2020-06-20 - With Extreme Prejudice


Pris comes home after the incident with the dark elves, and talks to the family. Plans are made. Be afraid.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 20 01:28:40 2020
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue - Penthouse

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The Frost family does not tend to worry too much about one another when they are simply out of sight; they are, of course, not out of mind. But they tend to touch base with one another on a haphazard basis, usually at least once a day. There's no solid reason to panic if they miss that window, but given the crises circling around members of the family they do have a tendency to get more tense the longer that window slides.

Pris not calling or showing up for nearly thirty-six hours is a bit much, to say the least. More frustrating, her locator has been turned off.

But, after thirty-six hours out of contact, Pris finally shows up at the Penthouse, riding the elevator up from the parking garage. She's wearing civilian garb - she tries not to go out or come in wearing anything moticably 'super', or in stripper garb, so as to draw as little attention to such things as possible - but she is carrying the shielded backpack her family would know well contains her costume and battle gear. It would seem Voodoo got up to something.

The door to the Penthouse opens, and Pris' mind sweeps out to brush against the minds of anyone already home at this hour of late afternoon, even as she starts for her bedroom to drop off her gear.

It has been a long thirty-six hours.

Catseye is in furform, and simply leaps from the second floor to the first, butting her head against Pris's head, inhaling to taste the air for worrisome scents… Pris's blood or poison. Other people's blood, gunpowder and such are less worrisome. Then Pris has the fun of trying to climb up the stairs with a cat the size of a TIGER wanting to be RIGHT UP AGAINST HER at her feet. It's hazardous enough when a common tabby does it, the lavender lioness is a menace, if an affectionate and worried one!

Emma steps out of her office the instant that Pris makes contact, she was just about to start a grid search of the city with her mind, starting at the Obsidian Club. Eyes of blue are concerned, and her aura is as well, it is not like she generally shields from her girls. She does read Pris's aura, checking for signs of trauma and tampering, not quite as much a menace as her sister's need to be super close. As Pris is heading up, Emma is there when she reaches the top of the stairs. "Are you well, Priscilla?" She asks, tone and mien much calmer than her actual feelings.

Gack! Pris is pounced, and oofs at the thud of giant lion head against her own. Her scent pattern shows very faint evidence of her own blood, and others', including multiple non-human sources. She has had a long bath and such since, so there's not much left. But Catseye could certainly pick it up. There's also a curiously … indeterminate 'seared flesh' scent, that isn't. It's … well. It's weird. Pris has the strength and agility to make it up the stairs, but she just holds onto Catseye for a bit and stays on the stairs with her.

When they reach the top, finally, Pris smiles a bit weakly to Emma and shrugs. "I'm … OK. Op went more than a bit sideways. I'm healed up, but … some of what's wrong isn't just burns and broken bones." She's a bit distracted in her thoughts, something worrying about in there, bugging her. And she sounds almost … stuffed up? Congested? "Just let me drop this off. Then … we can talk." Not that she is looking forward to that conversation. But she does not hide things from her family. It's just that she is anticipating this to be a very uncomfortable conversation.

Catseye peers worriedly at Priscilla and nods. "Catseye get food." Food makes everything better, right? Of course, that means shifting to smoothskin, but taking care of her sister is the most important thing. So… food. She can make a grilled cheese sandwich, heat up some soup… make tea. Nothing fancy, but hot and filling and made with love.

Emma's mask cracks a bit, showing genuine concern. "Excellent thought, Sharon, we'll meet you downstairs." Emma smiles then to Pris. "We will get things sorted, Pris. I'll wait." And Emma does just that, knowing that Pris is very physical, she'll walk down the stairs with her, though she doesn't crowd her daughter like Cat did, she is /there/ however, her shields expanding to cover them all, a sort of 'hug' implicit in that act, a loving gesture as well.

Once they head downstairs, Emma will settle her daughter on the couch, and then join her there. "You seem weary. What can we do?"

Priscilla scritches her fingers through Catseye's fur as the lioness pads down the stairs towards the kitchen, smiling. Then she drops her bag in her room and comes out, hugging Emma firmly. "Sorry to worry. But I had to go off-grid for the op. It wasn't supposed to go this long, or this badly." They almost never are, right?

Once down the stairs, Pris slips into the kitchen to wrap her arms around Sharon from behind, hugging her smoothskin firm. "Thanks." That said and done, she pads over to the sofa and sits down beside Emma, closing her eyes a bit as she slowly dismantles and lowers her own shields, letting her emotions spill naturally outwards. She is tired. Most of all, she is frustrated, annoyed, and a bit worried.

