2020-06-13 - Lucky Cat


A Visit To A Secret Keeper

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 13 06:36:59 2020
Location: New York

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Gerard. That was the name of the … person … that Zee knew. They've ended up at the top end of China Town, the … nicer part at a small bricabrack store. It's full of the usual touristy type junk but towards the back, near the counter, there's some more authenticate stuff.

At the counter is a tall, slim asian man with a long flowing moustache. It's hard to say how old he is - but Fenris can tell immediately, he's not human. A demi-god, maybe but definitely a shapeshifter.

"Zatanna … " The man says to the mage as they enter. "You didn't tell me your guest would be … him."

"Little Pig Little Pig let me come in." Fenris says menacingly. "Fortunately for you the year of the pig has passed and I'm not on the all pork diet anymore."

Does Fenris know 'Gerald'? No he does not. But he's not surprised that Gerald knows him. Fenris has a reputation that is centuries in the making and very well earned. Plus there are few people who 'feel' as he does. That dread really does most of his advertising for him.

"How much for the lucky cat, by the way?"

"Gerard, play nicely and Fenris, do you have to be a such a troll? There's no bridges near for you to hide under." Zee sighs and rolls her eyes as the God Wolf asks about the cat.

"That one? That's a special one." Gerard answers. "$100.00 for that cat." If Fenris knows anything, he'll know that's an opening 'bid'. "You said you wanted to ask me something, Zatanna?"

Clearly Gerard isn't pleased that Fenris is there. But not upset enough to not speak with the magician.

"I'm looking for something that Selim hid. I found an notation in one of journals that said he did but it doesn't say *where* he hid it."

"Selim, hmmm? And what's your interest … Wolf?"

"No but I bought the one in Brooklyn four times." Fenris snorts. "And it's not worth half that. In fact half is generous. Fifty." Fenris has after all bargained before.

"The thing in question is the Crown of Command and there is about to be a war in Otherworld over it. You should know if you know as much as you feel like you know, that a war in Otherworld WILL spill over here. And in any case Zatanna won't be safe until they're convinced that either she doesn't have it or that taking it from her is unwise."

"So. How about it sahib?"

Zee frowns at Fenris as he starts to bargain. Does he really want it, or is he just being annoying?

Gerard clutches his heart at the counter offer. "I have a dozen children to feed and a wife! How could rob so plainly? $85.00 and not a penny less!"

His brows rise into his hair line as Fenris explains "The Crown of Command? I haven't heard of that in a very long time. And you're telling me that you doing this to stop a war that doesn't really affect you one or the other and what? You've taken an interest in Zatanna?" That last is said rather lowly and a very fine puff of smoke curls from his nose.

"Getting the Crown from where Selim hid it won't be easy. He hid it for a reason, after all…"

"She's a very interesting person." Fenris says with an almost wicked smile and lets it hang there for a moment. Juuust long enough that Gerard might actually start thinking that the Wolf is… "… But no. I live here. I dislike having faeries and dark elves tromp all over my yard and if Malekith comes to this plane I am not sure there will be much of a city left when it's all finished."

There's another short pause. "Sixty five. Your wife and kids can eat ramen, can't they?"

"Fenris!" Zee chides the God Wolf but shakes her head as he finishes. "I figured it wouldn't be. Selim was notorious for his puzzles. It's how he intrigued that English duchess."

Gerards eyes narrow even further as Fenris makes the insinuation, growling just a little when he finishes. "You have a point. Malekith won't care what he lays waste to and it's not like you can return to Asgard is it?"

Zee just sighs. Alpha males. Really.

"It will cost you, locating it." Gerards eyes are fixed on Fenris. "I don't know where Selim hid the Crown only that he did and he gave me the key to the first waypoint. From there you'll have to find the others." beat "My wife has expensive tastes and the spices for Ramen aren't cheap. Seventy Five."

Fenris chuckles. "Would you prefer that I not acknowledge that you're rather fine looking young lady?" Maybe she would. He can do that. But there's no harm in teasing Gerard here. More teasing Gerard than Zee, to be honest.

"No, nor do I want to." There's a short pause. "Seventy. And what more do you want to find the location? It's in your best interests too. After all you and your twelve kids live here as much as Zee or myself."

He considers goading the man again but… no.

"I would prefer that you didn't make implications to upset my contacts." Zee sniffs and turns her nose in the air. She knew exactly what he was doing.

Gerard smiles at Fenris' final offer. There's something a little sly about it - not malicious but like the cat who just ate the cream. "Done. And nothing more - I held the location in trust for the scion of the Zatara line who would come to ask about it. Selim Saw this day."

Taking the lucky cat, the asian man looks expectantly to Fenris, waiting for payment.

"You will need to go to Fo Guang Shan in Queens for the next part …" They'll probably need some sort of key, too.

Fenris fishes out his wallet and lays down three twenties and a ten. It's not really much money for him though the act of bartering is always enjoyable. Besides he wanted that Lucky Cat for a reason. It isn't for him.

"The Taiwanese Buddhist order? It wouldn't have existed back in Selim's day. What was there before, I wonder?" Or when did this puzzle pass into their hands. And do they even know it is there?

"I wouldn't say he's upset Zee. He just got a pretty good deal on a lucky cat."

"I did yes. And you'll need that Cat as proof so you can enter. It's not the temple, it's what lies beneath it. That property has been held by the same group of people, beings, for all this time." Gerard says as he scoops up the cash and hands the cat over.

He would have given them the cat, probably, but Fenris bargaining just made it all the more fun.

"How's your knowledge of Christianity?" That's a strange segue. "Oh, and be sure to tell them you want the cat back."

"Lucky me." Fenris murmurs. Or is it 'Lucky Cat'? Possibly both really. The question gets a sharp smile. "Well I have been around longer than it has, so I know a thing or two about it. Funny thing to ask when we're going to a Buddhist temple though." Is he going to follow up on that?

"Well, Zee. We have a clue. We have a cat. Was there anything else we needed here or shall we go trip the light fantastic?" Okay NOW he is being a troll.

"It wasn't always a Buddhist temple, as you so correctly said. This city was founded on christianity and … well, knowing a thing or two might be needed."

That's … vague but maybe there's something to it.

"You said that Selim Saw this. Did he See me or those around me?"

"No, Zatanna. Selims gift was never that explicit. All he knew is that one day, one of his would be looking for it."

"Thank you, Gerard." Zee shoots Fenris a look and rolls her eyes. "If you think you can, Fenris, I'm willing to try." Dancing. Zee likes dancing. That is what Fenris meant wasn't it? "Shall we?"

As they leave, Gerard gives Fenris a very hard look. "Look after her."

"I will." Fenris says simply. "Though you of all people know that no story near me ends well." That is true of his story, of Astryds, and probably of most of his friends and former lovers and spouses. Fate has decreed certain things for him and it follows him relentlessly. Those around him are swept up in its currents.

No matter what he does, some stories do just not end well.

Dancing. Yes. He meant dancing. Though he was joking.

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