2020-06-07 - New Horizons


Hanako comes to the Horizon Academy to find out more.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 7 17:42:22 2020
Location: Horizon Academy

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Sunday morning in June, the sky dotted liberally with clouds, and the temperature a lovely seventy-four at present and slated to go up another few degrees for the high. The academy had a rough opening, the campus attacked by mercs and cyborgs and monster dogs - oh my! That was a while back though, and the repairs have been done with ruthless efficiency and determination.

Open for the Summer Session, and for many 'off hours' programs, the campus is already fairly lively it being just a quarter until noon.

Emma is dressed pretty casually for her, coture of course, a pant suit with a half jacket, all is stark white. Her jewelry modest, diamonds surrounding sapphire centers for earrings, and a matching bracelet.

At present she is simply walking the grounds, eyes peeled, being seen and enjoying what she in turn is seeing. A pleasant greeting to the students she knows, a nod to each of the campus guards she sees, and a smile firmly fixed.

Curiousity, that was what had brought Hanako here mostly. Recent encounters with plant monsters, 'Wild Hunts' and monsterous hounds had been quite the start to this whole 'hero' thing, but the young woman was still sort of 'working it out as she went along' and doing her best to fit in practice between her own more mundane practice for the next ballet showing.

A place where they openly trained Metas? That was worth a look at!

Herself dressed rather simply, Hanako was dressed in a pleated black skirt and a rather simple leather jacket of matching color to cover the obnoxiously pink shirt she wore beneath. Popping a stick of gum into her mouth, the young woman moved through the grounds with every intent of getting a better look. She just wasn't sure where or what of though.

Surrounding Emma only somewhat discretely is an assemblage of contrastingly dark-clad figures in suits with dark glasses, a rather universal visual trope for bodyguards; after the attack on the campus and the attempt to assassinate Emma, she is never allowed out on her own, as the head of security (one of her daughters) would never allow it.

No more able to blend than her adopted mother - if for radically different reasons and stylings - another of Emma's daughters is at her side today. Mocha-skinned and ebon-haired, Priscilla's height and beauty might match, but her physical presence is a contrast of warmth and heat and open humility over the cool reserve and distance Emma projects. She is dressed casually, with painted-on jeans bedecked with multihued and colorful beadwork and a simple t-shirt of brilliant purple with white iconography: the stylized 'HA' over a horizontal line, the upper half surrounded by a simplified starburst.

As the two women walk with their loose entourage of bodyguards, the wind shifts briefly and Priscilla pauses, hand to her face, and then sneezes. Even as she does so she stands more erect, watering eyes sweeping the grounds protectively; at this range, Emma is sure to feel the tension now radiating off of her. « There wasn't magic here before … »

Mentally, Emma responds to the concern and mindspeech of her daughter with concern of her own. «At least you are skilled with such things, Priscilla. Let us be wary.» In truth the bodyguards are an annoyance for Emma, she's never really had them before but her daughters are absolutely intractable about such things, and she knows when even the famed will of Emma Frost is outmatched.

They're very VERY stubborn girls.

Truly, Emma approves.

Eyes of sapphire study the area around her, her mental senses scanning for any threat to a good nine-meter radius. It is something she does habitually really - instinctively, but with her daughter's scenting of magic, she pays closer heed to what she's scanning.

The woman is rather famous, no doubt Hanako would have little if any trouble recognizing her as the woman looks around with that same smile, though…her eyes seem a bit intense.

Magic did indeed swirl around Hanako on some level, even if she herself couldn't sense such a thing, especially when it was 'inactive' for her. Another thing Hanako decidedly lacked was telepathic senses, the means to know if she'd been 'spotted' or indeed that such discussions were going on mentally. Instead, she was simply wandering nearer as she looked about. Of course, the curiousity and pondering of her own powers might make her stand out to the telepathic natured, but it was indeed Emma's striking appearances and Priscilla the equally striking protector that drew Hanako's more mundane attention.

She was stepping closer as she idly popped a bubble of her chewing gum…but she hadn't quite worked up the drive to speak up yet.

« Not feeling any intent. » Priscilla's thought floats out to Emma, as her senses continue to sweep the area; as empath as well as telepath, she is often the first to know beyond attacker themselves that harm is at hand. The only thing she could imagine that could hold both magic and a lack of emotion might be some automaton, and Pris has never seen such. So she simply moves closer to Emma. It is the best she can do. « Skilled? Not at all. But I can sense it, after a fashion. Sarah is skilled. » Being telempath, Priscilla's warmth and love for the brit magess flows with that thought, with her name as a symbol for it all.

Always aware of others feelings, Pris offers warm nods and smiles to those seen around the campus as they draw near. Nervous admirings are returned with at least welcome, some effort to ease tension. She is not beckoning any to advance; not given the threats they sill have not eliminated. But perhaps just to sand off the sharpest edges of intimidation; she is well aware of how intimidating Emma can be, and knows some even feel that of herself sometimes. Especially when she is tense and concerned.

«Keen an eye out then, for the source of this magic, I sense no threats either.» Emma's diamond clear mind-voice says with extreme precision. The pop of the bubble gum does draw her gaze, and then a smile forms, the eyes softening their glare as looks to the source. Oh my, that top is /aggressively/ pink, good for her!

"Good afternoon." Emma greets the girl who'd been working up the courage to approach, Emma herself closing the distance between them. "Welcome to Horizon Academy, young lady. I am Emma, and is is my daughter Priscilla."

Emma looks about with evident pride, and then turns her attention back to the young lady. "Just visiting, or curious about enrollments?"

"Daughter?" Hanako questions reflexively, her English 'perfect' but not without the 'flavour' of her natural accent. A little flush of embarassment at the knee-jerk query, she's quick to move on with a slight cough and a cheeking of her gum. It was as close to a welcome as she was going to get, so Hanako might at least make the most of it!

"I was curious," she admits, gesturing to herself, "you actively advertise that you teach mutants and metas how to use their abilities? Isn't that really difficult? People's…well, things can be really strange."

Hands idly falling to rest 'almost crossed' at her stomach rather than at her chest, she tilts her head to the side with a little glance towards Priscilla. "Do you train here? Teach? How do they do it?" Oh-so-many questions, it's only then that the girl realises her own lapse in politeness with the introduction yet to be returned. "I am Makoto Hanako, or just 'Hanako' here, if you prefer."

Priscilla smiles warmly, welcomingly, towards the other young woman. "Yes, my mother 'teaches' here. She also leads the teaching, since she is the founder and Headmistress here. She is simply not the only teacher." There are even rumors that Priscilla teaches some classes around here, but that could just be wishful thinking on some folks' parts. Maybe.

"Pleased to meet you, Hanako." Pris murmurs, offering a tiny bow of her head and trying not to invade the smaller woman's space anymore than she already has; Pris is instinctively a hugger, so this is a challenge to restrain.

"Yes, my daughter." Emma says with a smile. "Adopted, not biological." A faint smirk at this admission, her lips curled ever so wryly. "I admit the resemblance is uncanny, however." Ironically - if Pris so desired, it /could/ be. "Mm, we train metahumans to use their abilities - largely through the advanced technology in the Power Center. We have several instructors versed in a variety of abilities, I have myself trained mutants in the past." A matter of public record - the Hellfire Academy, though that had a very bad reputation and came to a rather abrupt end some years ago.

As Pris is addressed, she lets her answer the questions, and then smiles at the introduction. "A pleasure, Miss Makoto. Come…why don't we give you a tour…and you can see for yourself?"

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