2020-06-20 - Stirring the Pot


Domino lobbies for and gets an audience for Chalk with the Hunter. Accommodations are made! Intel is shared that points to the nefarious Cyberian.

Log Info:

Storyteller: Hank-McCoy
Date: Sat Jun 20 17:14:48 2020
Location: Mutant Town

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The dust finally seems to be settling. You know what that means… It's time to stir up some more. Domino's had about all that she can handle of being stuck on the campus anyway. The weather's getting better, her thermal suit is comfortably replaced with road leathers and her shiny new BMW sport bike is just itching to have the throttle opened.

That her new black biker helmet happens to have a pair of triangular vents on the top which look -suspiciously- like cat ears is probably just coincidence.

Chalk had been given a heads up in advance. Dom will understand if he waits for her to arrive before showing up but one albino knows where to find another.

There's only one problem. She doesn't have a means of contacting Hunter directly. Her first solution to this dilemma is to drive really quickly through Mutant Town and draw some attention. This may simply be her looking for an excuse to drive quickly.

The second solution is to swing by the food kitchen. The bike zips up to the curb and balances onto its front wheel long enough to twist half of a turn and neatly plunk down into its final parking spot.

Wandering inside the catbike helmet slips under an arm as she looks around. The servers are the most likely place for intel so she steps on over to pointedly ask "I'm looking for a lost kitty. Big, ornery, short on words, has a fondness for portable Soviet artillery?"

Chalk is not one to take unnecessary risks - don't think he's a coward, he will definitely and without hesitation take necessary ones, but he has too keen an appreciation for his own self to do so without need. In short he's rather smart and quite pragmatic, usually, and this is a shining example. When Domino advised him of the meeting she planned, that she was actually going to make good on her promise to try and smooth things over in Mutant Town, he agreed to be nearby. And he is, only a ten minute drive from the place and waiting for her call. He's parked in the lowest level of a parking structure near the disaster zone, currently in the back compartment of a van, keeping a very low profile as he reads and waits for her to text him with further instructions. He's very VERY good at waiting for further instructions, patient enough to impress Job himself!

When the Pride comes to the food kitchen, it is full to capacity. But the Pride not only eat here; they work here, too. They take turns and shifts helping with cooking, with cleaning, with setting up tables and chairs or tearing them down, not to mention serving the food. In point of fact, only a couple of folks working in the kitchen - one on the serving line, another in the food prep area - aren't members of the Pride.

There is a good reason why this food kitchen works so well and has kept afloat all of these years. They never have to fish for volunteers.

Domino makes quite the entrance, and chances are good that riding that fast up and with that flashy a display at the food kitchen she likely had reason for the itch between her shoulderblades. But when she produces no weapons, makes no threats, that itch subsides.

Inside, many stare at the not-quite-stranger as she wanders in, but none approach her or try to start anything. When Domino then approaches the servers, they glance back and forth; not one of them missed that allusion, but who here is going to break the Hunter's cover? Instead of speaking, by mutual assent they all turn and look towards the tables, as an older African American man climbs slowly to his feet and starts in her direction.

"Hello, Miss." the aged figure offers in a droll and polite, erudite but aged voice with a Southern accent. "Perhaps we could step out of everyone's way? Then I might be able to help you?"

Weather - for that is what he is called - gestures towards the side door to the kitchen, and if his invitation is accepted leads the way through the kitchen and out the back door into the alleyway beside the kitchen's building.


Domino's gone through this same dance move for move when dealing with various mobs over the years. Usually what follows is being led to a quiet room where someone else is waiting to bar the door while yet another person readies some manner of handgun. The difference here is that Neena has all of the confidence in the world that no one's going to be pulling any triggers on her.

Weather is given a casual 'after you' motion before the part time mercenary follows along. However they want to handle this meeting is their business just so long as she can take care of her own.

With any luck Chalk's got himself a good book to read. This won't be an immediate process. But, the ball be a'rollin.'

Weather does not lead Domino into a room, but through it, and into the alleyway. No doors bar the way, though the door to the kitchen is closed on the chock waiting there, dimming sound going back into the busy, loud kitchen as well as cutting down on that noise out in the alley.

