2020-06-18 - Topsy Turvy Tables


Turning the tables on Malekith doesn't go as planned.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 18 23:03:13 2020
Location: Westchester

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With galleries and private collections being looted across New York, Zatanna has decided to take the fight to the Dark Elves. To do this, she needs allies. Allies that can help distract from physical and mental attacks, while she and Loki play a little dirty.

OK. A lot dirty.

"Thank you for coming," the mage greets those gathered. "I'm expecting another but he's running an errand for me. As I explained in my message, this is a sting. It's been publicised in the 'arcane community' that a powerful artifact resides in the collection inside."

They're gathered in the shadows of a building across the street from a gallery - best not ask who owns that gallery (ahem). "We expect they'll take the bait tonight, because it's being moved tomorrow and … when they do, we're going to ambush them. No more being caught on the back foot. Any questions?"

As she's talking, a car drives slowly down the street and turns the corner. Not unusual really.

Well, at least one of the Avengers was here to represent, as Captain Marvel grins over at Zatanna, "Sounds good, though I admit magic isn't exactly something I'm used to." She shrugs a bit, "But, I'm more than happy to help out with this."

The tall blonde is in her costume, of course, a faint glow coming from her as she takes note of the car driving by, not reacting too much to it as she's being a bit wary about… well, everything at this point. Can't be too careful after all.

An actual invitation. On paper! Voodoo just had to consider answering it. Now the gold-accented purple-shrouded figure stands in the alleyway quietly; she doesn't need to open her mouth to be 'heard' when she wants to be. But for once she is not just linking up everyone's minds willy nilly. And those sensitive to such things would pick up an undercurrent of profound tension coming from the projective telempath.

Like a cat confronted with a dog that does not know its place, and then sprayed with a spritz of water.

Anyone likening this to a 'hissy fit' may be chopped into kibble.

« Are you expecting us to wait out here? Or blend in inside, Zatanna? » the alien-hunting stripper ninja vigilante inquires.

"I doubt we're going to get one of the bosses on a simple smash-and-grab," Spider-Man comments from a little ways up; he's still in the shadows, but there's only so much ground to go around, and he's just as comfortable crouching on a wall. And then there are flyers like Captain Marvel.

Spidey *may* have fangushed a little bit to see her arrive, but at this point, he is studiously all-business.

"So, they take the bait, we take a couple of captives, and we squeeze them for whatever info we can get on whoever's actually calling the shots?" he finishes his suggestion.

Loki is leaning against the wall of the building, barely visible in the shadows. You know that trick with a coin where you walk it along your fingers across your hand? He's doing that with a dagger, a cold iron one at that. "I can craft an illusion of a powerful relic inside, one that radiates a good amount of magic, if you like." Flipping the dagger up then catching it, the Liesmith smiles broadly, and it is a very not nice smile - more a menace laden baring of teeth. "Personally I'd love to stab a few svartalfar. They've been very annoying." A pause. "Oh, if you see anyone with an amulet that looks like this…" He holds up a hand and creates an image of what he's speaking of. "Do share with the class."

A smile to the out of sorts alien-hunting stripper ninja vigilante. «Timing might be relevant. The last event was triggered, most likely by a mortal with an amulet like the one I mentioned. Depends on if the Dark Elves are here, or on the other side of the rift.» He doesn't really know Carol, but offers the woman a polite nod.

Hengroen is a motorcycle for a change and Dylan rides up at very unsafe speeds had it been a normal motorcycle. He does slow as he catches sight of Zee and the others, coming to a halt nearby and climing off the bike. "Sorry I'm late. As expected, Baron Chesterford can talk and talk without stop. Unfortunately, it's impolitic to tell your superior who also happens to be a powerful sorcerer that you don't particularly care to hear about his winery. So." As he walks over, his armor and surcoat flow down over him from the torc around his neck. "Lure the svartalfar, cut their heads off. Still the plan?"

The invitations weren't delivered by Owl, at least.

"Hello Dylan. I hope you got a sample of the Barons wine cellar. I feel we're going to need a drop after this." the magician nods in the Knights direction. "That's basically the plan though, Loki thinks we can invert the spell that opens the rift when we close it and blast it back to the caster." It's dangerous but could be highly effective.

"Loki, Dylan and I can handle the magic. It's the physical and mental attacks that we'll need help with. We'll all need to focus on dispelling whatever they conjure whilst you all, get to get touchy feely with the rest." It might be hard to resist that grin that Zee gives them.

