak still.

Carin stiffens up a bit, her eyes getting wide as Cain comes closer. Even warned as she is, her heart is beating a mile a minute now as that flush spreads across her cheeks farther in a way she just can't hide with how pale her skin is. She doesn't pull away though, even if the kiss is a little tenative and unsure at firs as she tries to respond, kissing back. "…s'okay…" she says huskily.

Gently, Cain's thumb strokes under Carin's eye, her flush so very obvious against stark white skin. "You really are very pretty, I hope you know that." He says, his own voice more than a little husked as well. He can't resist another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer, his lips caressing gently, nibbling a bit on Carin's lower lip. A moment to come up for air, and then he smiles, leaning a tiny bit back, but still close. Another smile. "Thank you."

Carin's brain hamsters have broken out of their wheels and are running wild at this point. She just blinks, her lips parting as she doesn't know how to respond for a moment. Part of her wants to say of course she isn't she looks like a weird clown or something, but the third kiss thoroughly distracts her from weighing in on the subjects. "W-welcome…" she manages.

Seeing how out of sorts she is, Cain shifts again and just holds Carin, arm about her shoulders to let her get her composure back. He really doesn't want to make her uncomfortable, after all. Once things settle a bit, he shifts out of the booth and offers her his hand. "Shall we?" Cain doesn't want to push things, doesn't want to make Carin feel awkward, even if he DOES think she's rather pretty. And sweet. And kind. Awkward? Yeah, that too, but that's sweet in its own way.

Carin nods a bit, shifting a bit from foot to foot as they get up…then suddenly leans in to try and return the favor with a kiss. Which more ends up being nose bumping because she comes in a bit fast and from slightly the wrong angle! "Ouch!" She leans back, rubbing her nose and looking like she'd just want to melt into the pavement for a moment.

Warm laughter, not at all /at/ Carin, and then Cain grips her upper arms as she looks like she wants to melt. "Whoa, no worries. It happens. No big." And then since she initiated another kiss, or tried to, he leans down, cupping both her cheeks this time, and will quite thoroughly kiss the girl. Sebastian would be so proud! Bonus points for Carin being a red head too, just like Ariel. He does flush a bit when a couple of guys at the bar call encouragement, and then he leads the way back outside the restaurant. Even he's not /that/ comfy with PDAs.

That flush quickly goes from an embarrassed one to other things as Carin shivers, then leans into Cain, slowly sliding her arms around his neck as she kisses back. Awkwardly, but increasingly enthusiastically! Now you just need to talk her into a seashell bikini top. She follows after, so very red at the shouts of approval as she scurries outside.

Once they're outside the restaurant, Cain smiles, his own blood up and his breathing elevated. Yes, he definitely responded well to her enthusiasm, awkward or not. As to the sea shell bikini top? Baby steps! She was about half way there with the drenching they took after the aptly named Splash Mountain ride.

A moment to lean against a pillar, one of Carin's hands raised to his lips a moment. "So…what now, Carin? This is your day, whatever you say, goes."

"…I kinda feel like I need ta cool down again now…" she says, a bit breathlessly. Carin squirms. "Well, I don't know where or what everything is though…what's the next good ride thing? This Star Wars stuff?"

"I know exactly what you mean." Cain says with a smile, his own breath a bit short. He manages, somehow, not to make a 'hottie' reference. It was a near thing though, definitely.

"Oh, yeah, that's actually a new ride I haven't done - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge." He looks at the times, and then installs a Disney app to reserve two spots for it. "Looks like we have a half hour wait, lets go check out some souvenir shops on the way." After all, what is a trip to the theme park if you don't buy stuff? Incomplete, that's what.

Cain gets himself a First Order officer's cap and a snow globe with Tortuga Island inside, along with a Jungle Book t-shirt in deep green featuring Shere Khan. Of course Carin can get whatever she likes, and he pays for it with that same app, because why not?

Bonus: She won't get to see just how much is spent that way. Hint: A lot.

After that they make their way to the Star Wars ride, entering at what looks to be a base on Hoth.

"So seriously, ya can just buy a ticket in advance now and just show up to board when it's yer turn now, instead of th' line stuff?" Carin says curiously. She's been a little unsure about the prices, it's obvious as she realizes just how expensive things are. She does get the traditional mouse ear hat though! Since she doesn't really know all of the characters well enough yet to have picked one in particular she likes.

"Well, no, it isn't buying a ticket so much as putting in a reservation for a slot, there's still going to be lines, but they'll be more orderly. The 'ticket' was paid at the gate." Cain grins and takes both of Carin's hands if allowed, walking backward most of the way to the ride, cheating a smidge with bullet time to make sure he doesn't trip over anyone en route. Silly? Heck yes.