"You are the one called Spot, yes?" Weather asks good-naturedly. If he heard anyone likening the Pride to a mob, he would be most upset. "Hunter is watching, of course. I suspect she would prefer to be undisturbed while she is keeping watch. But we should be done here in an hour. Once most of the Pride have left, she will feel free to move about. SHe worries, when we are all together here under one roof."

Weather glances up towards the nearby skyline for a bit, and then back to Domino. "She will meet you at the Sanctuary in an hour and a half. That is the old half-ruined church on the border of the Zone." And then he smiles. "You are welcome to join us for a meal, if you like?"

There's an immediate eye roll accompanied by an amused smirk when Weather drops the 'Spot' nickname. That one's gained a lot more traction around this part of town! "How'd you guess" she says in a level but similarly good natured tone. As far as Hunter watching, Dom offers "I was counting on it." Her albino senses have been tingling for a while, already.

When a location and a timeframe is provided she dips her head once in acknowledgement. "I'm familiar with the area, and I'm good, thanks. Will be waiting for her." Whether or not they have food to spare here she'd never shake the feeling of taking a meal from someone who needs it way more than she does. Besides, now she has a building to scout out prior to the meeting.

Always business-focused first it'l be right back to the bike so she can make the rounds then wait for her 'mark.' Chalk will be getting an update sooner than later as well.

Chalk will be only too happy to wait in the van, he has many many things he can do to keep busy; he has been laying very low, and moving around a lot lately, so this is nothing new for the man. He's actually not taken on any face-to-face work in weeks. He's pretty sure he has a /few/ bullseyes painted on his back, not willing to take chances.

The church building in question is no longer actively home to a congregation, but it has not been allowed to collapse in disuse. It has actually been rather well maintained, though its roof could use all-new shingles rather than the constant patch jobs it has been getting for seven years. It is also clean inside; broken windows have been patched up inside, and looting has not been permitted. It is not well known outside of Mutant Town, and not exactly common knowledge within, but this place has become just what Weather called it: Sanctuary. When the Pride have need of a safe space, they come here. With multiple floors, a tower, and solid construction, it can house most if not all of them if needed. It is the tallest structure within the precincts of Mutant Town, and thusly those who know of Hunter's sniper origins can guess it is also a favorite haunt of hers, overlooking as it does the Disaster Zone.

If there's one element which Domino and the hellcat can agree on (beyond being cat critters) it's that they both dislike setting foot inside of churches.

There's plenty of time to get the lay of the land. Mark out exits, places to hide, fastest routes to disappear, all of those pesky but important details she feels better knowing about.

Going inside, however…

There's a gnawing feeling in the pit of her stomach which may have nothing at all to do with the demon riding shotgun. The peaceful ambience, the echoing of every little sound, the light casting through the stainless windows, the place may not be in use but there's a certain energy to any place of worship. In Neena's case there's also the associated memories of her childhood.

Confident that the building is secure for the time there is an uncomfortable period where long buried memories have a chance to claw their way back to the surface. The pale lady stares right past the preserved architecture and decoration as inside her and the unseen 'familiar' wander a much darker path..only for a moment or two.

Just as quickly all of these unwated thoughts are bunched together into a proverbial ball and flicked aside as Domino leans back against a wall and pulls a flask out of a jacket pocket.

It's not like anyone's around to stop her from drinking. Not like they could stop her if they were.

From the moment that Weather gave Domino an estimate, it is an hour and ten minutes before a figure leaps the incredulous distance of almost thirty meters from the nearest intact roof to one of the windowsills of the church building. That same figure then climbs up the outside of the building even while balancing the substantial long gun on its back, up to the rooftop aerie and the tower.

Hunter needs to prep time; this is her territory, and she knows it better than most can even imagine. Within another ten minutes she comes to the balcony overlooking the main open sanctuary, and then leaps down to that level in the central transom, before padding out towards the front entrance. The long gun, it seems, has been left above.

"Better?" It is the only word offered as Hunter appears and settles across from Domino, watching the hellbino. When last she saw Dom, she had been torn up pretty badly in the Arena, and could well have failed to escape when the Cyberian's traps went off. THis is the first confirmation that she got out alive, though Hunter imagines the Posse would not have been as easy-going if that had been the case.