"No, I don't think we'll get one of the bosses on a smash and grab, Spider-Man, but I do think we'll get one their agents on this side." Wait? Agent on this side? "And when we let it be known we've got their number, I expect they'll come looking us for properly." There's a sparkle in Zee's bright blue eyes - sometimes she relishes the chase. "You've got it. It's dangerous but we can't allow this to continue."

"I don't think we'll need to go in, to be honest Voodoo. It's better if we don't. Less damage to the property." she pauses "I hope."

The car that passed a few minutes ago drives past them again, this time pulling into the alley just across from them. After a moment, Zee looks in that direction and smiles. "Bingo. Be ready…"

And that's all the warning they get as a rent appears in the air in the alley.

Three dark elves come through and head for the galleries back door but they stop and look in the groups direction. They can't see them, but they certainly sense … something and one of them speaks in an alien tongue - though Loki would understand it perfectly thanks to All Speak.

Three giants, Jotuns and two Fomori come through and spread across the street in front of the group. Close behind them, six flyers - they look like manta rays but more cthulhuesque - follow. Those screech and everyone can feel the ice of fear run through their veins.

"OK Loki and Dylan, do you your thing…. "

Spider-Man, Carol and Voodoo will soon be overrun by Jotuns, Fomori and Sluagh.

Captain Marvel blinks, "Okay, showtime!" She lights up, then takes off into the air, flying right at the Jotun and aiming to give him an uppercut. However, she keeps flying upwards, spiraling around and looking to get the attention of the flying Cthulhoid manta rays. Since, she figures, she can probably handle them alright…

But then, with magical weirdness, who knows?

"That's the plan, Dylan, yes." Loki says at about the same time as Zee confirms with perhaps a slightly less bloodthirsty slant. Loki is a lot fonder of Dylan's version. "Oh, and yes, some wine after would be nice." He adds with a smirk. A smile to the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and the Avenger's representative, Capatain Marvel. "Decapitation isn't a problem fo r you two is it? If it is any consolation, these are /very/ bad people."

He's seen enough of Voodoo to suspect she's fine with the bad guys being shortened a foot of so. He nods to Zee's comment. "Still working on the fine details, but it should be feasible to do the inversion as the Mistress of Magic described."

When the baddies appear he looks absolutely delighted. "Right then." He turns his green eyes to Dylan. "Shall we?"

Regardless of Dylan's answer, Loki simply walks across the street - though he doesn't actually traverse the distance, nope, a single step and he reappears on the far side of the rift, hopefully the more showy attacks will keep his presence hidden as he starts trying to weave the rift shut.

Well. It's all the warning *some* of the group gets. Maybe most of it.

The jolt to Spider-Man's inner warning system is enough to send him scampering *up* the wall, nearly far enough to emerge from the shadows - and that moment of nigh-instinctive evasion, in response to his spider-sense going off, means he can't quietly warn the others before the bad guys emerge. Then MORE bad guys come out to play, much the same way that cats are known to play with their victims.

Come to think of it, cats would be preferable. Even when they're more like cat burglars.

And then the Sluagh show up in addition to the ground-pounders. "Seriously?!" the aggrieved-sounding wall-crawler groans … even as he's leaping from his vertical perch and spraying webbing at the face of one of the lead flyers, trying to blind it as well as procuring an aerial anchor from which he can swing - the better to kick baddies in their heads, like a Fomor who was outrunning his buddies.

He doesn't reply to Loki's query about decapitations … but he still kicks that Fomor brawler a LOT harder than he'd kick a human-based supervillain.

« You need the guy in the car? » Voodoo inquires of Zatanna, as she charges into battle, linking her mind with she, Dylan, Spider-Man and Loki though not Carol to allow coordination. She may not be Ms. Marvel, but Voodoo's shapeshifting can embiggen, and she does quickly to get up to something around half the size of a Formori as she closes, sword and blaster coming out. Time to keep them busy, and hope the magicky folks can do what they asked. She'd have mite more faith if Sarah could have gotten leave to be here tonight!

"My thing? Look dangerous and adorable? Already doing it." Adorably dangerous? Dangerously adorable? Drawing his sword, Dylan gets back on his bike and points it at one of the Fomori. "Charge." The sword lengthens into a lance as Hengroen burns rubber and starts moving at speed toward their target, which unsurprisingly happens to be between him and the rift.

"Of course you are…" Zee casts a look at Dylan as Hengroen takes off. "Now BE dangerous and try to deflect any other magic attacks. Think so, Voodoo. That seems to be where the magic came from but hold on a run on that direction - Loki has a nasty surprise for them before we grab them.

