2020-06-05 - Information is Ammunition


RESCUE has intel on the Cyberian. Now it's time to put that intel in the hands of those with the resources and intent to put it to use.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jun 5 00:30:18 2020
Location: RESCUE Campus

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Having made up her mind, Dr. Kelsey places a phone call to a number she does not use very often. She waits for the call to connect, and then speaks.

"Good evening, Sharon. This is Dr. Kelsey, at RESCUE. I know you are sometimes very busy, but I was hoping you might be able to make a bit of time to come visit me at the campus? I would very much appreciate it. I am hoping I can make it worth your time.""

Sharon is in the car, not driving alas. Mother insists on her having a driver/bodyguard. Still, it means she can answer her phone. "On the road now, actually. Will tell my driver to divert. Hope all is well?"

"All is … well enough. Not great, but we are trying to make things better." Veronica answers. As always, she seems bound and determined to speak the truth, despite that social niceties would usually encourage just slipping right past the import of the question.

She fits in well with Sharon.

"I'll see you when you arrive. Thank you for making time for us." Roni finishes.

When said car finally makes it through the security gate and pulls up in front of the Spire, Veronica is already waiting out front by the statues in her wheelchair. "Hi, Sharon. Good to see you." Oh, look. Roni even already has her visitor's badge in hand. That makes life easy, doesn't it?

Sharon clips the badge onto her jacket, making sure that it is in clear view. She smiles warmly, "Is good to see you again." She looks Over Roni carefully, unobtrusively scenting for any problems.

Veronica smells … a bit stressier than she was by the time Sharon left the last time they met. Not quite so much as she was when Hank was still in medical crisis following the incident with the Unity, but she is definitely dealing with some kind of danger or crisis. Nevertheless, no signs of illness or injury herself.

"Alright if we head up to my office?" Roni asks, before turning her wheelchair around and leading the way into the Spire, through the security station, and then to an elevator.

Soon enough, they can roll down the hall to Veronica's office door, which opens as she approaches - handy, for the doc in a wheelchair - and only closes once Catseye has come inside safely - tail and all. Roni does not wheel around behind her desk, but instead rolls over to sit on this side of the desk facing one of the visitor's chairs. It happens to be the one of the three here that has a separated back resting up on two frame members, leaving a gap between the bottom of the back and the back of the seat; yep, Roni really is thoughtful enough to have already considered where it would be most comfortable for Sharon - with a tail - to sit.

"How have you been?" Veronica inquires. Politeness counts.

Sharon is grateful to not have to tuck her tail. She can, but muscle cramps in a tail are painful. "School is going well. Working with MotherMotherFrost on her new school as well. Is very important to both of us." She smiles sadly, "Is hard to learn to live among non-powered humans at this late date. Want to see students at New Horizons have an easier time of it."

Veronica nods thoughtfully, considering it all. "I think that is a very admirable goal. Says the unpowered human cripple." Roni offers, with a wink. Yes, she's teasing, and willing to make fun of herself in the doing.

"I know a bit about the attack that landed at the school. Related to that, we at RESCUE have come across some data that we believe may point to parties responsible. The teleporting, and the cyberware mercenaries and hounds, lead us to conclude we have been dealing with a related foe ourselves." Roni explains. She pulls a thumb drive out of her lab coat pocket, and offers it to Sharon. "It's an encrypted drive. Hank said you know how to deal with those. We used your public key." Which means that only Sharon's private key can decrypt that data.

"I know that your adopted mother has incredible resources, and connections. My hope is that she and her allies may be able to use this information in ways we at RESCUE cannot." the doctor explains.

Sharon nods, listening to what is said, and just important, what is not. "Be assured, will give this the full attention it deserves." Absolutely nothing legally incriminating will be said on either side. It's just not done. But when a pirate ship attacked a humanitarian aid ship sent by the Frost family… well, the first attack was successful. The second attack not just failed, but all traces of the pirates vanished.

They may have a bit of a reputation in certain circles.

And if Emma Frost decides to share that intel with SHIELD? That doesn't then expose Veronica or RESCUE to SHIELD for what they have been up to. Everybody wins! "I appreciate that. If it turns out there is something we could do to help, I trust we will hear from you. Otherwise? Good luck." Roni extends her hand.

Sharon has a firm, but not aggressive handshake. "Good luck to Rescue as well. I am hearing good things about you all." She is making an obvious effort on her speech, pronouns do NOT come naturally to her.

Veronica nods and smiles. "And, as I said, I wish you, your family, and your mother's new school, all the luck in the world." Her own handshake is not aggressive, but is firm; she is very strong in the hands and upper body, owing to her paraplegic efforts. "Thank you for coming to visit. I really appreciate it."

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