Somewhere between instinct and luck Neena can sense when she isn't alone. There's something about there being another hunter on the scene, let alone a sharpshooter, which puts her nerves on edge. It's an instict not many people get a chance to hone, largely because they wind up dead before they learn to identify the subtle trigger. She knows her position's been made..again something which she's counting on. Let the other feline get reacquainted with her territory, check it over for anything which isn't as it should be. Dom's just going to wait right here.

"Better" Dom automatically replies to the question without otherwise acknowledging that Hunter has arrived. Another drink is claimed from the flask then it gets capped. Instead of hiding it away she looks to Hunter and holds it up in offering. If accepted the flask will find itself being tossed over to the other meta. If not, back to the pocket it goes.

"Business today" she offers next as if adopting Hunter's own clipped speech format. Maybe it's a cat thing, who knows. "Chalk. Was blind, foolish. Also better." He knows he screwed up. "Saved me. Wants to return. Promises to behave. Can be useful."

Diya visibly 'sniffs' at the flask and considers, then shakes her head. "Later." she offers. Queen of the single-word answers, this Hunter. She doesn't seem moved by 'business today'; she rather assumed, as Dom has shown no inclination before now to show up for pleasure or social calls. That could change, but she will judge from what she knows until proven otherwise.

Chalk's mention almost earns a spit. For once the impassive Hunter's face registers an emotion, and it is one of displeasure, if not outright disgust. The Pride have associated Chalk with members of their own being kidnapped, tortured, and mutilated. Some even murdered. But Diya is a woman learning to forgive herself for sins beyond counting; she does not immediately discount Chalk's desires or intentions.

"Coming?" Diya finally asks, eyeing Domino again patiently. She will sniff it out on the pale man, and make her own best judgements.

Yeah… That's about the best reaction Domino could have hoped to get from Hunter. "His ass on line, his choice to gamble" she replies with a smirk which could hold a -touch- of malice to it. If Chalk screws up again he's going to have TWO pissed off markswomen hunting his sorry butt down.

It isn't until Diya asks 'coming?' that Neena's translation falters slightly, interpreting it more as Hunter planning to lead them somewhere and asking if Dom is going to follow. A slight tilt of her head is all that her confusion shows before pulling a phone out of another pocket and tapping the screen to life. "Could," she replies with a Devil May Care smile. Then in a much more Neena-like vocal pattern, she offers "Let's see how brave our ghost is feeling today."

« Sanctuary church bordering DZ. One chance or one shot, make it count. »

At the moment Chalk is napping, but the chime of his phone wakes him right up, and he reads the text. "Sounds like safe passage has been granted…provisionally." The man thinks about it a couple minutes, and then replies. «En route, ETA 12 minutes, barring traffic or complications.»

Message sent the albino man heads up front in the van to get behind the wheel. It starts after a moment, the lights come on and he is soon under way driving just a couple miles over the limit and only minorly breaking any traffic laws - in short he drives like most everyone else, so he blends in. He is wearing a baseball cap and some dark blue lensed shades with octagonal wire frames so facial recognition will be nearly impossible from the local traffic cams and the like.

Just over elven minutes later the van pulls up to the church, then parks behind it where it won't be seen easily. A moment to slip out of the vehicle and then he enters through the rear entrance, pausing just inside as he texts. «Onsite. Rear entrance.»

Most folks would find it interminable to wait so long when they are hyped up and tense; but Hunter just remains leaning comfortably against the wall of the entrance, just outside the heavy wooden doors. She is outwardly so relaxed it must seem as though she has fallen asleep standing up. But she knows the look, the sound, the smell of everything and everyone around her. It's not hard for her to pick up a vehicle coming this close to the Sanctuary when no others are.

Given that the rear entrance of the Sanctuary faces out onto the devastation of the Disaster Zone, anyone driving around behind that gets noticed, at least by anyone out this far paying attention. And these two professional women are definitely paying attention. Hunter glances at Domino and rolls her eyes a bit. When the phone in the hellbino's hands gives a little buzz, Diya just turns and opens the door; she doesn't even wait for Neena to read the message. "Come."

