2020-06-08 - The Eyes Have It


Three days after her recent close encounter with a burning claymore, Laynia has been being helped by Doc Almer. Klavdiya and Lexi come in, and they try to sort out what the hell happened together. Martin buys dinner for all!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 8 01:26:07 2020
Location: Tolliver Clinic in Mutant Town

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Three days.

It took Martin /three/ days of work between his other tasks and responsibilities to get Laynia up to snuff enough that she's /mostly/ healed. And mostly healed, is slightly injured as everyone knows. Still, she's looking LOTS better when finally he finishes up and she's ready for discharge. Of course, her clothing is trashed, thankfully she can get by with sweats for now, and head home pretty easily when the time comes.

She looks to the mature ginger doctor, and briefly touches his shoulder. "Thank you, Doctor. I am grateful, if ever you need my aid, it is yours for the asking." She'll even provide him her contact info, you know, when she gets her phone replaced.

Diya and Lexi would be aware of and might have visited Laynia as she was healing, either way, they'd know she is going to be discharged today finally. Thank goodness. Of course, no doubt they'll have some questions. She /literally/ looked like she survived world war III!

Considering the car, Laynia did survive a war. "That's what I'm here for." Martin gives, smiling. As per normal he feels of peace. This isn't forced on people, and can easily be ignored. More of something he emanates rather like Diya's predator field. Only his is far, far easier to ignore. "You aren't hundred percent yet, so come back tomorrow and I'll do a little more. Otherwise, expect to get some rest for a few weeks. And some parts of you might not work quite as they should for a bit. That'll return to normal, but call me if you have concerns." Will give her his business card so that she can add that to a new phone. "You have any questions?"

Hunter has spent three days avoiding law enforcement patrols. There was enough various bits of footage and eyewitness testimony to make it clear that someone came out of Mutant Town with a rifle, murdered a guy, and then ran away back into Mutant Town. So the cops have been on roving patrols, and they have been rousting and roughing up a lot of the Pride in hopes of getting some answers.

That has not endeared them to the Pride. But the cops have been driven hard by SHIELD. After the remnant sof the car were identified, they started leaning heavily on NYPC for answers: where is their agent, and who blew her up?!

Even so, three days later, when the words are spoken by the doctor that she is 'almost' as good as new and that she can be discharged, Hunter moves from where she has been watching, and starts heading for the clinic. She wants some answers of her own.

"Is a very useful gift, your mutant power. I would have been months healing without it, and horribly scarred most likely." Laynia /is/ a touch vain, she knows she's attractive and part of her spy training relied on that. It is a relief not to be a hideously burned thing after that.

A nod about the not a hundred percent. "Da, I will return on the morrow for another session if you have the time and the energy." Well acquainted with the trials and tribulations of recovery, the woman just sighs, and Martin can surely get the feeling she does know what he's talking about.

"Mmm…I have some older injuries, they are troublesome, could you assist with them over time as well?"

As to the Cops and SHIELD, yeah, that's something Laynia will have to deal with post haste once she's able to. Sensing the approach of Hunter is not hard, the woman's aura is pretty potent, though—Laynia has gotten (mostly) used to it. It is actually a bit easier to deal with with Martin present too. "It seems my saviour is en route. Have you met with the Hunter?" Hey! Laynia doesn't know.

Martin gives Laynia a wan smile. "A little too useful to be honest." Pulling over a stool, Martin parks himself on it. "I sure can." Older injuries. "Bones take longer, especially resetting old injuries, so it won't be just one session. It'll have to be repeated healings. And with my other job I might not be able to come here, but I will notify the staff here if I can't so you aren't stuck waiting." He pauses a moment before asking, digging out one of those energy bars. "Did you want me to remove some of the scars? I ask because some people like their reminders." And some need them. "Hunter? Yeah. You don't come here often without being checked out." He smiles about that though. "I'm just glad she deems me suitable enough to let help out." Martin isn't sure about Hunter, more for lack of knowing her than anything else, but he sure doesn't dislike her.

