2020-06-21 - Getting Shot At Isn't Fun


Babs and Ken discuss new armour

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 21 00:00:00 2020
Location: Clocktower

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Staten Island is at the moment about as under control as it ever is. There is a significant concern that the Maggia is planning something big but they've been quiet for the last little bit and that has left Batgirl and Silver Samurai to mostly keep gang and street crime under control with the occasional more potent villain popping up.

"I need some real armor." Samurai mutters as he comes into the Clocktower and takes off his menpo. He has holes in his leathers but no holes in himself. Thankfully. But that had been close. Getting shot at is… unpleasant.

"Welcome Samurai" Oracle is everywhere and … whilst he's still to meet them … the Samurai does know that the intelligence is present in the building.

It's a minute or two after Ken enters that Batgirl arrives and tugs off her own mask. "That … close, Samurai. What the hell were you thinking?" He'd gone all Evil Knievel out on the street - which is why his leathers have holes in them.

"I was thinking that I needed to get closer more quickly because getting shot at isn't very much fun. Also that a flashy distraction was necessary." Both of these things can be accomplished at the same time of course. But doing the one inevitably invites more of the other. And he was indeed shot at quite a bit.

"Also you weren't in a position to do it." And if she had been he would have let her. Ken knows she's got armor in her, er, armor.

"Hello Oracle. That is REALLY odd Barbara, now that I know it isn't real."

The look the redhead turns on Ken is resigned. "You might be right, but it was a risk. Are you hurt?" She starts to release her armour and remove it. Stacking the pieces on the shelf beside her, she snickers as the moisture wicking undershirt is exposed.

"I am perfectly real, thank you, Samurai."

"That's enough, Oracle. Continue your monitoring tasks, please." the redhead looks to Ken again "They are real, in a way. I had to program them to seem that way." beat "Would you like, tea?"

"No, but I need a new jacket." Which is just a temporary solution. What he really needs is armor and it's time for him to seriously start thinking about that. His power is, well, powerful. But he is definitely vulnerable to people with guns without his signature suit.

"Tea would be good. I take it you are not hurt?" He doesn't follow up 'not a real person' on the off chance that Oracle decides to emulate hurt feelings. No need to make this awkward. He removes his own leathers to reveal the athletic garb he has underneath. Underarmor it is called but armor it is very seriously not.

"You need armour." Barbara points out, casting a glance at Ken as his physique is displayed. "I am not. You know my preference for combat is to not engage too closely. With your distraction, I was able to set off those flash bangs and hit them with some detonating batarangs."

There are some scuffs on her armour, Ken can see - the bullets had hit her but the armour stopped them.

Heading to the kitchen, Barbara gestures "I would welcome the company while I prepare the tea, or you can take your ease here as I do." It's strange but she seems … nervous … about him being there.

"I don't think we'll get your armour from the Japanese government. But … what if I knew someone who might be willing to help you?"

Ken moves into the kitchen with her just to watch her make the tea. She's seen him do it plenty of times. Traditional japanese methods. Iron tea kettles. That kind of thing. This is different. The kitchen is American, the living area is American. There are chairs instead of cushions. The table is higher. The tea kettle probably isn't cast iron.

"Not without doing them several favors. Which might be possible but… I am not sure how they would feel about me at this point. Whom do you know, though?"

The kettle isn't cast iron, no. It's a nice ceramic one though and Babs sets the mugs out just like she's seen Ken do. Her technique to mix the tea so very similar to Kens though.

"I'm sure this doesn't come close to what you serve me." She says as she sees him watching.

"It's a contact. The same person who helped me design my armour and the built it. His name is Leo and I've known him for years."

While she waits for the water to boil she takes the tablet sitting on the counter and brings up an image. "I … I was doodling …" It's with a blush that the tablet is handed over.

On it is a very basic drawing of some armour - not exactly like his Silver set, but there are elements of it there.

"It's different. But then it's not matcha." Which is a very particular thing that Ken does. Well, his family does. Not many in Japan serve it the way he does anymore. He has studied lost arts for a long, long time.

"Doodling were you?" He takes a look. It is very oriental. Not as flamboyant as his silver set but… that's probably a good thing. His Silver set was EXTREMELY obvious. It really couldn't be anything BUT a set of Samurai armor and that meant he basically couldn't be in it unless he was about to throw down.

"Interesting. And you think this Leo would be willing to build this?"

"It is not. I have yet to find a decent supplier of the tea." Barbara says. "If you … plan to keep visiting, I will find a good supplier and make sure there is some on hand. I doubt I'll make it to your approval, but I will enjoy trying to."

She gestures as the tea is done, there's a small table just outside. The apartment itself is nice, furnished but not cluttered - unless you count all the books she has.

"When we spoke about your armour at Christmas Time, I …. got creative. I hope you don't mind? I know that armour can be very … personal." Not in a private sort of way but it can be an expression. "Do you like it?"

Babs hands him a stylus so he can … draw on it.

"Leo. Might. Yes. For a friend of mine. He only does that type of work for a select few. I haven't asked him yet - I wanted to see if you were receptive first."

Kennuichio takes the stylus and adds a few things. Small Japanese flairs that he liked. He pauses. The armor design is functional, he knows enough about old armor to know that. He's tempted to make it more OBVIOUSLY Samurai as a statement but… that might not be a good idea. He will have to ride a bike now and that is not something he often had to do before.

