2020-06-23 - Making preparations


Loki and Sigyn make plans for dealing with the Wild Hunt

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 23 00:14:45 2020
Location: Cover Story - Living Area

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Sigyn appears in the apartment in a swirl smelling of night air and lavender. "The estate in France is a -disaster-. The lands and farm are alright, but what they have done to the manor house. It is a traves…" She stops, seeing Loki, and her eyes narrow. "No. I believe what you have to tell me is more important. You -do- have something you intend to tell me, don't you, dear?"

Loki is presently hard at work on a spell. "Is it? Man, haven't been their in what…seventy, no…/eighty/ years, that's a while." The abrupt cut off gets her a quizzical look, and then he 'ohs'. "Actually, two things - first, I'm working on a spell, just had a partially successful field test but it was a bit dangerous." He holds up a mildly injured arm. He's been healing it over the last few days, but she is MUCH better at that than he is. Considering how well she knows him, she'd surely know the injury was moderately severe. "And yes, there is another matter, I've been working with Zatanna Zatara, and some few others on dealing with Malekith's wild hunt and some mortal cult, it has been a pain in the arse. Apparently he has marked several of us for the Hunt at the new moon." Which is surely what she sensed.

Sigyn curses fluently in several languages, several of which are not native to Midgard, describing Malekith's inadequate parts and what he can do with them and a meat grinder. Then she takes a deep breath, lets it out slowly. "When you have a pause in your casting, I'll work a healing on you. It will take a tonic to go with it, since I need to avoid any interactions with the marks." Her tonics are always effective, the taste varies wildly… the more annoyed she is at the person she's healing, the more bitter it's likely to taste.

Based on the cursing? This tonic is going to be more bitter than a jilted bride on her wedding day. By an order of magnitude…or three. And you know what? That's okay. Loki will take the tonic like a god, darn it!

He finishes up the prep work, and then shows Sigyn the finished spell. "It inverts the control spells for a dimensional rift, backlashing the energy into the caster, when I used it the backlash took the form of Lightning, and I was in the path. So…I modified the spell to include protections for whomever is casting it."

Sigyn gives Loki a look, one he recognizes as 'at least you are trying to learn from your mistakes'. She mixes together the tonic, whispering additional spells to it. The layering of magic, each step in the making from the growing of the herbs, to the harvest, to the preparation and compounding adds another layer of healing spells. She does add a little maple syrup to it, enough to take the edge off, then presents him with the cup. "Here, I won't have you going into battle at less than your best if I can help it."

Sadly, Loki is unwilling to risk aiding her casting, because of the Bane mark. In fact he tries not to watch her working for that same reason. The fact she added maple syrup is actually quite a relief taken in conjunction with look number nine forty-two! The combo lets Loki know she's vexed but he isn't in the doghouse just yet.

The healing draught is accepted with a gallant bow. "Many thanks, wife Sigyn…beloved." He tosses it back, and then rather enjoys watching and feeling curative at work as the balm soothes the last traces of the hurt away. "Our plan is to prepare an area for the fight, and let the Hunt come to us on OUR ground, and end it." He states. "Zatanna, the Spider-Man, possibly Captain Marvel, a couple of WAND Magi, Agent's Black and Grey, ironically…" He just noticed they were colors, and snickers. "…possibly a few others, including a Telepathic girl shape-shifter, rather pretty, sadly devoted to Agent Black."

Sigyn nods at the plan. "Someplace where they can't build up speed with the horses, and are surrounded by cold iron or can be lured into more of it. I have no doubt that the hunt can just ride through many modern buildings, but New York has enough still with iron in their bones instead of aluminum or modern alloys that you should be able to choose your ground." She gives him a gentle kiss. "I'll prepare a several rounds of healing draughts and wait under wards…. if any of the mortals need my aid after fighting at your side, call me after the Hunt is dealt with." She grimaces. "I would not want to run in to wormwood again… even his gaze on me makes me fill soiled."

"Precisely." Loki agrees to Sigyn's assessment. "There was talk of a rail or subway, constricted and lots of iron. Honestly, I'm considering commissioning a cold iron sword and a couple more daggers, sadly I'm unsure they'd be ready soon enough." Sadder still he doesn't have any in storage, though it has become more of a priority now.

Loki's grin fails entirely at the mention of Wormwood. "I didn't see him last time, but he was there for a prior rift incident. Truly, I would not be averse at all to separating his head from his neck, same with Malekith and Grendell." Though Loki is well aware that Grendell is likely outside even his ability to remove from the game entirely, not without a lot of planning and more allies. The half-giant is /strong/.

Sigyn gives a delicate little humpf, and grins, "I'm not -saying- that I would throw a party if you managed to do just that. Saying that would be gauche." Not SAYING it, but yes she probably would! "I will stay safely hidden under wards, so you don't have to worry about me during the fight."

"No, you're not /saying/ it." Loki agrees with his smirk returning along with his good spirits. "Honestly, I'm fairly certain most of Asgard would want to." Throw a party. He hugs Sigyn close, by now well accustomed to fighting the influence of the Bane into submission as he nuzzles her hair. "Staying under wards is good and I know that your healing draughts and such will be welcome, I am not fool enough to think we'll emerge unscathed. This is the Wild Hunt, after all."

Sigyn nods and nuzzles at him. "Malekith's version of it at least. T'would be most amusing to see him cross paths with one of the other Hunts, but the risk that they might join forces instead of tearing each other to shreds is too greath to take." She nibbles a little at his throat.

"I'm probably distracting you from your work…" she murmurs.

Loki sighs, relaxing at the nuzzles a bit, even as the Bane-mark flares, attempting to usurp his will, to make him corrupt and drain his wife. Sadly fighting the Bane-mark largely negates the relaxation, but Loki is absolutely obdurate about having /his/ will constrained. He'll deal.

"Yes, one Hunt is quite sufficient unto the day." He quips lightly, and truth be told a alliance of Hunts is a shuddersome thing to contemplate. "Not at all, actually, I'd appreciate your input on the changes I've done with the spell, if you don't mind…"

Sigyn smiles, "T'would be my pleasure." A tiny spell, and the two have a tray of hot tea and snacks on the table nearby. "A clever bit of work, but if the seidr twists like so…" It will take some time for them to work the spell through, but it will be stronger for the two of them working together.

Marriage is like that.

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