That said, Diya leads the way inside, down the transom to the nave and then through a door into the sacristy. Another door, and then she leads the way down a spiral staircase to the first basement level of the church. A short walk later, and she stands at the end of the short hallway, looking at the door Chalk opened, sniffing her way after him.

It is likely the first time Chalk has ever been this close to Hunter's predator's aura, let alone trapped in an enclosed space with it. But he asked for this meeting. Now, here she is, and no rifle on her back or in her hands.

Only an idiot would assume that makes him at all safe.

Oh yeah. Out here in a quiet corner of the city and inside of a building where all sounds are effortlessly carried there is no possible way that Chalk's arrival will go unnoticed while -driving.- All that the current albino does is push herself away from the wall. Regardless of how this plays out she's still going to be ready to lunge forward and place herself between these two.

When Hunter rolls her eyes Domino gives her a look which seems to ask 'wouldn't YOU be cautious?' One person here actively wanted the guy dead and the other already spent some quality time torturing him! Chalk has certainly earned his reasons to be really freaking worried.

As Hunter starts to move Spot is right there alongside her, no verbal instruction required. She'd really rather not see Chalk get turned inside out tonight.

The walk downstairs to meet him only toys with her memories that much further, at one point she brushes fingertips along one of the walls, rather as if she had passed through this very hall some time ago.

When the other albino comes into view Dom calls out "Hey there, moonshine. This is point and you've got it."

See, now, Chalk is not a coward - he actually has a fair amount of intestinal fortitude. That said he's here half expecting to be killed. And yet he's still here. This is needful. He goes even paler when he feels the concentrated predator aura from Hunter, and her disheveled and none too clean appearance is also more than a tad off-putting as well. He swallows a couple times, eyes closing as he fights his panic response under control, trembling. He reeks of fear scent, but this is proof he is in earnest, he fights it down, though it takes him a couple minutes. Once he does, however, he doffs both his shades, tucking them into a pocket, and the cap is removes as well, holding it in one hand. He offers a fairly genuine smile, though perhaps a bit on the wan side. "Hello Domino." He greets her. "Thanks for arranging this meet."

Pink eyes shift to the Hunter now, and he does something quite deliberate - he very carefully takes his handgun out, holding it by the barrel he offers it to her grips first. "Good faith." Pretty nice gun too, ceramic and polymers, depending on the ammo it might even clear an airport's security. Very much a custom job.

Diya does not take the time, here, to meditate, to quiet herself, to hunch her shoulders and try to shrink her aura. Sitting down often helps a lot, which is why that is what she does in the clinic. But here with CHalk she remains standing, impassive and calm; she could be growling or tearing his guts out with her bare claws, and she's not. She's just waiting, quite patiently. She gives Chalk the chance to fight himself under control.

WHen Chalk offers the pistol, Diya walks forward slowly with that unnervingly smooth gait, and extends her left hand to take the weapon, lifting it for inspection. She clears and racks the slide, ejects the magazine, and examines it swiftly and carefully. Even catches the cartridge that pops out. Then she extends her left hand, and offers them back to Chalk.

Hands open, unarmed, no claws, the homeless Hunter gestures in a big, wide circle. "Mutant Town." She begins.

Did someone warn Chalk about how Hunter communicates? This could be painful.

Then Diya slaps her right palm over her heart. "Pride." Then she points to the ground beneath their feet. "Territory." THen she raises her arms, slapping her hands forcefully against her forearms in turn. "Protected.

This is, in essence, Chalk's one time explanation for all future referece: this place, and its people, are hers. Under her protection. And unlike many, Chalk can have no illusions what that means. He has seen it far more closely than most still living on this earth or any other.

That fear… Oh goodness that FEAR. The way it radiates off of Chalk while in the Hunter's presence! Domino's nostrils flare slightly, those bright and wide metallic eyes closing for a count of five as a sort of linear feedback forms between the three..and she's at the tail end of it. It effortlessly stirs the hellcat within, makes it long for the hunt. To give chase and sink claws into flesh and drive fangs into the joints of the spine —

There's a peculiar scratching sound coming from behind Neena, right around thigh level. It ceases as soon as she snaps out of it with a little twitch and folds her arms together up front. An idle smile is swiftly forced back to her face right as Chalk thanks her. "No problem" she promptly dismisses the matter.