Carin doesn't resist said hands being taken, flushing a bit. "Well, still, it's kinda neat that ya don't have ta waste time standin' in line for hours, ya can just make th' reservation an' show up. Way better." She smiles back at Cain, looking around a bit curiously at the Rebel-themed stuff. "So this is all from th' new movie stuff?"

"I agree." Cain says with a smile as he backward walks to the ride, once there he shifts about, releasing one hand, and holding onto the other as he draws Carin in against his side for the relatively short wait. "Yes. Set in the 'New Order' timeline. This is a heavily storied ride, from what I saw online…never been on it, it is very new." He's actually fairly excited about that too. "We'll definitely have to do a Star Warsathon weekend sometime. Watch all the movies in release order, yes?"

Carin squeezes Cain's hand as she draws up close to him as they walks along closer. "Those are the bad guys, right? The white supremecist guys?" the redhead questions uncertainly as she walks along. "Um, sure! That'd be cool. As long as ya don't mind asking me all the questions…" she says with a faint smile.

"Right. They're like The Empire two point oh, really." Cain smiles. "The Empire and New Order are both patterned after the Fascist states, like Nazi Germany, even to the point of similar uniform designs. They're also racist, only they have actual different species, and are human centric." Cain grins. "I am absolutely on board with the questions, that's why I want to watch the movies in release order, most natural flow for me. If that makes sense?"

"So, Space Nazis, got it." Carin says, probably getting a look from some nearby fan over that. "Uh…sure? Wait, there's another way ta watch 'em?" she says curiously. "Do they still make sense in other orders?"

"Oh yes there's a suggested viewing order that cuts out episode 1 entirely, it really doesn't add a lot to the story, in fact I'd say it dilutes it a bit. However, for completeness sake I tend to ignore that. Episode 1 had some good parts, it was just the weakest of them all in my opinion." Cain grins then. "And yes, they are in fact Space Nazis, though I saw a really interesting video that made some very compelling arguments that the Jedi were villains, and the Empire heroic, the rebels terrorists."

"Yeah, but assholes make propaganda stuff like that all the time to make themselves look good." Carin says with more than a little cynicism. "I mean, whatever th' good order ta watch is, we can do that, I'm not picky. It's all new ta me. I know there are like stuff that aren't part of th' main movies too, right?"

"Well sure, but that doesn't make the arguments less interesting. Personally I think the Jedi were a once noble institution that went decadent, got too used to their power, and got corrupted. The Empire is /definitely/ evil, in my book. I'm not a fan of totalitarianism even if there's some good points like stability." Cain nods as they move up the queue. "Sure are, there's some really great animated stuff, for example, the Clone Wars, which happened before the movies for the most part, and Star Wars Rebels, which I think is sort of between the first six movies and the last three." A bright smile. "Both are fantastic."

"Uh, so those are like…movies or TV shows?" Carin says curiously. "And th' Rebels are th' good guys in the original stuff then, even if the JEdi were kinda breaking bad or something?" She's listening intently to the expanation, wanting really badly to be up on all this if it's something Cain is into!

"TV series, both of them, and I have all of 'em on Blu-Ray, honestly…if you wanted to we could binge watch things in strictly chronological order from start to finish, that will take time, but it would definitely add perspective and clarity. Would that help, do you think?" Cain nods. "Yes. The rebels are the good guys, the Jedi are somewhat…off, but once heroic, and the Empire is villainous."

"Um…sure? It might be less confusin'…" Carin says after a moment. "If it's all what's happenin' in order." She looks a bit unsure of herself, but that seems to make sense to her overall.

"Works for me, any excuse to spend time with you works." Cain says with a wry wink.

It is only a few more moments before they get escorted into the star port, and then onto their ship. This experience is very interesting, they're tasked with a mission by figures on video, and by live people in costume, it is really detailed and immersive with pretty cool special effects on the 'ship'.

Cain? He's having a great time, just soaking up the experience, and happy to share it with Carin.

Carin seems to be enjoying herself as well, flushing a bit. "I'm having lots of fun too…" she assures him, hugging his arm. She also seems to get into it, looking impressed by all the movie magic happening! "So is that the R2 guy?" she says, whispering as BB8 rolls by overhead.

"No, that's BB8, he was introduced in episode VII." Cain smiles. "R2-D2 is in a lot of the earlier stuff though, animated and live action. Him and C3-PO." Once they're underway the ship gets embroiled in a massive fire fight and shot down! They're on a secret mission, their knowledge of the location of the rebels base something they're vouchsafed to keep hidden - especially since they're captured, and a movie villain, Kylo Ren himself threatens them!