After a while, the door to the clinic opens, framing Hunter in the doorway. She stays there a bit, visibly concentrating as she tries to make herself feel small and harmless; it really doesn't work super well, but it is the best she can do to tamp down the severity and strength of her aura, before coming into the clinic.

This isn't an emergency. Hunter has time to try being polite. It is imperfect and confusing, just like Hunter herself.

Done as best she can, Diya then walks in, turning to give a soft 'hssst' sound, the clowder of cats that starting milling towards her halted at the door. Then she walks over to where Laynia is seated, and sits down herself, knowing that this also tends to reduce the efficacy and power of her aura. And look: no rifle today!

A soft laugh, her voice sort of 'furry', deeper for a woman that many. "This I can relate to. My own powers are not without their limits, but they are very useful too." At the news he can heal older injuries, just widens her eyes a bit, and then she smiles full on. "I would be grateful. I do not mind the scars so much, though…perhaps it would be nice, I am in a new land, with a new job, in a new /decade/. Perhaps the removal would be a good thing. Let me ponder about the scars." As she says this she rubs briefly at the large scar over her heart.

A fond smile. "Hunter is off-putting, but she is a good woman, she protects this place and truly, deeply cares for the people. Her regard, her acceptance, these are no small things, Doctor."

And then enters the Hunter, who no doubt could hear the whole conversation. Laynia's cinnamon hued eyes are /her/ again, and she offers a wan smile. "Hello, my friend." She inclines her head in thanks. "Thank you for saving me."

Martin nods firmly about thinking about it. "Of course. I'll only do what you want me to, so have no fear on that." The man doesn't have a chance to respond about Hunter for she appears. He's amused though, and smiles at Hunter. "Hello. How are you doing today?" Offers Hunter an energy bar just to be polite. If rejected he so isn't bothered by that and noms down. Healer needs food badly! "Need me to skedaddle?" Articulated around his mouthful. Just in case they have something private to talk about.

Hunter looks up at the offered energy bar, considering. Then she reaches out, hand open, palm up and upward, letting Martin lay the bar there if he wants without pushing in. She nods to the doctor, and then to Laynia.

"SHIELD looking." Diya offers to the Russian woman in that mush-mouthed strange speech of hers. Oh, she has TONS of questions, but she starts with that piece of a status update. Of course SHIELD is looking. And naturally Hunter trusts them not even as far as she can throw them, and has been hiding from them and their lackies this entire time.

Trailing a bit behind Hunter as she makes her way through the cat swarm outside the door (which is already drawing attention from passerbys, nurses, and small children so they'll be fine there probably), Lexi wanders in, dressed in a backless top that clings to the curves she has at the front, showing off the large tattoo on her back, with ripped jean shorts completing the outfit and sandals. She grins and waves to Marin and Laynia as she sees them, stopping a bit to the right of hunter. Not behind her, but in her peripheral vision. "Hey…yer lookin' lots better Laynia. Ya do good work Martin."

"No no, you need not go, Doctor. Nothing secret here." Laynia pauses, and then takes Hunter's acceptance of the energy bar as confirmation. "Is good, Doc." At her report about SHIELD, Laynia blinks, and then nods, a faint flush. "I will contact them immediately, in fact, anyone have a phone I can borrow? Mine…not so good." Gone really. Stupid magnesium!

She will take a moment to call in her status, and that she's A-OK and will be in in a couple hours to file a full report. Hopefully the phone provided is a burner!

A smile to Lexi as she enters. "Hello." Her nod of support is firm. "Da, he does /excellent/ work. And I am feeling -much- better thanks to him, and to Diya getting me here so swiftly. I probably would be dead were it not for her, that is something I will not forget."