Then Chalk goes and disarms himself, providing them all with a chance to see what manner of hardware he's packing. Curious… This guy really does have connections, and Dom won't forget it.

Next up is Diya's own form of sign language which has Dom leaning back and waiting through. She's also here to serve as a translator if at all necessary though this part of the discussion seems pretty clear-cut to her. Instead, she actually speaks out on Chalk's behalf.

And this guy can be boots on the ground, another reliable set of eyes and ears to keep tabs on the area."

Can anyone blame the man for being frightened in tight quarters with a supernatural predator that radiates menace whom he *knows* has ample reason to want him dead AND is in the company of a woman who has actually tortured him? The marvel here should be that he MANAGES to control his fear at all.

As Diya takes the weapon she's realize this gun is firing caseless ammo and the bullets are ceramic as well, so…yeah, definitely this gun, this HIGHLY illegal gun, could get through a metal detector just fine. Chemical sniffers would work, but they don't employ those at airports as a matter of course.

Unaware of Neena's struggle, he is relieved at her calm acceptance of her thanks.

Then he watches Hunter's unique method of communication, brown furrowing as he takes in the oddity of it, and then parses the meaning. "I offer no excuses. I didn't know how bad things would get, but I always knew my work wasn't going to end well for the targets." Here's where he might just get his throat torn out. "But once I knew how bad it was I had to do something, so I stole the transponder badge that Domino had, I put it outside their security fields so it could be found. I did what I could for her inside, and I have broken all dealings with those guys and worked to help." He looks to Diya, but doesn't hold her gaze, savvy enough to know that is a challenge. "I want to make amends, and ask that I be allowed into Mutant Town again. I am a good ally, and…" He grimaces a little. "…offer my aid for the next year, without recompense as a peace offering."

He does take his gun back, leaving the mag out of it, and tucking it away once more.

Diya listens, hearing Chalk out. Her anger at his actions is palpable, but she is not capricious; had she been there at the time of his crimes, he would already be dead. But now, merely talking of them, she can put that anger at a distance and let it pass. Diya lets him finish and then considers carefully all that he has said. She cants her head to the side, regarding him from a new angle, and then turns to glance over her shoulder at Domino. Does she know what that noise was? Maybe.

Turning back to Chalk, Diya finally speaks again. "Tell. All." She points over her shoulder at the other albino. "Find. End." There can be no doubt of just how permanently the Hunter intends to deal with those who have hunted and harmed her people. Not the POB, not SHIELD, no one will stop her vengeance. And she still has all of the weapons confiscated from the Razors that came to hunt her.

Is this what being a lawyer feels like? Domino is no fool, she knows that Chalk is a slimy rat bastard yet she's still going to bat for him. The unspoken truth is that he could be really useful to her, not to mention as part of their arrangement he would continue to be -her- eyes and ears in the area -for free- without sunset. Yes, he's deserving a swift kick betwixt the legs but he hasn't completely burnt out his usefulness yet. Not to her, nor to Hunter.

"Who doesn't love a redemption story?" she rhetorically asks with a big grin.

Here's the window of opportunity. Not an interrogation so much as a lifeline, details or die. It's up to Chalk to deliver.

In the meantime Neena still has some hootch in this here flask and it's not about to drink itself.

Chalk IS a slimy sonuvabitch, no question, but he does have something of a code - sure, he's a merc, but he keeps his deals, when he's bought he stays bought unless you try to screw him over. That he offered a full year of service without pay to Hunter might not mean much to her, but Domino should know that this is a HUGE peace offering right here.

At the tell all, he nods. "Okay." He, very slowly, reaches into a pocket and takes out a small notebook that Neena has seen before. Reviewing it, he reads off a list of every mutant he spotted for the Cyberian's goons, most of which have gone missing. He gives details on staging areas he knows of, and the mercs in their employ. Last of all, he looks to the Hunter, and then Dom, who's gaze he meets and holds. "And I know they have another event planned in two weeks time. A 'grand reopening' on the Fourth of July." He tears a page out of the back of the book, offering it to Neena. "Time, date, and rendezvous point for transit…I don't think the new arena is in NYC."