"Is that guy a fish?" Carin whispers during the festivities as they're captured by a star destroyer! And then turned over to a FO officer and told to go to their cells. "…this is kinda cool…" she admits. "Wow, we're in a completely different place1"

"Mon Calamari, a sort a squid guy." And yeah, combo of rastafarian 'Mon' with the squid food, 'Calamari', not the most original of names, but it is what it is, right? "They make a lot of starships in the Star Wars universe, strong ties to the rebellion." Cain is clearly having a lot of fun, both with the ride and the company. Even with her questions, it is clear she's having fun, and that sense of the newness to it all only helps his.

The exciting chase through the star destroyer until they get to a life pod, and land on a nearby planet, only to have to infiltrate an imperial base, and oh my goodness…they even get to encounter a FULL sized AT-AT walker as part of the fight to escape!

"It'd be wierder if they had dreads." Carin muses, marching along, though Cain would notice she's starting to grip his arm a bit tighter as they approach the cell part of this. Which luckily doesn't last too long before the escape as they're chased by storm troopers and Kylo Ren!

"It really would. Face-tentacles are bad enough." Cain says with a grin. The harrowing escape, and then a bumpy ride through hyperspace, he gripped her hand firmly when he started feeling her tense up, offering comfort as best he can. Finally, they land back at the space port and are congratulated for their heroism and courage, given accolades for having saved the Rebellion by none other that Rey herself.

"Heh, I feel like we didn't do that much…." CArin notes with a giggle. "I mean the droid is the real hero, he at least drove th' getaway truck thing!" She leans into Cain as they're walking otu after. "That was pretty cool though, I liked how it felt like we were flying all over to different places."

"Well, I imagine they couldn't give us blasters or lightsabers for real." Cain says, warm laughter hearty undertone to his words. A grin as she giggles. "There's even a Star Wars series called Droids, and I think it is actually the first Star Wars thing in chrono-order."

That said he grins and nods. "It was really quite remarkable, felt like we were part of the story, don't you think?"

"Hmmm, droids are what they call the robots, right?" Carin says curiously, then nodnods. "Yeah, it was pretty neat! I mean, less exciting with zooming around like a rollercoaster, but still pretty fun!"

"Yup." Cain confirms. "All the Robots are droids." He truly is quite patient with Carin's questions, never once betraying even a hint of ire, or impatience. On the contrary, he enjoys providing answers when he can. "I like the story aspect, that's pretty unique, really brings you into the whole experience." Once they're outside again he leans against a planter, and holds Carin's hands again. "Thank you for this, quite a treat."

Carin flushes. "I don't know why yer askin' me, you were the one who sugested it." she says, smiling a little as she holds his hands back, squeezing them lightly. "I'm havin' lots of fun too though."

"Well sure, but you paid our way and a date isn't a date without someone to share it with, right?" Cain draws her in closer if she lets him, and gently kisses her again, warmly, and slowly. "I'm having a great time too." He says, pulling back just enough to look into Carin's green eyes with green eyes of his own as he does.

5R Carin mmms, tilting her head up as she leans into Cain more as they kiss, not resisting in the slightest, then beams at him, her eyes shining a bit. "Y-yeah…true….but, I'mg lad. That it's good for ya too…." she says, bouncing on her toes a little ib.t

"Very good." Cain replies, stroking gently at Carin's cheek, thumb caressing under her eye. "I like you very much, Carin. I…we have much in common." He smiles then. "And I like being able to help you, I won't ever judge, or mock. Well, not in a /mean/ way, I can't promise I won't tease you, but I'll never knowingly hurt you, and if I DO hurt you, I'll make amends." He crosses his heart. "Promise."

The shorter girl fidgets a bit, shifting from foot to foot. "O-okay…I'm sorry if I ask stupid question n' stuff, I just don't remember…lots." She sighs, then smiles shyly. "But, um, thanks…for understandin'."

He noogies her. "Of course I understand. You told me about the memories, ya goof." Pushing off the planter, he slips an arm about the girl, drawing her in against his side with a grin. "So…c'mon…lets do some more coasters, yeah?"

She yelps at the noogie, slappign at his hand. "Cut it oooout!" she grumbles, then flushes. "I know, just….yeah, what's the next good one ta go to?" she wonders, leaning into Cain comfortably as he slides an arm around her. "I mean, um, I dunno what the best rides are aside from rollercoasters I guess either."

A bright laugh at the slap and grumble, and then Cain guides them off into the park once more. "Dunno, it has changed a bit, lets just make a slow circuit and ride whatever strikes us and eat lots of awfully unhealthy stuff and just have some fun, mm?"

From ride to ride the two go, exploring the vast theme park and just having fun together. Treats and loot are consumed and acquired, each in their proper turn, and two people share a wonder filled day of fun, sun, and companionship. There's no pressure, no terrible plots to foil, nothing but good fun and good times shared with someone special.

What more could one ask?

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