2020-06-15 - Issues and Incense


A discussion of issues affecting New York, between a (marginally) reformed ageless antiheroine and an otherworldly entity. It's the human connection that matters, after all.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: Fri Jun 15 17:00:00 2020
Location: Apartment 12E, 2 East Fifth Avenue

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Though not clad in quite the same *sort* of nearly-all-black (with some blue highlights) fashion favoured by apartment 12E's resident, the young-seeming woman now arriving at the door does rather fit the theme. She's opted for black custom-tailored biker's leathers, with a warmly blue silk bandana around her throat - the tone matching the streak in her naturally-black hair. A habitual glance around for any potential trouble lurking nearby, then she raises a hand to thump-a-thump-thump at her chosen portal.

The door opens, of course. Eve knew Scandal was coming by and is more than happy to let her in. She's fond of her, after all.

"Hey, you. Come on in," she offers. Her room smells of incense.

Strongly of incense, actually. "Mind the smell. I had some… issues to deal with. All good now!"


Scandal pauses, nose wrinkling a little as her brows lift. "Issues. With incense." A wry smile, a slight shake of her head, then she steps inside - instinctively checking corners and exits before smiling more naturally at her hostess. "Should I ask any more, or try to be tactful?"

"Hey, the room needed a purge of a foul odour," replies Eve, casually, letting her inside and then dropping into her extremely comfortable sofa.

"So what brings you by today? You didn't say for obvious reasons." She puts her hands together behind her head.

Chuckling, Scandal moves to perch on a chair, leaning forward to rest her forearms on her knees. "I was wondering if you had heard - or come across - anything relating to any of the city's recent spate of troubles. If there are foul odours winding up in your apartment, then perhaps you have…. Myself, I wound up breaking part of a wall at a bank, during an otherworldly incursion there a few weeks ago. I completely missed the 'Morlock attack' that's in the news at the moment, however…"

"Just my usual beat, unfortunately. I've been…. distracted lately," she admits. She puts her hands together behind her head. "I missed it too, but maybe we c an help with it?" she asks. "Don't much like the thought of leaving missing children to the mercies of whoever." She grimaces.

Scandal nods pensively. "I can't help but wonder if there might be a bit more to the story than there seems. Forcibly seizing mutants is surely a risky business, even for other mutants - and without *others* turning up to interfere. Did one or more of the children help to set it up, perhaps? But I might simply be seeing conspiracies where there weren't even *plans*…."

"Oh, there's *definitely* more to it than their seems," agrees Eve.

"I don't know about any of that, but nothing like that happens without there being… something more." She shrugs her shoulders at this.

Chuckling once more, Scandal nods. "Should I, ahh, ask about your 'normal beat'? Or leave well alone?"

"When did you last eat?" remarks Eve, casually, in a way that indicates the latter is probably preferable to most.

"So what do we do?"

Scandal's lips twist into another quick, wry smile… then she nods gently. "Do? I'm honestly not sure. I'm rather lacking in… formal authority. I could potentially try tracking down someone I, ahh, *landed on* at one point in the bank 'incident'. She very helpfully broke my fall. Before I then got thrown into a wall…. She's got rather more in the way of overt *connections* than I have."

"Do that. You have me as backup if shit gets wild. I can handle myself," says Eve, firmly, hands on top of her head now.

Chuckling, Scandal nods again. "I imagine so. And I *might* manage to poke other sources, though I can't promise anything either way. But… I'd like to learn more about the weirdness at the bank as well as whatever's going on with the 'Morlock attack'. Maybe they *are* just out hunting kids as child-soldiers… maybe not. Either way, it's the sort of thing that could rebound on anyone deemed 'odd' by the general populace."

"…. ngh," is the response from Eve.

"I don't like the sound of that at allllllll," she says, grimacing. "All right," she sits up, straightening from the relaxed slouch she was in before. "I'll put my own ears to the ground. Maybe I'll hear something, unlikely as it is."

Scandal nods. "I'm… at least roughly aware of where to *find* 'Morlock Town', as I think it's called. But I'm not a mutant - so far as I know - and wouldn't want to count on being able to convince people I *was* one. So direct poking around probably isn't a sensible option."

"Especially not right now," agrees Eve. "I don't think I could pass for mutant either and there's no reason to try. Speak to whoever your friend is and let's offer our help." She cracks her knuckles loudly. Help means kicking the right butts on this instance.

"Heh." Scandal cracks a swift, fierce grin. "I don't know how pleased my contact might be to see me again. But at least her breaking my fall gives a clear reason *for* a conversation. And hopefully I can get some more information from *somewhere*, because whether the Morlocks are just having a fit of stupidity or they're compelled to act - by something pushing them, or to prevent something worse - then I think I'd like to know what's going on before things get any more 'exciting'. And thank you for agreeing to help. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I'm sure I can put you to work," remarks Eve to Scandal with an amused smile at the last question. "How are you at cooking?" she asks, all too innocent.

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