"Cool." About no secrets here. Then Martin happily, gently lays an unopened bar in Hunter's palm. His smile brightens for it. After that he's fishing out a second to tear it open, and nom. His pockets are always brimming with the things thanks to staff here. Of course the man has no idea if SHIELD looking is good or bad, so he's looking curious about that. Would rather not have to deal with SHIELD, thanks. This is why his phone is not offered. But he doesn't speak on that. Nope, not his business. Instead he looks to Lexi, mildly confused, but glad for the compliment. "Thanks." Given warmly.

Diya glances up at Lexi as she arrives where Diya is sitting, again trying to be as 'small' as possible mentally to rein in her aura. "Phone?" she asks, pointing towards Laynia. Lexi keeps things like that, including burners. Diya pretty much never does. Institutional paranoia is a thing, y'all.

As an update to Laynia, Diya then mentions, "Dead." Oh yes. Very, very dead. Because Hunter does nothing by halves.

On cue, Lexi's stomach rumbles loudly, as her eyes follow the exchange of energy bars, before she rummages in her back pocket and pulls out a burner hone, offering it to Laynia. "Have another one of those?" she asks Martin hopefully.

"Well, not about /this/." Laynia says with a teasing smirk to Martin. The phone is accepted and by the exchanges of code phrases and spook speak, including Laynia identifying herself as an Agent of Shield, yeah, *that* cat is out of the bag in short order as she checks in and promises her report soon. "No." She finishes. "That person actually saved my life, was an assassination attempt by old enemy. Da…da, /da/." She then hands the burner to Lexi, no doubt it will be disposed of post haste.

The news of 'dead' gives Laynia pause. "I…don't remember clearly after the car blew up, actually. I have only vaguest memories of the fight, of being brought here. I will need details, if you can provide. The man…he was old enemy, Yuri Pavchenko, yes?"

Martin noddles to Lexi, and digs out a couple of them handing them over. "They trail me around and tuck them in my pockets when I'm not paying attention." Which amuses him to no end. The staff here is always making sure he's okay, and he greatly appreciates it. The red-head blinks about dead. pausing mid-chew, and looks back to Hunter. That sure explains SHIELD out in force, eh? A brow goes up, but nope, still not commenting about that. He'll offer Lexi a water bottle instead since he has a wealth of those too.

With two bars opened nearby, Diya catches a wiff of them, and decides not to open hers just now. But she does not give it back; food is never refused unless it is poisonous or someone else needs it more. Instead, she listens - she can actually hear both sides of that conversation quite clearly - as Laynia deals with SHIELD, and waits until the woman asks her for clarification.

Diya nods at the mention of the name. Yep, that's the one she murdered. "Bomb. Sniper shot, got through." SHe touches her own left shoulder about where she saw Laynia get shot. "Force field." Her first attempted counter shots were spoiled because of it. That really made her mad.

Diya points at Laynia. "Changed." Yep. That's it. That's all she's going to say. Half accusation, half question, it just hangs there … and waits for a response. She is well aware her story is not done. But she's holding where she is for now.

Lexi snags the bars, immediately opening one and voraciously chowing down on it as it vanishes rapidly. She nods at Diya's comment. "She cut her hair! I totally like it." she agrees cheerfully with Diya, without agreeing at all about the 'changed' part of things. She missed the fun here; she had a job that took her out of town for a few days. So really she's still playing catchup. She takes the water bottle and pops it open to wash down the first energy bar, followed by starting ont he second.

A laugh at the news that he has dedicated food tuckers chasing him, that's a new one! Laynia looks to the good doctor Almer, and smiles. "I take it your powers need you to eat a lot? When I was younger had a classmate who healed very fast, but his metabolism, yes, was just as fast." The smile fades. "He also aged rapidly, he…passed away." Yeah, /great/ gift, that.

"I remember the bomb, I do not remember being shot." A frown about the force field. "And magnesium flares, I remember burning." A lot of burning. "Force field? He was protected, mm. Not good. Seems like he knows much of what I can do, and how to counter. His family—they were criminals, made Bratva look like warm fuzzies. They stole from the wrong people, I was sent in during days with KGB, it went poorly for them. Yuri was youngest, he was two in 1965 - he would have been old man, yes?" Nope, he was in his mid to late twenties, or that's what he looked like.