"One of Sarah's magicky friends, a chick named Zatanna, sent us a letter, asking for our help. Sarah had a gig, so I went in. The op was supposed to be a pounce and grab on a minion of the dark elf bastards who have been hunting through the city. But it went a big ca-ca. Way more heavy-hitting backup than we had planned for. We beat them, but we got beat up pretty solid." Pris rolls her shoulders, trying to work through the tension still trying to pull her under.

"Problem is, their top sorcerer was faster, and meaner, than ours. Bastard cast a spell, burned a brand on our souls. Marked us out as prey for the Wild Hunt. And they'll be here in three days." Pris sighs. "I don't really care for myself. I can take these jerks. But they're going to tear up anything and everything to get at those of us who are marked. So … civilians anywhere near me are in big trouble. And I'm starting to worry we don't have the chops to take these bastards down and stop their plans. And I can't exactly say that to my girlfriend, 'cause that's her damned job."

Catseye says promptly, "Wilderness. Catseye knows places. No civilians to get hurt. Let Sarah help. Maybe can remove mark. Maybe can transfer it." Catseye bares her teeth in a snarl. "Catseye turn hunters into hunted." Because hurt her sister? She'll see them in hell first.

Emma keeps a steady sending of welcome, of love, of home to Pris, knowing how important such things are to the girl. The love in particular is soothing, and it is very strong. Cat would get the same feelings of course, it doesn't get beyond Em's shielding, but those shields are rather large at the moment to encompass both girls.

Eyes of blue are very attentive as the story spills forth, and Emma looks very thoughtful indeed. "I confess that sorcery is not something I am well versed in, in truth your own magical talents are far better than mine." A nod to Cat. "Still, what Sharon has said is sound strategy. I would additionally prepare the site to receive 'guests'."

Pris leans into that love, metaphorically. But she cannot help snorting with irony at one of Emma's comments. "My magical talents?" She glances at Emma. "Let's be fair, here. My magical talents amount to being able to feel and smell the stuff. I sneeze if I find it and wasn't prepared. That's it." She sighs and shakes her head. "I like the idea of turning them into the hunted. But I think wilderness, as good as it is, is not the way to go here. They ride horses. We need somewhere contained, tight spaces, things that will give us the advantage over their maneuverability and speed." SHe snaps her fingers. "Subway tunnels. Abandoned subway tunnels. Lots of iron in those rails."

Priscilla rolls her shoulders. "I'm going to have to dip into the trust accounts a bit. I need some non-standard gear. Things specifically tuned to fighting and hurting these guys more harshly than I have been. Including cold iron bullets." An image flashes through all three minds of a Vulcan minigun spewing cold iron bullets down a tunnel into an onrushing cadre of dark elves.

Pris can fight very, very nasty when she has to do it.

"I won't have to turn off my locator next time. Won't matter if their minions can locate me with tech. But I'm not doing this here. And I'd rather both of you prep as well, just in case. I don't know for sure they would send anything or anyone to my usual haunts, but I sure don't want you caught unprepared if they do." Priscilla has spent most of her life without a family; she is paranoically protective of the one she has now.

Catseye nods, "Catseye knows abandoned railways. Or maybe not abandoned…. when hunt happens, Catseye can go railway switching yard. Have train-hopped before. Box cars LOTS of iron, and think of magichorse argue with train engine, horse loses." She chuckles, "Too bad don't have private railcar like olddays. Could wait in style."

"Make whatever use of funds you need, Priscilla. In fact use my corporate card, charge whatever you like." She can't help but smile a bit brighter at the ironic snort. "Well, I can't even do /that/. So, yes, your magical talents far surpass my own." At the mention of special ammo, the smile turns a lot more raw, darker, more predatory. "As it happens I know a number of people that can help you with special ordinance, and they are used to short deadlines. I'll introduce you tomorrow."

A firm nod. "I'll make sure to stay in a safe location, and keep my thoughts peeled." She knows how protective Pris and Cat are, she won't rock the boat.

A faint smirk about the private railway, and she shakes her head. "No, not here in New York, we do in Boston, however." Really? Goodness. That might be fun to check out. "My father used to be quite fond of his trains, many people collect train sets of course, my father merely did so with a scale of one to one."

Catseye nods, "Railcar safe place for us to be when fight goes down. Sister not have to worry about family, can keep her mind on the fight." She pushes another grilled cheese sandwich towards Priscilla. "Was worried. Glad sister back. Trust Motherfrost and Catseye to help, then get out of way for actual fight, yes?"

Priscilla accepts the food, and the advice, smiling at her family. "Thanks for understanding. I know it seems all wacky. but this has me a bit weirded out." And worried, obviously. "I'll take the invite. And I think the two of you in a well-armed private railcar sounds just about perfect." Then she and Sarah and the others can do what they have to do. Just so long as no one asks for licenses.

They don't need no stinking licenses.

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