2020-06-07 - Heart of the Problem


Loki & Sigyn have a bit of a heart to heart in the wake of his being cursed some time ago.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 7 21:06:37 2020
Location: Cover Story - Living Area

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It has been a while since that brand landed on Loki's neck, and he's been trying very hard not to give into the urges it feeds him. The desire to drain his wife of her vitality, to corrupt and hurt her. He's not so keen on those urges - I mean, SURE, when she wants to be treated a bit rough, that's one thing - this, *this* however, yeah, that's something very much else.

This evening finds him having come home after a sojourn to Westchester County, and he returns home after having made a few trips - when Loki arrives, he seeks Sigyn out, and presents to her a box of assorted chocolates. Now, these chocolates are not your typical mundane sorts - they're from all over the world, a whirlwind tour of the best chocolatiers on Earth.

"Beloved wife, I offer a gift." He says with his most charming tones and smile.

Sigyn is aware of the struggles her husband is undergoing, and blames herself. She has been trying to research away of helping him, but her efforts so far have come to naught. She smiles at him when he offers the chocolates, "Thank you, love. Though I am sure I don't deserve it." And if there is a slight brittleness around the edges of her smile, with the peril her husband is in, can one blame her?

"Sigyn, this not your fault. Have I ever failed to blame you for things you'd done?" Loki's tone is teasing, but he is serious, he'd never assign her blame where it was not deserved. Having been often blamed for things not his fault that's something Loki is pretty sensitive about when it comes to people he cares about. Granted, he's OFTEN guilty of things he's blamed for, but not always. "These are /my/ apology for having been so absent of late while getting a handle on this curse, we'll figure it out, we'll find a solution, and then we'll move on." A firm nod. "As always."

Sigyn shakes her head, "The wish was mine, the responsibility for the cure was mine. The curse tried to claim me, and I dodged it rather than confronting it, and it claimed you instead." Her voice is almost too calm.

"Not exactly, my wife. The curse /partially/ claimed me, it was greatly diminished by the time it landed. Far better a minor cursing, then the full blown effect." Unspoken is 'better me than you' - a feeling they likely share. Eyes of glacier-heart green are gentle, but unyielding. "The evil was /theirs/, and it will be dealt with." He sets the chocolates into her hands and then if she permits, gathers her close to his chest for a much needed hug. He is no paragon of fidelity, but that's not really a part of Norse marriage vows, monogamy isn't really a thing for them. He /does/, however, love his wife. Thick and through thin, tempest and calm, hot and cold - they've been rather turbulently married for over twelve-centuries. That *matters*.

Sigyn holds Loki tightly, resting her head against his chest. No, monogamy is not a part of Loki's nature, but they love each other, passionately, sometimes turbulently, but always keeping their quarrels hidden from the outside world. It's them against the Universe… it has been since they first got married. "If it approaches being too much, Loki… tell me. I may be able to transfer the curse to myself and buy us more time that way." She meets his gaze, "I -only- ask this if you think you might fall to it. I could not defeat you if you became their thrall… and I would be the first they had you remove."

His scent, his cool skin, his powerful embrace…these are home. More than anything else. Loki for his own part buries his nose in Sigyn's hair, and holds as she does. "You have my solemn oath, may I never shift my shape again if I swear falsely, I will do so." His eyes are clear and guile filled as always, the *true* Loki could never be without guile. "I believe I have a good handle on it, and if I feel myself slipping, we shall do this."

Sigyn nods, "Then I would hold against it for as long as possible… and well, we know your magics can restrain mine if needed. You have done so before." She smiles wryly, "Not that I'm entirely sure how much of your victory was real and how much was illusion. You can still fool me more often than not." The fact that she can pierce his illusions at all is far more than most can manage, and one of the advantages of familiarity and of the ties of marriage.

"You often like it when I restrain you." Oh, so dry, so very very very dry. Death Valley dry. Loki smiles. "Well, if you were SURE I'd've been doing things wrong, my love." He smiles then and despite the hints of red in his eyes, kisses her very warmly, very deeply. And the red fades as he does, as their lips meet and he exerts his will in full measure. "So…Ambrose wishes a dagger duel." He informs her. "I have agreed, it is best of three points, and you would be one of the judges, first blood." Because dueling without bleeding is for wimps!

His grin turns positively /evil/. "We have a wager." He adds. "Of course — I can't win. This will be fun."

Sigyn smiles, "I'll judge impartially… if only because to win because of favoritism would annoy you more than losing."

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