A frown about the changed. "Oh, da…I did cut my hair, was too much bother to care for when long. It went white after bad guys, necromancers, tried to rip out my soul." Her smile, rather brittle thanks. "Fortunately I have…protection, of a sort."

Martin only eats the one bar. For now. He'll order a proper meal soon and that'll do him better. "I'm sorry about your classmate." Given first and with sympathy. No, that doesn't sound like a great gift. "But yes, that's exactly it. I have to eat and sleep a lot. It's annoying, but thankfully I don't age rapidly." Glad for that! In fact he ages more slowly than most. As talk shifts to explaining the explosion and what not, Martin grimaces for what Laynia went through, and cracks open one of his water bottles. Before he gets yelled at by staff.

Diya's eyebrows arch a bit at 'necromancers.' She shakes her head, then hooks her thumb over her shoulder towards Lexi. "Young." Yeah. Not old. Not physically. And it wasn't just makeup. "Burning knives. Magnesium claymores." she explains. Hence why Laynia got so FUBAR, and why Diya brought her here to get help. She doesn't bother going over how, why and how thoroughly she murdered the guy; Laynia should know if Diya says 'dead', she means DEAD. She doesn't just assumes. She verifies, with extreme prejudice.

Lexi mirrors Diya's raised brow at necromancers, then blinks. "What? I'm not that young!" she protests a bit. "But yeah. That guy. HELLA dead. No one finding the bits either." she confirms, munching on the second energy bar.

"He was nice boy too, you would have liked I am sure. He just…accepted, he was kind to the very end." Laynia shakes her head then. "But…thank you, Doctor." Laynia nods about the energy needs, and smiles. "Is a good thing to not age rapidly, myself, I age at the normal rate…I just spent some decades, err, on ice." In the Darkforce Dimension, while it repaired the awful chest wound that everyone present has seen over her heart. And man, she sometimes really feels her thirty-two /actual/ years of hard living.

A frown then at the fact that the assassin was young like Lexi, not in his fifties like he should have been. "Interesting discrepancy." She ponders. "A…claymore? I must have had shields up or that would surely have killed me, must be the burning I remember." Oh, she has no doubts that when Diya said 'dead' she meant 'not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead'.

"Mm? Oh, of course not, I am sure that the remains were dealt with, and yes, you look very young." A teasing grin. "Now put on some clothes and clean your room, Lexi Haze."

A pause. "Diya — did I /do/ something?" You know, something 'concerning', she's getting that sort of a vibe.

Martin highly disapproves of all this. Especially the magnesium claymores. What a horrifying idea. Now he's kind of glad that the man is dead. (Even if the Munchkins came out to dance around the corpse and sing.) That one can't do anything like this ever again. He has no idea even how to react about necromancers, never mind the 'on ice', so he's just not going to try and consider any of it. Safer for his mind. Sometimes he kind of wishes he could go back to hiding. Sometimes.
"Yes you are." Poor Lexi is getting teased. The red-head grins to show that. "You look young enough to be my daughter." Not that /he/ looks old enough to have a fully adult daughter.

Not young? Diya just arches an eyebrow at the silvery-haired (tendrilled) lavender girl. Why use words when an expression of patient incredulity is enough.

When Laynia finally asks about her own conduct, Diya nods. "Not self." she answers, honestly. "Cold. Spikey. Arrogant. Cruel." Six words, and yet coming from Diya that paints a picture like few others. If Diya actually thinks what Laynia said or did was cruel … imagine how bad it had to be?

To be fair, Lexi DOES look younger than she is…a side effect of her biology just deciding to stop when she hit adult and not going any further. Considering she's already on the petite side, she certainly doesn't look like she couldn't be past a freshman or sophmore in college at most. So she's perhaps a little sensitive about it. A faint hmmph comes from her as she finishes off the last of the energy bar. "I can't help that, I just stopped aging." she grumbles.