One Jotuns' head snaps back as Carols uppercut hits, they've no magic of their own just … brute force and physical power. As Carol ascends, one of the flyers descends, wrapping its extra appendages about her wrists, spinning her around to smash her into the side of a building.

Spider-Mans web hits the flyer in the face, not that it seems to slow it. The creature turns and 'screams' at the spider, and Spider-Man experiences real fear - it seems to wrap about his body and hold him. Dylans blade gleams in the aftermath - that was magic, if not a spell. Maybe Soul's Bite can neutralise the flyers if they get low enough - and help the others take them out.

Voodoo is poetry in motion - very violent poetry it has to be said. Dark green ichor drips from a wound in the Fomori's side, sizzling as it hits the pavement. The bits that splatter Voodoo as she moves, burn and burn badly. As the alien-hunter hits one another reaches out to grab her by the back of the neck, intent on shaking her like rag doll.

As for Loki, the rift starts to close. He can feel it resist as he applies the magical sutures. "Hurry Loki." Zee says, sending a sizzling blast of magic at a Slaugh that has targetted them. He should be able to redirect the spell and disable the caster.

Carol oofs as she gets smashed into the building, not looking the worse for wear as she grits her teeth, "Alright, on my own, surprise." With that, she channels her cosmic energy and lets loose a blast directly at the flyer that got grabby.

Then, she decides that enough is enough, firing energy bolts at the flying creatures, trying to take them out as rapidly as possible. Her aura glows brighter as she channels more energy, moving nimbly about so that she can avoid getting grabbed again.

One of the reasons to fight with two weapons is that it gives one options! When the second Formori tries to grab her from behind, Voodoo spins her blaster around and fires it behind her back right up into the smaller, uglier giant's face from below the chin, a searing plasma burn even as she then twists around, tucking her head and tucking her shoulder to swivel out from that grip.

And as she pivots around the first Formori, the purple-shrouded ninja lets that momentum whip her sword across - heedless of the acid - and slice through the neck. At this size and mass, she likely can't sever the spine, but she's figuring that when all of the muscles and arteries are severed it won't much matter, and so long as she keeps moving ahead of the torrent of acid she is unleashing, she should be a bit better for wear than she could be. It'll hurt, but that's fights for ya. Can't take the pain? Don't get started! Maybe she can convince Sarah to give her a massage later while she works on healing it the slow way?

"Are you kid—" starts Spider-Man as the sluagh 'screams' at him.

No. No, it isn't. It is not kidding AT ALL.

But fear is no stranger to Spider-Man, and even as the supernaturally-induced terror claws its way up his body, Spidey is already spurring himself back into motion, back into *action*. as if trying to outrun fear's scrabbling grasp.

First things first: he tries to stop the Sluagh's mouth and throat up with a thick spray of webbing. Then he just lets gravity pull him straight downwards, hauling as hard as he can on those weblines as if he were trying to reel in the catch of the day.

Of course, "down" means he has to worry about the Jotuns and Fomori again … but maybe a webbed-up Slaugh will prove handy for something.

With so many able bodied and formidable allies, Loki has a relatively clear shot at the rift. This is a very nice change of pace as he can't really effectively do anything else while suturing reality, strangely enough that takes a lot of concentration and focus. Shocking, right?

With the exhortation from Zatanna, he just laughs, actually *laughs* at being rushed. The guy is a bit nuts about things, he actually enjoys taking risks, and he LOVES magic, so this is the best.

Grinning like a maniac, he steps up the pace, weaving threads of magic into the borders of the rift. Dylan and Zee, having seen him do this before and having both helped him do it would surely see that this is a bit more complex an undertaking than before. There's actually a spell woven into the 'threads' this time.

Still, Loki's nothing if not a capable sorcerer, he aught to be after a few thousand years of practice! "Moment of truth." He croons, and then with a grand flourish he completes the weaving, and then energizes the spell to seal the rift, and if all goes well, send the collapsing rift's energy into the caster of the spell.

Dylan opens a portal and disappears. Zee doesn't bat an eyelid as he does. "Expecting backup from WAND in three, two, one …" she says to the others.

Voodoo finds her coated in gore - again - as her blaster makes pulp of the giants face. She's in trouble trouble as the slaugh start to descend, screeching and spitting acid in her direction. They've decided she's a big risk. Which is probably good for Carol and Spider-Man - they've now got several exposed backs to them and only a couple are still focussed on them.