He doesn't even comment on the redemption story comment, nope, he's sure he's beyond redemption. That's okay though, he'll just have to live forever, right?

The Hunter listens intently, but does not interrupt. No growling, no hissing, no punching or kicking or clawing or biting. When Chalk finally offers over his piece of paper to Domino, she turns to the side to clear the way. Then she reaches out and taps him dead-center in the chest, right on the breastbone.

"Spotter. No more." This is not a negotiation. This is a commandment, those green eyes gaining a soft golden glow in the dim light of the basement hallway. What was is done. It cannot be undone. But now he knows what that means, and there won't be a second forgiveness. Not from the Hunter.

Now, she has to Hunt for those who have been taken. Now, the Hunter has to bring down vengeance. And this time the mysterious figure behind this must be found, and must pay with life and soul.

Aah, storytime. Every one of those names Chalk recites is another bullet waiting to find him. Every one of them is another tick against his continued survival. And yet, here they all are. While he's going through the details Neena's keeping a -very- close eye on Hunter from behind and to the side of her shoulder. It's a very short reach for a number of different weapons and she is determined to see that no one here dies today.

His notes come to end on a bombshell, a detail which Domino most certainly -did not- know about. The offered page is taken without a word, looked over, committed to memory. Outside of NYC? That's… Hm. Should she..maybe..leave RESCUE out of this one..? Is that still within their 'jurisdiction?' Gods know Posse'd be happy to have more assholes to lay some fire down upon.

"Do you have any names?" she inquires while staring at Chalk with those gleaming pupils. "If we have positive IDs we can shut this down with a week to spare." After all, two -highly skilled- snipers are on the scene. This lucky albino hasn't had a good sniper kill in FAR too long.

"Spotter, sure." Info brokering is sort of his main schtick, though he's also good at larceny and a fair hand with a few other less than reputable things. That said, he actually feels better, his fear scent almost completely gone. Cutting a deal is soothing to the man!

He is very mindful of how watchful his ally is, how carefully Dom appears to be keeping an eye out for him, and that is important. A shake of his head. "Unfortunately…no names. I'm trying, but my intel is second and third hand, I'm not plugged in like I was. Best I can do right now is the event on the Fourth." And the canny observers in the room would definitely note that he finds it a bit offensive they're reopening on July 4.

Hunter is silent. Deathly so. Her intensity has ratcheted up to a higher degree. It's palpable like that because of who and what she is. Will she break her word? Will she kill Chalk?

No. No, she will not. Her word is given. So long as he is never a spotter for anyone else to ever locate or hunt her people, she will let him live, and he will enjoy the same protections here in Mutant Town as all of the other citizens. He will never be Pride. But she will protect him, just the same.

Trust is perhaps a different matter.

Diya turns slowly and looks at Domino. "Hellcat. RESCUE. Pride. Hunt. End." That there was the goddamned Gettysburg Address where this laconic killer is concerned.

Well. It's better than nothing, and still substantial intel. As much as Domino wants to act upon this information -her- way she'd never hear the end of it from the others, sooo..looks like it's gonna be a party.

"Yeah" she grimly agrees with Hunter while already wondering if RESCUE will pitch a fit if Neena packs lethal munitions for this op. Trying to play by someone else's rules goes against every bit of her nature, darnit!

"Keep doing what you can, Chalk. We'll take care of the rest. And hey. Good find." Positive reinforcement is go!

Clearly he's not going to be invited to Christmas Dinner, but that's okay - able to hang out, protected like the other folks? That's a lot more than he had before. Chalk does smell of fear again during Diya's menace boost, but he gets it under control again. He's honestly relieved, snipers can be scary! A lot.

Trust? That's a bit much to ask for.

Chalk frowns a moment as he hears 'Hellcat', he's heard of a woman who went by that name, but he's pretty sure that's not who they mean. He nods once, crisply. "Yeah." He'll do that, and yeah, it was a good find. He looks to Diya then, and inclines his head in thanks for the meet, then slowly starts backing towards the door. Pausing a moment. "I'll use this as a dead drop, in the sacramental wine storage." Irony! And then out he goes, making for his van, and really REALLY wanting some sleep. Being on the run /sucks/.

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