Truly, Laynia is not approving at all of the magnesium claymore, that stuff is /nasty/. "Takes sick mind to come up with such an attack…but…my shields, they are not so good against light based attacks, was actually clever tactic." A nod. "Vile, but clever." And then she shudders a bit remembering, vaguely, what that /felt/ like. Yeah. Definitely more vile than clever.

"Spikey? Arrogant? Cruel?" Cold is sort of a thing with the Darkforce, so that part doesn't surprise - but coupled with the other. "Cold as in temperature, as in temperament, or both?"

Yeah, that really sort of scares the woman, Diya and Lexi can surely smell it on her, and Martin can actually feel her concern. She normally doesn't leak that much, she lacks shields but she doesn't lack for Focus. Usually.

And then she looks to Lexi, and honestly had no idea she was older than she looked. "I meant no offense, my friend." She sighs then. "I will need to get a new car, perhaps you might know someone reputable? I might want some extras this go round."

Martin smiles to Lexi. "We're teasing, that's all." Trying to assure that it really isn't an issue. He does not ask her age, as that would be rude. This all is much easier to deal with than the magic issues. The only things he knows about magic is that he doesn't like it much. Rising from his stool, he tucks that under something, and steps away from the gathering. Just enough not to be rude while he makes a phone call. Ordering some food. Before Margarete remembers he hasn't and beats him. Pauses before dialing however. "Anyone want some BBQ? I need to order food. My treat." Doesn't mean to derail serious talk, sorry!

Diya meets Laynia's gaze very directly, holding her attention, and then reaches up and touches her heart with a finger, and then up to touch the middle of her forehead.

Who needs words?! Hunter has 'spoken' quite clearly.

When Martin brings up food, Diya looks to Lexi, and then raises her hand up where he can see it, with two fingers. V for victory? Or two requestors for food? You decide!

Lexi perks at the idea of food. Such is the truth of the mutant with the metabolism like a furnace. "I could eat. Um, we going out then?" shes ays curiously. "Or ordering in?"

"I could go for some brisket, please." Laynia answers Martin's query even as she nods. "Da, just teasing, Lexi. Not serious at all." Margaret doesn't /beat/ the doctors, she does far far worse - she /looks/ at them, all disappointed, when they forget things like that. She might even scold, but that's something that happens only rarely. It is a devastating combo though, the woman MUST be a mom.

Diya's response is telling, and Laynia sighs and mutters something soft in Russian. A mild curse. "Heart and Mind." She breathes.

At Lexi's question, Laynia stirs a bit. "Nyet, I think he was going to order delivery. Though perhaps it might be best were I far away from you all." In case she goes spikey again!

Martin nods to Hunter and goes about ordering for a group instead of just himself. He can get a large assortment so everyone here can eat, including the rest of the staff. Once he's done with all that, the phone is tucked away. "Getting it delivered." Is assured to Lexi. Not like Hunter would want to go to a restaurant! "No, you should stay." Laynia is encouraged to remain. "If Hunter could deal with it before, she can again, yes?" And it's safer for Laynia here. There's a hopeful look to Hunter. Don't want to chase out the woman who just had all that damage, even if she's free to go.

Diya considers the question asked and shakes her head. Then she points to the table upon which the white-haired blonde is already sitting. 'Stay' is the clear message here. She wants to compel the woman to explain what the Hell is going on. But when you're the one who tells no one anything, you don't have a lot of room to make those kinds of demands. So she just sits there, impassively. Patiently.

"Probably easier, yeah." Lexi agrees. Then will offer to pay for the delivery…mostly because she adds the equivalent of another two people's order to the final tally for herself. Girl needs to eat. "yeah, so…ah…not that I'm nosy…" Lie. "But what exactly has been going down, yeah?"