What would be helpful if someone could play fun with portals and send those few back into the fray with Voodoo. make it easier to stomp them all.

Spider-Man see's the gaping the maw of the slaugh - it's as horrific as the rest of the creature. The web fills it mouth and the screeching stops, at least for the moment. Which is a good thing - as Spider-Mans senses give him that fraction of a warning and a wild swing from a Jotun aiming at Voodoo comes whistling for his head.

As for Carol, she finds herself one on one with a Fomori. It's about twice as tall as she is and twice as wide at least. It throws a punch at the woman, not caring if it hits her and the wall or just the wall itself. It's tough and might require sparkle fists to stop it boxing.

The rift collapses with Loki's flourish, leaving the creatures behind. The spell, the energy powering the rift, arcs like lightning, lighting up that alley and slicing through the cabin of the car. Of course, Loki doesn't get away scott free - the backlash from such a such rebounds on him.

"STOP FIGHTING" Zee calls to the 'enemies' "We'll send you home …"

"I hardly think you're in a place to say that … Zatara." A tall gaunt man stands in the street between Zatanna, Loki and where the rift had been. Loki knows him, Malekith. "You and your friends, have … messed with my plans one too many times."

Captain Marvel is definitely in Princess Sparklefists mode now, glowing brilliantly as she ducks quickly under the fomor, then blasts him point blank in the face with a blinding concussive blast. And follows that up with a solid punch to his chin, a loud CRACK audible as she doesn't hold back much this time. As far as what's happening with Malekith… well, she's out of the loop, so she isn't quite aware that the Big Bad has arrived, so focuses on the giants and flying Mi-Go wannabes instead.

Well, that's the good thing about hauling a Sluagh down by a mouthful of webbing, isn't it? When his spider-sense warns him about the incoming Jotun's fist, Spidey jackknifes upwards, whipping his body up and his head out of the way, "Whoopsie-daisy!" … and the follow-through from that flip perches him on the Jotun's shoulders, at least temporarily.

That gives him a fairly good view of the rift being closed, the energy lashing in two directions, and Zatanna calling for the 'outsiders' to stand down. "Not like we want to keep you guys around, although if you decide to settle down peacefully I might know a couple of places you could get an apartment," Spider-Man offers.

His offer might be taken a bit more seriously, or at least in the vein in which he offered it, if he *weren't* standing on a Jotun's shoulders, but Spidey isn't standing down until he's sure that the bad guys are doing so. Malekith's arrival, on the other hand, puts the wall-crawler *right back* on his guard - enough so that he actually lets go of the Sluagh (which still has a dangling mouthful of webbing; at least it won't be eating anything like that). And if the Jotun keeps not letting him stand there, Spidey does relocate to a lamppost, just so his attention isn't being divdied arbitrarily.

The volume of acid leaves Voodoo in agony, but there is little she can do about that other than do her best to contain it and keep on going. With two Jotun's down, she turns just in time to see the whistling fist of the angry Jotun aimed her way; she does her best to spin and dance out of the way of that shot, but ends up golfed down the street in a bouncing heap instead, her acid-covered form leaving streaks in the pavement as she does so. « Owww … »

C'mon, Voodoo, get up! Get up and fight!

The Moment of Truth proves that the Truth (especially for a god of lies) is often painful. He clearly does not enjoy the feedback. "Well, that spell definitely needs a bit of work." One of his arms is badly burned, the armor buckled, and it is very clear he's in a considerable amount of pain.

And yet…despite that, in spite of the pain and the injury, he is still grinning. "Aw, Malekith, did we finally get your attention, you mewling cuim?" Loki is a prince of Asgard, but also the son of a king of the frost Jotuns as well, a glance to the Jotuns. "Join us, brothers. Strike down this upstart svartalf, heed the call of Loki Laufeyson!" Because why NOT get some help from those wronged.

Wronged, and expendable.

Not like anyone has ever said 'Gee, Loki is such a nice boy.', right?

Grey tags out. Black tags in.

Sarah's dressed for the occasion in her usual combat gear of black-on-black SHIELD tactical with the WAND patch on the shoulder. What's unusual, for her at least, is the slightly-oversized holster at her hip. The one made for the slightly-oversized sidearm in her hand.

"Plan B," she says, grinning darkly. As a succession of portals open, small ones, each about the size of a dinner plate. And she fires one shot through each one.

The matching ends of each are 'aimed' at one of the uninvited guests — with the exception of two of them being reserved for the Jotun that just clocked Pris.