"I am certainly very willing to have armor made for me. But quality armor is expensive." Ken thinks and then looks up at Babs. He isn't sure how she supplies her operation only that she must have some very interesting connections.

"I do like it. What is he going to want for it?"

Babs smiles at the addition, watching Kens face as he works. "I wasn't sure if you wanted to make a little more Samurai in nature. It is your trademark, afterall but … there's history." Clearly Babs thinks he could make it so.

"Armour is and it will be made in a similar fashion to mine. You aren't quite as acrobatic as I am, but you move. You need something flexible that will stop bullets and a degree of stabbing damage. Which means, it's going to be more so than what you might get elsewhere."

The redhead shakes her head though. "I'm not sure, Kennuichio-san. The cost of the materials at least. Whether he'll ask for more or even take it, I just don't know. When I came back to the cowl, he bought my suit to me and wouldn't hear of taking anything for it."

"What won't you wish to pay?" She turns the tables on that question.

"Exhorbitent amounts of money. Secrets from my family and company. I am not sure what else he might ask for. I am willing to pay for quality though and I do have some idea of what it costs." Since he had, you know, his own set of armor before.

"Just brought it to you? This sounds less like a contact and more like a friend." And what kind of friend might a vigilante have? One able to make modern ballistic body armor? It's a curious question.

"Will you take me to meet him? Or does he prefer to work anonymously?"

"Maybe he is. A friend I mean. Does that bother you?" And yes, what kind of friend might a vigilante have? Ken had called the Bats a crime family - and he ….. was wrong but the parallels are similar. "Shall we say that there were people who weren't keen on me going back in the field…. Leo, he didn't say it, but he wanted me safe. Or at least, as safe as I could be."

"No soul binding either, I take it?" The redhead teases a little, still watching the Samurai and trying to judge his response. "We will meet him. He works for a very small group and he'll want to be certain of your intentions …"

Ken would not admit to being wrong and not just because it would be a loss of face. The Bats parallel a crime family so well it is difficult to call them anything but. They prey on other criminals but that is the only major thing he sees as a difference.

"Is that something he's likely to ask for? Because no. I do not play games with my immortal soul." That was a joke he is sure but it's still off the table. Speaking of, there is tea on the table and he takes a sip.

"And what will you have told him before hand?"

Babs has never asked Ken to apologise nor would she. She's a bit miffed though.

"No, it's something he's likely to ask for. If you even suggest that to him, he'll look shocked and bewildered. Nothing could be further from his mind. I was teasing, forgive me?"

"I will tell him that the world reknown, Silver Samurai, requires new armour and here's a design of my own devising. He does watch the news, you know. He'll know who you are."

"No need to apologize. And most people with a few minutes and an internet connection know who I am. It is only the fact that they do not expect to see me in a business suit that prevents them from knowing most of the time. I take it then that he is a fan of my work? Or is he not a fan of my other work?"

The Silver Samurai has been on both sides of the law. He has been a hero - more or less - since his capture by the Japanese government years ago but a suspicious man might rightly suspect him. It is something he's had to deal with before.

Babs wonders if she'll ever understand the Samurai, or Kennuichio-san. Or if he'll ever … understand her. Her irreverent humour and quips that she uses to deflect a lot of things.

"Fan. That's an interesting way to frame it. Your earlier work didn't meet with much approval but you've a track record that speaks for itself." Green eyes meet his and hold his gaze for a long moment. He's only spoken about his earlier days in passing and Babs hasn't asked. But she is curious what drove him to do it.

"In truth, Kennuichio-San, I suspect he'll meet you and do this because I ask and you've been seen working with me. That sounds like bragging and … well… it isn't. It's a recommendation for some people in our community."

Or not for the other side of the law. Working with Batgirl? They'll want to take you out.

She might ask at some point and he might tell her. Certainly the Japanese Government had asked and whatever answers he had given them had been enough to convince them that even a former HYDRA operative should be given a second chance.

He hadn't disappointed, in any case.

"This would possibly be the first time that someone else's celebrity got me something valuable." He says with a chuckle. "Forgive me, it is not often I meet someone more well known than I." Since he doesn't actually usually deal with heroes. Only criminals and those usually with a sword.

Maybe one day. Trust is a precious to Barbara and she believes that Ken has feelings about his past.

"Not more well known, Kennuichio-san, but in a certain circle, I'm well respected. If I can use that to help you, then I will."

Glancing at their gear on the shelf by the door, Babs lets out a long, slow, breath. "Are you going back out? Or heading home?" For herself, she's going to curl on her couch for a couple of hours and review Oracles reports from the evening. Plus, the latest episode of SuperNatural should be available.

"I certainly can if you would like your apartment back. But otherwise I had planned to enjoy this tea for a bit." And if that meant sitting on the couch and relaxing that was okay with him. He is comfortable in Babs presence and why not? They've spent enough time together.

And the tea is, despite being American, quite good. Not that he will say that. But he will drink it.

"No, I don't want you to go …" Babs says with a blush. "I mean. You don't have to go. But if you're staying, I'm moving to the couch and checking Oracles reports."

The redhead takes her tea and heads in that direction, casting a 'look' at Ken as she does. They'll both need to sleep before their 'day' starts properly.

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