"Apparently I got blown up, I don't know that she had much 'dealing with' to do, Doctor Almer." Laynia answers, still concerned, but…also not going anywhere. Especially with Diya being firm about her staying. She draws her legs up to sit Indian Style on the exam table, and looks really thoughtful. "I…don't know exactly what's been going down, but…might have some ideas."

She mulls it over a bit, and then holds her hand to one side darkling 'energy' flaring about it as she literally tears a hole in reality, opening a portal to the Darkforce Dimension. Now, Martin is the only one who hasn't seen this before. The room temperature drops a couple degrees as she opens the rift, and then she frowns, on the other side another version of…her, steps into view. Longer hair, composed of Darkforce - SIMILAR to the look she was sporting, but not the same. "I…have a unique bond to the Darkforce." She explains simply, the other her frowning with disapproval at this reveal but otherwise silent as it looks out, eyes solid white while Laynia's currently flare with darkness.

Considering Martin constantly eats for three, he totally has no issue buying a lot of food. Thankfully he's modestly wealthy, has paid off the home he lives in, and has a good wage besides. Not worried about purchasing for everyone. "Well, we aren't going to blow you up here, so relax and we'll all be good." Maybe he can negate Hunter's field a little since she's trying so hard not to broadcast it. He blinks and steps back as that rift opens. Hands are put on hips, "Maybe you shouldn't be doing that here in the clinic." If you are concerned of going weird? There are other people here!

As Laynia starts experimenting, Diya sits quietly. The movement is silent and subtle, as one of her hands just disappears down by her hip. The hand just as subtly reappears once the rift is closed and Laynia seems to have remained herself still. She nods in agreement when Martin mentions maybe experimenting right here is a bad idea. This is a Safe Place. It is, in fact, one of only two places in all of Mutant Town assigned within the Pride as a Haven, to be protected at all costs. She would rather not see Bad Darkstar here, thanks. "Hammer. Big. Whole roof. Blind." Diya explains to Laynia. Something Laynia herself, in Diya's experience, would never do, because there would be no way to know who was still in the building she was crushing without a lot of prep work first.

"It doooooes kinda stand out." Lexi pips up as she pulls up a chair, flipping it around to sit on with her arms on the back of it. "I mean, mind, this clinic isn't exactly shocking ta see mutants an' such here, but if ya like bein' quiet an' not recognized."

Laynia does indeed shut the rift down when Martin mentions it. A nod of thanks to him, the woman's emotions clearly in turmoil. Her fist clenches, both her and her darkforce self, and the rift is gone. "Thank you for not blowing me up again, that was not so pleasant." She says softly. Shamefaced, she looks to Diya — who then tells her about her attack on the building. "Bozhe moi, was anyone hurt?" She's clearly horrified and equally as clearly -not- the version of her that would do such a thing. "I…even when I was with KGB I was never indiscriminate. Not at my worst." She's clearly had a checkered past, this one. She wraps her arms about her midsection then and rocks a bit. She scents of worry, of fear, and Martin can surely feel that. Looking to Lexi she says softly. "I…nothing like this has ever happened before." She looks then to Diya. "Was the other me, the cold cruel me, what you just saw?"

If allowed, Martin will ease down to sit near Laynia, offering comfort. An arm around her back if that would help. He simply radiates calm and assurances. "Easy.. Don't make this a self fulling prophecy by scaring yourself until something happens." He gives, smiling. "If you could live through the recent attack, all those other terrible things I can see in your bones, and still keep a good heart? You aren't going to lose it now." There's always a chance! Focus on that. "Especially if you lean on friends." Motions to Hunter about that. She's definitely a friend, right?

Diya considers Laynia's question carefully, mulling it over and around in her head. How to answer? How to make it clear? She nods to Laynia, but holds up her hand, palm down, and rocks it side to side. Kinda? Then she gestures to her shoulders, pulling her hands away from each as her fingers close down, demonstrating the visual cue for 'long spikes here.' And then she points to the floor beneath her own feet, eyes locked firmly on Laynia's cinnamon gaze. Not through the shadow portal. Here. Here in this world.