It's a SHIELD-by-way-of-WAND-provided weapon. Lead slugs? Please. Try cold iron.

One last portal opens, after the last shot is fired. This one is larger — large enough for Sarah herself to step through, roughly a meter and a half behind Malekith. There's a definite edge in her voice as she speaks. "I suggest you choose your next words wisely, 'Your Highness.' 'I surrender' might be a good start."

"Pitiful midgardians and … cousin…." Malekith turns a look on Loki. The Jotuns actually laugh at his offer as they keep on swinging at the heroes… though Pris getting knocked down the street, leaves them a little a confused. The laughter stops as Sarah arrives and starts sending bullets of cold iron through them.

They 'yelp' rather loudly as the get hit. Except for the one that Carol just hit - it flips up and over, over and up … and then down. Landing with resounding thud on the ground…

Spider-Man stands on the shoulders of giants as he makes the offer of accomodation. His … support is pelted with a iron slug and it dances around, all the while trying to swat the annoying spider from its shoulders.

"Voodoo?" Zee sees the woman go flying. "You need to get up…" Sarah might have a solution for that.

Malekith laughs then. Spider-Mans senses tingle and Zee calls out. "NO!" Loki can feel it too, the building pressure of magic. Magic energy arcs down at the six standing there, even as Zee tries to get a shielding spell off - she …. might fail though. If the magic hits, it burns but doesn't kill … and each of them can feel something branded on their very beings. "And now you bear my mark. You will all make such lovely quarry for my Hunters …"

"Come!" A portal forms and Malekith steps into it, as well as the remaining the Jotuns, dragging their knocked out compatriots, and the sluagh following.

Carol turns around, just as the magic hits her, and she pauses at Malekith's pronouncement. Then she smirks a little, as if not terribly concerned about that, as the remaining giants withdraw through the portal, flying down and landing near Zatanna and the others. "Um, okay, what exactly was that?"

"Easy there, big fella," Spider-Man feigns comforting his Jotun 'mount,' even reaching down to pat the frost giant on the head - but his hand never reaches the Jotun's brow. Not because Spidey got smacked away (close) or lost his footing (psh, with his stick-to-it-iveness?), but that good ol' Spider-Sense 'shouting' a warning inside his head.

A yelp, a leap, and two weblines carry Spider-Man not only up but *away* from the Jotun on whom he was standing, at least a whole heartbeat before Malekith unleashes his power to attempt … *something* bad. Something … almost *familiarly* bad, if it's not just his overworked imagination.

Spidey stays well above street level until after Malekith and his minions are gone, then works his way back down to Zatanna and the others. "Last time one of those goons mentioned the Wild Hunt in my context, he said 'the next moonless night'. Unless that means straight-up cloud cover, when's the next new moon?"

Sarah finds herself frozen in place for an eternal few seconds, as the 'mark' Malekith just struck with wars with the claim already placed on her since hours after her birth. The pain is more metaphysical than physical, but if anything, that's worse — and enough to keep her from being able to pull the trigger, and unload into Malekith's back.

And then the villain and his minions are gone, and Sarah's vision begins to clear. "Bloody hell," she mutters, before attempting to portal herself to where Pris is lying. And failing, the effect sputtering before ever fully forming, her concentration shot for the moment. And so it's instead on somewhat-shaky legs that the WAND agent runs toward her downed girlfriend.

Ow. Ow ow. Voodoo pushes herself up to her feet a bit slowly for the fleet, graceful warrioress she usually proves to be, as her shapeshifting works to put back together what Jotun force has put assunder. There's enough damage that this is not instantaneous, but she does start stumble-walking back towards the battle, fully starting to pick up speed as things get morphed back to functional. She still has a lot of healing to actually do after this is over, but she's back to something close to sixty-percent when suddenly Malekith's spell erupts.

And Voodoo sneezes. HARD! And then staggers as the sealed glyph sears into her core being. She may not use magic, but she is in fact made of a race of intensely magical beings … and empathically she can feel what has been done.

With a second huge sneeze, the purple-shrouded, acid-seared ninja opens her arms to catch and hug her stumbling girlfriend the amazing WAND agent. « OK. That was not the plan. » she comments. « Good to see you, hon. »

Loki's grin never wavers but he marks well the faces of the Jotuns who laughed, he's not overly known for being the most forgiving of deities. Not even a little bit. He'll remember, and though they likely won't pay right away, it might be years, decades or even centuries later - regardless, they *will* pay for their insolence.

"Aw, Malekith, don't run away mad…still, nice to see you staying true to type, fleeing being your greatest skill."

As the wild hunt mark is set, Loki sighs very softly, his eyes flaring red for a long moment, and then he almost calmly drives his fist into the car that Malekith was in. See, not many people realize just how /physically/ strong Loki is, the car is summarily reduced to wreckage, flipping end over end a couple times before it lands on the pavement again.

A glance around the field of battle. "Is anyone in need of healing, I am no great healer, but I have some small measure of skill…"

Zee grimaces as the magic hits her, stopping her casting as she's distracted. "No…." Sorrow and horror paints her face as she looks at the group. "I'm …. so sorry. I wasn't quick enough …"

It's not likely she was ever going to be quick enough to save them.

"Were … we set up, Loki? Or was that just good timing on Malekiths' part?" She suspects the latter but you know.

Spider-Mans question has the blue-eyed Mage looking at him. "A couple of days from now. It's not just a threat anymore. When the Hunt rides, we're all quarry. I hope you kept the gifts of the Tuatha close, I suspect you're going to be needing them."

There's little more to do now, though, then gather everyone up, offer healing and answer what questions she can.

"Love, you look like hell," Sarah says, with an attempt at a teasing grin that doesn't quite make it all the way there. "You going to be all right?" She's well aware of her beloved's recuperative capabilities, but that doesn't stop her from being worried. "I think I need a minute before I'm going to be portaling us anywhere, but if you need to go to Medical instead of home…"

"Healing sounds good," Spider-Man admits; he might have dodged the worst of his enemies' attacks tonight, but now that adrenaline is fading, he can tell he didn't dodge *everthing*.

"And as hard as it may be to believe it from me, Zatanna … don't blame yourself. Like I said, I think I was singled out as 'prey' for the Wild Hunt some time ago - Central Park, maybe? Or the Botanical Observatory? One of those fights."

He smirks wryly under his mask, "I was thinking I might need to out myself to you anyway, ask if you could help … but it sounds like our best option will just be to prepare ourselves. Stock up on equipment, plan to keep the Hunt from pinning any one of us down without backup … If we can 'force' them to come after us in some isolated area, without innocents to get caught up in the fray. Take *advantage* of being marked, and use it against the Hunt."

As for the gifts of the Tuatha - he remembers the casket which was entrusted to him. It's not on his person, but he knows where to get it - and he's already planning on a backpack suitable for carrying it around. Not a web-sack, but an actual canvas-and/or-leather bag, something sturdy enough to keep its contents close no matter how wildly he has to swing.

Voodoo holds onto Sarah, sighing. "Garage, first. Need to hose this acid off so we don't scar things around the apartment." she admits, sighing. She rolls her shoulder and gets enough freedom of movement back in the arm to get her sword back into her scabbard. Progress! "And we're going to ring up a hefty FoodGrub bill tonight." Because Pris is going to need to eat way too much protein far too fast to be worried about cooking it herself, thanks.

« Zee, you OK? I think we need a better plan, next time. No offense. I'm going to prep to go hunting the Hunt before they get here. » Wow, the nasty vigilante ninja is agreeing with the Spider-dude; that's a rarity. « Zee knows how to reach me, if you need to coordinate. » That done, those hard-lensed eyes look up at Sarah again. "OK. Garage. Hose. Then bath and food." And snuggling. Without Jonesy to start; he does not like baths.

Loki will work healing spells for those that need them, himself included. Hell, he's in a good mood, he'll use a couple of his 'great castings' to repair the property damage done, though the car is left a wreck. "Definitely need to work on that spell, Zee." He says with a half-smile. "Still, fairly successful ambush, except for the marking of course…and I think it was just lucky timing, WE set the ambuscade, not him this time."

Loki's healing spells are adequate, they're not his strongest spells by any means, still, even a bit of healing will be better than none. If nothing else it prevents most scarring. "Excuse me." He says to Zee with a bow, and then approaches Agent Black and Voodoo. "Hello friendly neighborhood telepath." The name she gave a few rifts back. "It is plain you will recover, but…might I help?" Is she permits, he'll work a healing on her, and then as the Spider-Man accepts, he too will be healed.

"It was not your fault, the lad is right, Zatanna Zatara. And he also brings up a good idea. I mislike being marked as Prey. Personally…I would prepare an area for them, fortify it with means magical and mundane, and shred the misbegotten curs with blade and spell. Loki Laufeyson is not prey but predator."

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