Lexi watches this, sipping from her water. "…I think that's a yes." she offers. "I have no idea what the spikey fingers are though."

Martin is allowed to join her on the table, sure. Laynia also permits the arm about the back, for reasons unclear to her she finds Doc Martin to be very comfortable to be around. Which is odd, she usually needs more than a few days, unless on assignment of course, to warm up to someone to that extent. She draws in several deep breaths, and then very very healthily shoves all the doubt, fear and pain away, cramming them into…a box, or something. What could be better for the woman's mental health than ruthlessly suppressing her emotions?!

A small smile, and she leans against Martin just a bit for a moment. "Thank you, Doctor Almer."

She watches Diya's pantomime, the 'so-so' see-saw gesture of her hand, and yeah, the spiky thing, that's lost on her too. BUT…the indication of it being here in this world, that's news.

Laynia ponders. "Da, not sure about the spikey fingers either, Lexi…unless I sprouted horns, or tentacles or spines or something." Which creeps her the hell out.

Yup. Arms are staying wrapped about her midsection at the moment.

Martin doesn't move a whole lot. Letting Laynia choose if she wants him near or not. That she leans in? He smiles and holds there, just sharing comfort during what is clearly an uncomfortable conversation. He does wonder if there's a coincidence between the hellish feline and this. Like if there are issues with someone trying to gain a foothold. Keeps such thoughts to himself though.

Frustrated at people, Diya grimaces slightly, and then she stands and moves over to Laynia - just a step away. She wraps her hands around the woman's shoulders, holding them there for a moment. "Armor?" she questions. But made of shadows, surely. And then she repeats the same motion, but coming from Laynia's shoulders, up from where her hands had been forming the 'armor'. "Spikes." See, now, people? Making sense? C'mon! Why is this so hard to grasp! Yes, Diya is a mite frustrated, but working through it.

"Oh, right. Spikey evil armor. Yeah, we toooootally got that from spikey fingers." Lexi says, rolling her eyes a little as she sip sfrom her water. "So there were spikey armor things. So apparently yer fashion sense took a hit when you were temporarily evil or whatever…"

Thankfully Laynia is not a telepath. If she was a telepath Martin's thoughts, if she noticed of course, would have been very disturbing indeed. She leans in and then pushes off of Martin, landing on the ground. She's not going to open any rifts, but she does summon the Darkforce version of her costume, and the base thing is not even faintly spiky — at first. She focuses her will, and some evil looking spikes appear at her shoulders, somewhat hesitant at first, but then with an almost visible *snap* they match what Diya saw. "Like this?" The eyes are wrong, they're gleaming black and dripping black energy, you know - her /normal/ creepy, not the NEW creepy.

The costume itself is formed of something akin to but neither matter nor energy, the Darfforce. The hues are all shades of black, and some white, the white fixed while the blacks roil like water in ink, or clouds before a storm front. The material is both smooth, and cold as hell. But the 'feel' of the woman, not even close to what the red eyed version was like, also, her hair is still short and white, not white gradient filled to black with extensions. So there's that. She also doesn't seemed inclined to random violence, so that's also good.

Martin knows there's a decided difference in wearing a costume and being nasty, but he still sighs over the power use and rolls his eyes. Slides off the medical bed and moves himself away from Laynia. There's no reason to stay close when he clearly disapproves. About that time he also gets told about the delivery, so heads off to sign for it. Won't be gone long, but he's away from you three for a few minutes.

Irked at Lexi's usual smart-alek commentary, Diya rolls her eyes. But when Laynia demonstrates, Diya nods once it is right, but then motions to her eyes. She inhales, considering how to demonstrate, and then decides words are best. "Soviet red." Crimson. Very unnatural for the dark-shrouded Darkstar.

Smelling food, however, Diya is now ready to go help Martin bringing in the food. Let them eat! They can worry about the end of Laynia's sanity later!

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